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    1. We’re going to start in the simplest way that I could conceive

    2. The topic of sexuality and aging is often treated with tremendous sentimentality or with derisive humor, and it is hard for some people to conceive of sexual desire and passion among the elderly except in terms of lechery

    3. The disciples are once again not able to conceive how Jesus could possibly do such a thing

    4. You are free within your self (to think, to conceive, to draw in,

    5. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    6. punch her in the nose! To this day I can’t conceive of a

    7. The owners monitor each other, they can't conceive of being allowed to think their own thoughts

    8. And what will happen to the fabric of the universe if they conceive?"

    9. conceive that a man who did not finished primary

    10. Lucifer could barely conceive

    11. But also their great boon, for only when they start can women conceive children

    12. It is difficult to conceive that a capital should be employed in any way which may not be classed under some one or other of those four

    13. least, not in the concepts of what most humans conceive

    14. But it was not a game, as her all too jovial brother Heron seemed to conceive of it

    15. Time to conceive of a way to get himself out of the miserable situation

    16. His gut told him it was all connected in ways stranger than he could currently conceive of, and he grew more unsettled with each idea

    17. If these men are as hell-bent as you say on getting what they conceive of as ‘revenge’ and there’s no telling, being as experienced and skilled as they are as veterans, how DRAFT

    18. Perhaps as untraditional as one could ever possibly conceive of, but it was a family nonetheless

    19. Conceive this as a just war towards your good health

    20. In order to put Great Britain upon a footing of equality with her own colonies, which the law has hitherto supposed to be subject and subordinate, it seems necessary, upon the scheme of taxing them by parliamentary requisition, that parliament should have some means of rendering its requisitions immediately effectual, in case the colony assemblies should attempt to evade or reject them; and what those means are, it is not very easy to conceive, and it has not yet been explained

    21. mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

    22. conceive and believe, then it may be possible that the

    23. Venus had received daily prayers from women looking to conceive or get married

    24. It is not, however, very easy to conceive how, under the regulations of the 23d George II

    25. As he was about to leave, the Darangi woman said, ‘If I haven't been able to conceive we will have to get together again

    26. “Behold, I was shapen in ; and in did my mother conceive me” (Ps

    27. I couldn’t really conceive of the idea of capital, and being able to live off of the income or interest

    28. “And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son,

    29. Bad as it was to conceive of it, now he saw it could actually come to fruition

    30. Perhaps this was indeed the man he had been looking for, the man with the answers to all the questions Hilderich could conceive of and more

    31. I fell for a long time, many minutes, and I can't conceive of any angle I could have struck the water that would not have broken my body

    32. I can conceive of no explanation for the failure of my drowning save the intervention of some hostile divinity, gleeful to see me suffer more

    33. “Yes, that is the way it seems to me…I think Eden might just be all of the time before we ‘ate from the tree of knowledge,’ that is, before we were intelligent enough to conceive of a God

    34. ’ Viewing humans as being critically defined, say, by a level of intelligence high enough to conceive of God, might eliminate the fighting between those believing in evolution and those believing in creation or intelligent design or whatever

    35. Moreover, it is not clear to me why an imperfect being could not, despite being imperfect, at least conceive of a perfect being, so Axiom 3 also seems iffy

    36. And, I can conceive of space invaders, too, but that doesn’t mean that notion was put in my head by space invaders, so I don’t find Axiom 4 particularly plausible, either

    37. The difference is that, while we can conceive of submarines, jet planes, and the like we still have to wait for the applied technologies to allow us to bring them about

    38. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities

    39. But due to unknown problems she is not able to conceive and some time they may also be scared at the time of pregnancy thinking about the baby, fertility spell or pregnancy spells should be used for the above reasons so that they may have a safe pregnancy and without any problems or complications

    40. He could never conceive or utter the vulgar, ribald insults of which Dan Reese had unlimited command

    41. 35 They conceive mischief, and bring out vanity, and their belly prepares deceit

    42. "I do not believe that he ever asked her," said Susan, who could not conceive of any one refusing a minister

    43. government pols have to conceive of new ways to bring in a fresh supply of dependents

