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    1. Most adjectives have the positive degree, the comparative degree followed by ‘ than’ to compare 2 things, and the superlative degree preceded by ‘ the’ to compare more than 2 things

    2. ‘The’ is used with the superlative degree

    3. This is superlative!”

    4. It had never been difficult to find pasturage nearby for them in this good land, but this year had been superlative and he had gladly presented a much larger tithe at the harvest festival

    5. Sergius was giving back; only his superlative skill had saved him thus far from the blinding speed of the Cimmerian's onslaught

    6. ‘Though I would have expected nothing else from a man of your superlative investigative skills

    7. The spiritual solution for people who are less well endowed with superlative attributes (which we have in all races) is to care for those people to help them feel a good part of the mix of mankind, not to put them down and certainly not to enslave them

    8. with an absolute superlative perfection

    9. of superlative physical and intellectual perfection

    10. this prevailing reason that we among the superlative, gifted

    11. superlative Annunaki, as will yourself and all of the star children

    12. divine smoothness in the most superlative of marble, that sat

    13. of the mighty superlative army,

    14. the Lord of the Superlative

    15. forth thou enthroned Superlative,

    16. their eyes now behold the precious Superlative

    17. ye warriors for the superlative spirit

    18. of their superlative inheritance!

    19. and the all of the Superlative Grand,

    20. of the Magnificent Superlative Grand!

    21. thence the children of the Superlative

    22. from the superlative elites

    23. Those among the superlative

    24. while the superlative were forced to labor

    25. extortion from the superlative

    26. even the greatest among those Superlative Grand,

    27. of those endowed Superlative Grand

    28. of that mighty superlative band!

    29. of the illustrious Superlative Grand!

    30. and the wickedness dealt out by those superlative

    31. of the Superlative Grand?

    32. upon the Superlative Grand!

    33. who were the original superlative

    34. where only a superlative few

    35. when the glorious Superlative Grand

    36. behold the magnificent Superlative hath returned

    37. to forward march with the Supreme Superlative

    38. and thy superlative redemption still!

    39. that superlative army of the Divine Magnificent Grand!

    40. all ye among the superlative of green earth,

    41. of those Superlative Grand,

    42. but for the future superlative nothing less

    43. of the negative superlative

    44. to attack the superlative with a raging zeal,

    45. inducing the blessed superlative to eventually submit

    46. That dark Lord of the negative superlative

    47. the only weaknesses in the superlative

    48. on that superlative grand and

    49. that mighty superlative army forth,

    50. sealing their place among the superlative

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    superlative superlative degree acme elevation height meridian peak pinnacle summit tiptop top greatest sterling excellent accomplished talented consummate superb superior distinguished