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Rump в предложении (на )

  1. He did Cupid up the rump.
  2. Her rump reappeared as her lower body broke the.
  3. Emily touched the cattle prod quickly to his rump.
  4. The cleric nudged her rump back around closer to the.
  5. And then a soldier slapped the rump of his horse to.
  6. Rhone slapped either side of his mares rump with his.
  7. The Ischial callosity (rump pad) on both sexes is either.
  8. Scarlett laid the whip across the weary rump of the horse.
  9. Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
  10. One, he had been fed a massive feed of raw prime rump steak.
  11. They slammed into a chest, an arm, the rump of one of the horses.
  12. Our butts? Chuck shouted, grabbing a hold of his rump cheeks.
  13. The only volunteers who responded were elements of the Rump Rangers.
  14. What’s yer name, anyways? He pressed his hands behind his rump.
  15. I eyed up the barmaid as she shook her cocktail shaker and rump in.
  16. All they could see now was her rump bobbing as she dipped for seeds.
  17. Emily reached out and slapped the buckskin mare on the rump and sent.
  18. BELLO: (His heavy cheekchops sagging) Adorer of the adulterous rump!.
  19. Manfred cut loose the horses and gave each of them a smack on the rump.
  20. Slapping the hostess across her rump, like she was a common prostitute.
  21. The tribe of the Rump Rangers has been stigmatized by society for too long.
  22. He saw blood on its rump, and deduced that one of the dogs had got a bite.
  23. I was left with the culprits, the vet guards, and twenty other Rump Rangers.
  24. That bastard got me! Does he only think my rump is sexy? What about my boobs?
  25. Just missing the rider, it bounced lazily off the rump of the struggling steed.
  26. He paused, and put his elegant rump upon the chair behind the neat, dustless desk.
  27. She stepped back, tripping over the fountain and landing on her rump in the water.
  28. He walked her to the side entrance near the stables, and slapped Patton on his rump.
  29. It was his way of saying nicely, „kiss my bald rump, Alan, and stop your whining'.
  30. Fillegal untangled the leads, whispered into her ear, and walloped her on the rump.
  31. Caesar's stomach spasmed against the horses rump, but there was nothing more to heave.
  32. Nimblefax returned Beauties look with a nod and rammed his horns into the showman's rump.
  33. Slung upon the rump of a horse, Caesar emptied his guts down its flank for a second time.
  34. Tense moments pass and Galluk wonders what it possibly could have been that struck his rump.
  35. He walked to the sideboard, grabbed the red rump of a hind, and swung it into Luka’s chest.
  36. He got me on the table in a flash, pummelling me like he was tenderising a tough old rump steak.
  37. Now they were there – Bess pulled her hind legs far under her rump and gave a tremendous shove.
  38. She fell back into the closet, landed on her rump, and knocked the back of her head against a shelf.
  39. They all gathered around the female Borg and watched as Keln placed his hands on her rump and gave.
  40. Sam walked the mare back to the stables, took her bridle and saddle off and gave her rump a firm slap.
  41. Now, I knew that at the shelter there were homosexual vets, and to myself I called them the Rump Rangers.
  42. Before he could even begin telling his innocence, Douglas was struck a dozen stinging blows upon his rump.
  43. Before Douglas could even begin telling his innocence, Grandma struck him seven stinging whops on his rump.
  44. I'm a lawyer and believe me a bit of rump de dump among young men is not the source of society’s problems.
  45. One of the imp’s hands was covering his miniature nose, while the other one was poking Alec's rump with a stick.
  46. His legs crossed and his tiny red rump buried in hair, the imp Galimoto was comfortably squatting on Tetloan's head.
  47. His ass hit the bull’s rump as he descended, causing both man and bull to bellow and the crowd to roar once again.
  48. He watched as his father moved from horse to horse, running his hands up and down the horse’s legs, rump, and chest.
  49. She pulled the stirrups up as well to stop them bouncing against his sides and then gave him a sharp slap on the rump.
  50. She uses this for leverage and does a flip kick out to his chin sending him flying several feet and landing on his rump.
  51. You would think she would feel closer not further away given the fact that I have been busting my rump to try to help her.