    44. 5 Look, I was shaped in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me

    45. Jud 13:3 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto the woman, and said unto her, Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not: but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son

    46. 14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; see, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel

    47. or any pleads for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring out iniquity

    48. You bless me and your presence around me causes me the greatest bliss I could ever conceive while simultaneously wracking every nerve within my frame so as to render me almost entirely helpless to do something as simple as speak to you with the honesty of an open heart

    49. 15 God has granted me to speak as I would, and to conceive as is meet for the things that are given me: because it is he who leads to

    50. “And if he found out? Do you think the boy could or would protect you? Are you aware that the Khakhan considers me his ambassador? Can you even conceive what he would do to you?”

    1. Alan's body had been conceived of Earth, from sperm of Paul Larkin and ovum of Grace Larkin, taken before their death and donated to the expedition in the afterlife

    2. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit

    3. Weren't we all conceived in a

    4. 15Then when lust hath conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings

    5. Gran did – Gran talked a lot about how she had married Grandpa just before he went off to train for the army during the war, Uncle Alf had been conceived virtually immediately, I gather, and Mum was the result of leave Grandpa had just before he went off to fight in Italy

    6. “ I had not conceived how rich were the appointments of the Pullman coaches

    7. conceived it might be on occasions

    8. "It means the birth of a child, conceived in that marriage

    9. ‘We have no idea when it was conceived, but I would

    10. born – even if he was conceived out of wedlock

    11. The Gospels of Luke and Matthew and the Nicene Creed state that Jesus was "conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary

    12. "About half as much as happened when the first white and Native Australian couple conceived

    13. where the Universe is stable and life is conceived in an

    14. was not conceived as a cosmogony, but a metaphor full

    15. You have the intolerable and stubborn spirit of your mother Hera: it is all I can do to manage her, and it is her doing that you are now in this plight: still, I cannot let you remain longer in such great pain; you are my own offspring, and it was by me that your mother conceived you; if, however, you had been the son of any other god, you are so destructive that by this time you should have been lying lower than the Titans

    16. Divinity itself is conceived on the base of

    17. It is not conceived according with our philosophy of life,

    18. She would not be eager to confront someone who claimed he was conceived there with that belief on the first night, but Desa knew she would discuss it with him in the upcoming days

    19. planet strictly speaking is conceived as something

    20. Those different manufactures come, in process of time, to be gradually subdivided, and thereby improved and refined in a great variety of ways, which may easily be conceived, and which it is therefore unnecessary to explain any farther

    21. was also the commander who conceived the Trojan Horse

    22. It is the human mind that has first conceived of and then

    23. conceived and created the International Space Station

    24. I sit here writing, conceived and created the Internet (that

    25. Remind yourself that whatever can be conceived in

    26. To prevent any oppression by those bye-laws, it was by the same act ordained, that if any seven members of the company conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which should be enacted after the passing of this act, they might appeal to the board of trade and plantations (to the authority of which a committee of the privy council has now succeeded), provided such appeal was brought within twelve months after the bye-law was enacted; and that, if any seven members conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which had been enacted before the passing of this act, they might bring a like appeal, provided it was within twelve months after the day on which this act was to take place

    27. There was the star that appeared the night Jesus was conceived

    28. “The day you were conceived,” I said quietly

    29. “The angel Gabriel told me the night Jesus was conceived, that I was blessed above all women

    30. from the night He was conceived until the morning He returned to Heaven to be with His Father

    31. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin

    32. She was conceived in the prison

    33. I read that during colonial times in North America betrothal was seen as a trial marriage which would or could if you wish only go forward to marriage if a child is conceived

    34. ‖ What law protects their Rights? Or laws conferring arbitrary advantages and special privileges to certain individuals or favored (―political‖) groups at the expense of others? I am not at all certain that this is what the founding fathers had in mind when this document was initially conceived

    35. In its quixotic attempt to eliminate handguns, New York City has conceived a hare brained plan whereby any citizen possessing a firearm may redeem it, no questions asked, in exchange for gift certificates

    36. A well-organized society grounded on and supported by fidelity to its traditional customs and manners once superseded by falsely conceived revisionist assumptions promotes an impressionist view of that society

