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Fanny в предложении (на )

  1. He told Fanny of it.
  2. Fanny gave her a look.
  3. Fanny he must give up.
  4. But Fanny held on tight.
  5. But Fanny still hung back.

  6. This is life, said Fanny.
  7. Fanny could not answer him.
  8. Fanny laid down Tom Jones.
  9. Then Fanny was really angry.
  10. I cannot give her up, Fanny.
  11. Fanny oughtn't to have come.
  12. Much more at home with Fanny.
  13. Fanny was now an older woman.
  14. Fanny could listen no farther.
  15. Or a pirate, said Fanny.

  16. Fanny Price! Nonsense! No, no.
  17. Grant should ask Fanny at all.
  18. In fact, Fanny enjoyed herself.
  19. But for Fanny it was all over.
  20. But manner Fanny did not want.
  21. But Fanny wasn't looking at her.
  22. Take care of the cheese, Fanny.
  23. Fanny was overcome with emotion.
  24. Grant has asked Fanny to dinner.
  25. Norris as much as Fanny herself.

  26. Fanny coloured, and said nothing.
  27. Crawford was in love with Fanny.
  28. Fanny was alone and asked me in.
  29. His wife didn't know about Fanny.
  30. I charge you, take care of Fanny.
  31. So this was Fanny, he was thinking.
  32. Fanny Elmer felt it to desperation.
  33. A few swats on the fanny sounded.
  34. Fanny had by no means forgotten Mr.
  35. Fanny looked round at her absently.
  36. But this could not impose on Fanny.
  37. You look tired and fagged, Fanny.
  38. Something must be done about Fanny.
  39. Fanny, the youngest girl was petite.
  40. Ashamed, he put it all on to Fanny.
  41. Fanny was startled at the proposal.
  42. ARTON report from his fanny pack.
  43. He didn't want to talk about Fanny.
  44. Fanny was ashamed of her own doubts.
  45. Come, Fanny, we will put her to bed.
  46. All the things, said Fanny, airily.
  47. Never had Fanny more wanted a cordial.
  48. Fanny, ye grow hard in yer new Life.
  49. Give me your approbation, then, Fanny.
  50. Fanny was too much astonished to speak.
  51. He didn’t just win, Fanny said.
  52. Ah, Mistress Fanny, do not weep so….
  53. Fanny would not, and yet she wanted to.
  54. Fanny was delighted by her explanation.
  55. I shall be at Mansfield forever, Fanny.
  56. Fanny swoons toward the casement window.
  57. I am come here to bespeak Fanny a seal.
  58. Then he saw Fanny and me staring at him.
  59. An’ I love thee, Fanny, says he.
  60. I shall be at Mansfield for ever, Fanny.
  61. No; that was just it; there wasn't Fanny.
  62. At the end of the song Fanny would say:.
  63. But with you, Fanny, there may be peace.
  64. Fanny still resisted, and from her heart.
  65. Crawford was the admirer of Fanny Price.
  66. Because I am a Fool, Fanny, said he.
  67. This was aimed, and well aimed, at Fanny.
  68. William and Fanny were the most detached.
  69. From this day Fanny grew more comfortable.
  70. But Fanny was too indignant to be placated.
  71. But they are passed over, said Fanny.
  72. My dear, dear Fanny, now I have the truth.
  73. Fanny, alas, had frequently thus seen him.
  74. She spoke of you, Fanny, just as she ought.
  75. Then she said: "Did this Fanny somebody--".

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