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Stern в предложении (на )

  1. Each had a stern gaze.
  2. He gave Candy a stern.
  3. Sue said with a stern.
  4. She had a rather stern.
  5. Then his face grew stern.

  6. Liv gave him a stern look.
  7. He swam towards the stern.
  8. She gave him a stern look.
  9. He sent out a stern command.
  10. Stern: The rear end of a boat.
  11. Her face and voice were stern.
  12. With harsh words and a stern.
  13. His voice was no longer stern.
  14. It was a stern warning to the.
  15. Boney’s face grew stern again.

  16. One of the stern eyes squinted.
  17. Mikkel looks at me with stern.
  18. Lena gave him a stern expression.
  19. My mother gave me a stern glance.
  20. His face was stern, almost angry.
  21. The stern blue eyes were detached.
  22. Corbin took a stern look at Justin.
  23. Tubby held a stern expression of.
  24. His voice was stern and controlled.
  25. His punishment stern and harrowing.

  26. Avery spoke in a stern, snobby voice.
  27. It was even more frowning and stern.
  28. His stern gaze circled the assembly.
  29. The captain’s face remained stern.
  30. Grandfather’s eyes grew stern again.
  31. I took it as a stern comment on the.
  32. These stern realities are worthy of.
  33. The stern? the Captain bellowed.
  34. She dropped her rucksack in the stern.
  35. They're under the bench at the stern.
  36. His stern face cracked in a small smile.
  37. Stern as a non-profit educational fund.
  38. Know that Al'lah's punishment is stern.
  39. Major Bruijnis was a stern, fair, no-.
  40. His face was stern, his attendants many.
  41. He paused for a moment, eyes still stern.
  42. Her face looked thoughtful but not stern.
  43. Long Fei stern expression began to smile.
  44. The stern, merry eyes turned down on him.
  45. Thorn’s eyes narrowed in his stern face.
  46. Meredith looked very stern and sorrowful.
  47. Bael her face was a mask of stern resolve.
  48. Uncle Harry began to give me stern advice.
  49. Nothing but the stern discipline of her.
  50. The canal-boat has her wheel in the stern.
  51. Samuel said to him, face stern and grim:.
  52. My stern effects: then what I have to do.
  53. It is stern, unrelenting, and unrelaxing.
  54. And we swung our stern toward the morning.
  55. Outwardly, her expression was simply stern.
  56. Her mind raced as she held his stern gaze.
  57. Isaac Stern takes good care of his violin.
  58. It’ll work, I said in a stern voice.
  59. Then, we gave her a stern but true promise.
  60. The stern faces in the tintypes stare down.
  61. He remained stern and fixed his gaze ahead.
  62. The stern look he gave me was answer enough.
  63. Like a stern hail it beat him down, and he.
  64. A stern warning would have been appropriate.
  65. She guessed that this tall man, both stern.
  66. Her husband fixed his wife with a stern look.
  67. I tried to be stern with him, as one is to.
  68. She came out all stern looking and told me.
  69. Golyadkin fancied, looked stern and anxious.
  70. She had a very stern face and hard features.
  71. Stern self-discipline is absolutely essential.
  72. He stepped towards me with a stern expression.
  73. But another stern trial is just two days away.
  74. Paw was stand next to Maw with a stern look.
  75. Benny was over six foot, well-built and stern.
  76. Henrietta got a really stern look on her face.
  77. Woman, he said in a stern but soft voice.
  78. And his cold, stern look replied: ‘Because.
  79. His face is stern and his heartbeat is steady.
  80. Thus, Monsieur Defarge, in a stern voice, to Mr.
  81. Abaft: astern; toward the stern; to the rear of.
  82. Peter was at the right-hand oar near the stern.
  83. Rico stands motionless wearing a stern red face.
  84. Anything, he continued with a stern voice.
  85. His stern face had been toughened in his early.
  86. Racing back to the stern post on that side, he.
  87. Giving her a stern look, he turned back around.
  88. Whoever opposes God-God is stern in retribution.
  89. Eliphaz grew more stern, accusing, and sarcastic.
  90. There was no spare sail to hang across the stern.
  91. God does not like to be stern with his children.
  92. The tall, thin man came over to me, looking stern.
  93. The footmen came in with sad and stern faces to.
  94. We all meandered down to the stern, drinks in hand.
  95. He wore a look of stern sadness and infinite pity.
  96. The account manager’s face remained stern, stony.
  97. The bow settled headlong first, and the stern last.
  98. Mitchell stood abruptly from his couch, voice stern.
  99. He wishes for Khan to know that beneath the stern.
  100. Pierc'd through the heart with your stern cruelty;.

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