    37. The Articles of Confederation were conceived as a federation of ―United‖ States with each state retaining its own sovereignty and independence apart from assigned powers (otherwise) delegated to the federal government

    38. In this manner, a lapse in judgment due to neglect or an inability to reason (clearly) is not necessarily a mitigating factor for behavior that (otherwise) occasions undue hardships on other people, especially when the intended outcome of some particular action, in whatever manner conceived, should have or could have been properly determined beforehand; apart from such actions performed under

    39. It required no less Faith, in my opinion, to remain loyal to his betrothed (Mary) at a time she was inexplicably with child; a woman he had never ―known,‖ based on the testimony of an angel who appeared to him in a vision and cautioned that the child was the ―Son of Man,‖ conceived, not in the flesh, but by the Power of the Holy Spirit

    40. Since returning to the Church, I have made every effort, inasmuch as it lies within my power, to place principle ahead of falsely conceived notions of Historical Determinism

    41. The Hard Left embarked on brilliantly conceived (however

    42. …young men and women trying to find an appropriate niche within artificially conceived environments that provided meaning and self-worth…

    43. Once a child has been conceived as a result of that women‘s private decisions, however, all bets are off

    44. No individual is above the law but equal before the law, rather; that is to say, laws are not enacted for the private benefit of any one individual or group but conceived in a manner that seeks to promote equal protection for every citizen

    45. America was uniquely conceived in the principle manner it has been able to embrace and assimilate a variety of cultures forming unqualified or hybrid expressions symbolizing the normative elasticity of its people; of ―old world‖ customs and manners that gradually introduced themselves to the American Mainstream over the years

    46. Following the plan as conceived by General Ludendorf, the Boche attacked east and west of Rheims

    47. It was here where their child was conceived

    48. There was nothing unusual about the small garden plaza: officers were milling about, doing mostly nothing of real value, making up plans that rarely went ahead or were executed the way they had been conceived

    49. Earliest man, in the confusion of the many perceived essences that seemed to surround him in the natural world might never have conceived even the principle of the singularity that they blindly confronted

    50. “Yep—it is, I think, inevitable that we will create God because we have conceived of Him, just like we conceived of submarines and all the rest

    1. A young man naturally conceives an aversion to labour, when for a long

    2. Once a woman conceives a child, however, self-rationalization that seeks its (own) moral comfort level is (necessarily) nullified inasmuch as another human life (fetus) is equally entitled to the same legal rights and privileges that that woman claims for herself

    3. Being a chromosomal equal in the process of conception, according to science, a child she conceives will carry only half of the sum of what makes up the father

    4. M: He is beyond all that the mind conceives

    5. He conceives his spirituality as having the full pulse of life

    6. being, conceives a child to satisfy her own needs

    7. of positive and negative and which instead conceives of an absolute being

    8. Rodan readily accepted all that was presented to him regarding the attributes of God, but he contended that the Father in heaven is not, cannot be, a person as man conceives personality

    9. Rational consciousness, with its constant imaging, conceives of outer or inner

    10. After arriving at Mount Hor (who conceives or shows; a

    11. Your soul conceives (gives birth to the life of your choosing)

    12. provides, the “mother” who conceives and gives birth, and the

    13. who conceives, whereas he is the life-giving father; besides them there is

    14. " Thus Elizabeth conceives on the

    15. To be a child of a consumer or a democratic mindset is affected by how one conceives the concept child metaphorically – a rebel, a threat, or that which does or does not fall far from the tree

    16. The „higher self' conceives; the physical brain

    17. This his mind instinctively conceives as a line

    18. When an object is felt there is no merging in the surrounding mass, but a firm definition of its boundary, which the mind instinctively conceives as a line

    19. Then, when he has covered her, she conceives a light load, and she carries it around

    20. No female conceives, or delivers, except with His knowledge

    21. No fruit emerges from its sheath, and no female conceives or delivers, except with His knowledge

    22. She did not understand, any more than a woman understands when she conceives a child in her womb

    23. Secondly, he conceives the family to be the natural enemy of the state; and he entertains the serious hope that an universal brotherhood may take the place of private interests--an aspiration which, although not justified by experience, has possessed many noble minds

