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    1. The canal and the avenues on each side were not as wide as their height above them

    2. He's faster than other kids his height and even some adults

    3. He was nearly the height of an average man already and getting pretty good strength for an Elf boy

    4. opened his door, climbed out of the car, and stretched himself out to his full height

    5. The creature reached his full height and girth, his hands stuffed into deep

    6. As I became more confident in my new surroundings I stood up and tested the cell for height

    7. In the middle of the wall opposite the mattress I traced at head height the outline of a caged light fitting

    8. He opened his door, climbed out of the car, and stretched himself out to his full height and width

    9. The creature reached his full height and girth, his hands stuffed into deep jacket pockets, the hood low over his forehead

    10. When I was about “yeh-high”, you know that height where

    11. These trees spread way out and the tips of their limbs nearly reached the ground again, ending at about the height a thonga would chew them off

    12. The height of a man, hanging

    13. The Roman empire was at it's height when she'd had her first

    14. He watched as Jake rose up to his full height

    15. She went back to deeper shade where there was less brush and followed that abandoned road toward what she believed was the southeast according to Kortrax's height and direction

    16. land and the impossibility of height and speed,

    17. He was landing, and stretched to his full height, wings extended out

    18. His hands rose up to the full height of the tent,

    19. Wings fully extended he landed stretched to his full height; carefully and slowly folded his wings, and turned his massive head and stared at the group of students standing in dumb awe at the sight of him

    20. Taking one in each hand, he holds them up, shoulder height

    21. Jake raised himself to his full height and spread his wings and then turned to Emily’s direction

    22. Twist your body to the maximum to bring your right arm as far round as you can and at the same time turn your head to look over your right shoulder so that you twist your neck to the utmost; as you turn slowly bend your left arm so that when the swing to the right is at its height your left thumb should touch your right shoulder

    23. at the height of the storm

    24. These dainty pixies graced the courts of the emperors, kings and chieftains and were never sent as tribute even when his empire was at it's height

    25. As it should be My Lady! He rose to his full height spread his massive wings and reared back his head and came forward laying it at her feet

    26. the pressure at the height of the lateral twist rather than on the

    27. The great politician cleared his throat and raised himself to his full and magnificent height

    28. Valotin reared back to his full height and spread out his wings

    29. She was leaning over him to see the screen, the stool he was on was just the right height so the solid globes of her jugs spread over his shoulder blades

    30. than made up for his reduced height by some impressive lateral

    31. ’ Alastair commented, instinctively ducking to avoid the beam placed just at head height half way up the stairs, ‘It’s lovely the way you’ve resisted the temptation to modernise it out of all recognition

    32. official staff photos with Bunty looming over her colleagues - poor girl, with her height and bulk she hadn't a chance

    33. At last, with the sun at its full height and with the crowds

    34. He had on a soft cable-knit pullover with a huge floppy collar, and snug silk slacks that were the height of fashion in the last news they were transmitted

    35. From the road, the houses look quite small, even though they are three storeys in height … okay, so I deliberately took a detour on my way back from Ann Connaught’s place just so I could drive past and have a look … you are a complete idiot at times, Sarah Grey! What sort of decor would he choose

    36. and the height of it are equal

    37. Alistair used his height to signal for drinks over

    38. Thru the previous dark they had sailed the whole hundred miles of Beghtik, the smallest major lake in the interconnect, and were now riding a surging favorable tide as Kortrax pulled the waters toward their height at Noonsleep in Center Lake

    39. The cage was about twenty feet on a side and nearly to the ceiling in height

    40. ‘About average height – brown hair

    41. The hallway was four floors in height, lit by gaslight chandeliers or skylights instead of glow-panels, lined by finely-carved marble railings on the upper floors

    42. The door opened and a sleek man of medium height with a thick, light brown ponytail and long, light brown beard in a matching chin-band entered the room carrying a pile of folders

    43. twice the height of a man

    44. mountains of identical height to the west of

    45. As for their parents, when their voices became weary of directing their daughters' defense, they simply watched and Harry redoubled his onslaught in leaps and spins which at times seemed to defy gravity in their height and duration

    46. The rest of the body attached to the head appears, followed immediately by another body, of medium height and build, heading for that middle aged paunch induced by a liking for pubs and real ales

    47. They strolled a fifth level promenade, he had to admit, she had the best figure for strolling that he had ever experienced, she was just the right height for his elbow and liked to bury it deep in and between

    48. fact emphasised by his height

    49. “And a stocky one about your height Tony

    50. Vague impressions of height and weight

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    height stature altitude tallness acme elevation meridian peak pinnacle summit superlative tiptop top rise slope prominence hill mountain loftiness highness zenith apex apogee