    24. He speaks in a very interesting manner of the beauty and utility of nature and of the human frame, which he conceives to afford a foretaste of the heavenly state and of the resurrection of the body

    25. Waldron has accomplished his object well, that object being to give a simple and interesting account of what he conceives to have been the history of our planet

    26. The woman conceives and then miscarries and bleeds to death

    27. “As to the mouth, it delights at times in laughter; it is disposed to impart all that the brain conceives; though I daresay it would be silent on much the heart experiences

    28. What does her clever stepfather do then? He conceives an idea more creditable to his head than to his heart

    29. "Now, as you well know, it is not seldom the case in this conventional world of ours—watery or otherwise; that when a person placed in command over his fellow-men finds one of them to be very significantly his superior in general pride of manhood, straightway against that man he conceives an unconquerable dislike and bitterness; and if he have a chance he will pull down and pulverize that subaltern's tower, and make a little heap of dust of it

    30. Quincy,) because he conceives that thirty millions of dollars have been lost to the Eastern country by the measure, hence concludes that the Eastern country suffers most

    31. The gentleman from Pennsylvania says, shall we go back, and approve of what he conceives to be similar conduct of the late President of the United States in relation to the embargo? I hope not, sir

    32. The gentleman from Kentucky conceives that there is a difference between the cases alluded to in my amendment and the cases arising under the sedition law

    33. The gentleman conceives it ungenerous that we should at this moment, when Spain is encompassed and pressed on all sides by the immense power of her enemy, occupy West Florida

    34. The Secretary of the Treasury has informed you that he conceives a bank is necessary to the legitimate exercise of the powers vested by the constitution in the Government

    35. Leib presented the memorial of Oliver Evans, stating that the memorialist verily believes himself to be the original proposer of steam-boats and steam-wagons in the United States, (Doctor Franklin only excepted;) and that he conceives his patent, dated February 14, 1804, secured to him the right to use his engine for boats, mills, and land carriages, and praying to be left in full possession of those rights, for reasons stated at large in the memorial; which was read, and ordered to lie on the table

    36. The gentleman's imagination, so fruitful on this subject, conceives that our constitution is not calculated for war, and that it cannot stand its rude shock

    37. A correspondent, whose paper is withheld from publication till some additional experiments can be made, conceives that copal and amber are originally the same substance, and the product of the same tree

    38. For his services on the occasions herein recited, and the loss of time and expenses incurred, the undersigned neither sought nor received any compensation, but trusted to the known justice and liberality of His Majesty's Government for the reward of services which could not, he humbly conceives, be estimated in pounds, shillings, and pence

    1. The torpor of his mind renders him not only incapable of relishing or bearing a part in any rational conversation, but of conceiving any generous, noble, or tender sentiment, and consequently of forming any just judgment concerning many even of the ordinary duties of private life

    2. ” Then they cut off his hand for striking the king, cut off his feet for taking him to where he could strike, his eyes were gouged out for guiding the strike, and his heart was cut out for conceiving the idea

    3. reality is not only beyond ambition, but also beyond conceiving

    4. balancing the hormones needed for conceiving, the unconscious mind is active in all these things

    5. quite understand to help her chances of conceiving

    6. If I had a hard time conceiving of a wave composed entirely of

    7. 8 The time-space concept of a mind of material origin is destined to undergo successive enlargements as the conscious and conceiving personality ascends the levels of the universes

    8. The real problem is: How can the finite mind of man achieve a logical, true, and corresponding unity of thought? This universe-knowing state of mind can be had only by conceiving that the quantitative fact and the qualitative value have a common causation in the Paradise Father

    9. 3 "No sooner does your faith grasp the identity of the Son of Man than your selfish desire for worldly preferment creeps back upon you, and you fall to discussing among yourselves as to who should be greatest in the kingdom of heaven, a kingdom which, as you persist in conceiving it, does not exist, nor ever shall

    10. Always remember that both of you play an important role in conceiving a child

    11. By thinking positive, you would encourage a more positive atmosphere between you and your spouse, which would greatly help in conceiving a baby soon

    12. It is best that he maintains his ideal weight, so that he would have better sperm count, which is a factor that can affect your chances of conceiving

    13. Kiss and makeup as soon as you can after a fight, so that you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby

    14. So Abraham slept with Hagar and they ended up conceiving and bear-

    15. “Because, as Nancy said on her arrival from Galilee, all our historical sources, including the collective souvenirs of our apprentices, never mention Jesus Christ conceiving a child or even Miriam of Magdala having a child

    16. The need of the test data is testing the master detail form and conceiving

    17. The infertility treatments, joy of conceiving, and heartache of miscar-

    18. have effects in your fertility and lower your chances of conceiving

    19. , 'that only the conceiving it')

    20. Holding hands in satiation, wondering about nature’s ingenuity in conceiving sexual gratification as a means of human fulfillment, they looked at the skies, as though to thank the stars for their union

    21. Our lady is the Mother of God; the Divine mother symbolizes the divine church by conceiving Jesus in her womb through the Holy spirit

    22. This exchange of giving now for reciprocity in kind later must originate within the individual's capacity for conceiving and applying the same treatment of others as one does to oneself

    23. “Well, as you may very well be aware, our future Queen has encountered difficulties in conceiving a child and potential heir to the throne

    24. “And if not, how are you capable of conceiving purity or even desiring it? What pure body, mind, or spirit is not polluted by the very person in it? An empty body is not a pure body, nor an empty mind a pure mind

    25. The many teams of religion, race, class, occupation, sports affiliation, and familial obligation inhibit us from not conceiving of ourselves as one of US, thus prohibiting the isolated self from being enlightened by the inclusive, without exception, Universal All

    26. With the creation of nu narratives, nu archetypes for nu ways of thinking, conceiving, and experiencing the reality we project and interpret, we can be conditioned to find happiness in extreme and senseless sacrifice, as well as life extinguishing indulgences of wastefulness

    27. Love as spirit is the world one is; its spirituality are willed acts reflected upon; the soul filled with it seeing, conceiving, believing, willing, acting, allowing

    28. Cultures are organisms of mind: living thought, being as perception, becoming as conceiving

    29. That is the conceiving one that transcendence begets, when imagination is not entertrained, but inter-689

    30. forcibly conceiving within her a child whom she could not anticipate giving birth to

    31. trouble conceiving a child that they so desperately longed for

    32. also had trouble conceiving a child that they so des-

    33. How the interview ended was by my conceiving the brilliant idea of going away on the pretext of giving an order, and leaving Mrs

    34. conceiving this bold plan that any passing doubt was drowned

    35. on will lead to conceiving the baby … that is the manner in which science dogma is enunciated but that is

    36. Our working definition of the becoming self implies autonomy and individuation, perceiving and conceiving the world in the way best our becoming self can muster

    37. � When we enter fully into a being way of perceiving and conceiving the world and ourselves, we encounter our natural feelings of unconditional positive regard, and compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance

    38. � Seeing, perceiving, conceiving all function as an essential learning tool and eventually motivate choices and actions

    39. sex with his wife except for the purpose of conceiving

    40. A devil inside of what is conceiving

    41. As you can see already, a more recent sage and associated groups were involved in conceiving,

    42. My chances of conceiving a baby were one in million and

    43. It turns out that the powerful antioxidants in green tea can actually aid women in conceiving

    44. The women, who participated in the research, had two times higher chances of conceiving after consuming half a cup of green tea per day

    45. was also thought that conceiving of a boy or a girl also depends on the

    46. pura (especially with her father), she can have problems in conceiving

    47. Women should also make sure that they are vaccinated against all common illnesses before conceiving

    48. Speaking with a doctor about the inoculations a woman should have before conceiving a child is usually in the best interest of everyone

    49. But why had he happened to hear such a discussion and such ideas at the very moment when his own brain was just conceiving

    50. ), saw no inappropriateness in conceiving the soul under the figure of a line, or the pleasure of the tyrant as separated from the pleasure of the king by the numerical interval of 729

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