  52. She was completely distraught after the men finished with her and they laughed and slapped her naked rump as she ran away.
  53. The Princess landed on her rump with a distinct ‘thud,’ as Clive and Sim rushed to help, quite clumsily as it turned out.
  54. He turned at bay, shield and sword raised, his backside precariously nestled between the head of one ox and the rump of another.
  55. When the keeper hit the tiger on the rump with a heavy rubber band, the animal leaped into the air and fell against the cage door.
  56. There was the tribe of the Rump Rangersthe homosexuals who had been in the service before the time of Don’t ask, don’t tell.
  57. There are two of us to help each horse, one pulling the head, the other pushing the rump of the animal, which can climb with the skill of a chamois.
  58. The Horse’s Paying Attention Exercise and Following Lesson Stand on the left side of the horse facing his rump, with the lead line in your left hand.
  59. He put cheek to butt and still held the same lungful of air as he shot at the big one’s neck still outstretched above the rump of the next in front.
  60. This will leave only a rump of hardcore, know-nothing religious fundamentalists to believe that every human life is of a higher order than animals.
  61. The monster’s turn allowed the Emperor to drive his leaf-shaped spearhead in behind its right shoulder with a butcher-shop thunk, rather than into its rump.
  62. We went into the center of the ring with the designated referee (one of the Rump Rangers) and this was the time when I thought I could talk some sense into Jimmy.
  63. As the startled horse reared up onto its hind legs, Horan lost his perch in the saddle and slipped over the rump of his agitated mount, falling to the stone floor.
  64. But after you rode it awhile it got up through your rump and spread through your system until your digestion roiled and your heart spun like a small pink top in you.
  65. We took each other’s clothes off and I reclined with my bare rump against a sloped boulder, wrapping my legs around Jonathan until he turned me over and I gripped the rock.
  66. However, getting back to the End of the Old, in 1948 a minute rump state of Israel was resurrected containing only a small portion of what the Jewish state was, even at its death.
  67. Charlie would be up front, naturally, on his rocking chair, a plaid pillow under his lean rump, rocking slow, enjoying the fame and looked-up-toness that came with keeping the jar.
  68. Charlie would be up front, naturally, on his rocking chair, a plaid pillow under his lean rump, rocking slow, enjoying the fame and looked-up-to-ness that came with keeping the jar.
  69. His Silurian cloak was rolled up across his horse’s rump and his sword was at his side—though not the one he wanted, the magic sword he had taken in war from the red-bearded Saxon.
  70. His second run was a perfectly done simple vault with a grandstanding one-handed pat on the bull’s rump as he sailed over that drew more catcalls and hoisted flaggons from his buddies.
  71. It took him a full hour to prepare himself a plate of rump steak and chips and he was enjoying the same when a Friday night rerun of the week’s events on TV News channel claimed his attention.
  72. By Bachelor's walk jogjaunty jingled Blazes Boylan, bachelor, in sun in heat, mare's glossy rump atrot, with flick of whip, on bounding tyres: sprawled, warmseated, Boylan impatience, ardentbold.
  73. Lady Slumrent is very fond of her pretty pets and she does not allow them to be fed on anything but the very best food; they gets chicken, rump steak, mutton chops, rice pudding, jelly and custard.
  74. Apart from their green skin and yellow stripes, the long-snouted, gold eyed creatures called gufders sported bright blue bristles on their backs that stemmed from the back of the head to their rump.
  75. Nurse pointed to the mound of packaged meat and gestured to Cap’n and Greg to begin stacking it tightly around the body, and soon the corpse was completely obscured by the screen of steaks and rump roasts.
  76. To the left Florian’s red-and-yellow sackbut he called Here Comes Trouble slammed his breastbone against the rump of a racing bay courser and spun the half-tonne horse counterclockwise without breaking stride.
  77. Titus quickly dressed and after strapping on his armour and the multitude of weapons that he carried, he turned and gave Athene a playful smack on her still exposed rump in an attempt to establish some form of contact with her, even if it turned out to be a negative response.
  78. The night was long and we were young and this was an occasion for a special bottle or two, for the saved and revered whisky, a drink that I had slowly grown accustomed to during my residence, and one that always left me feeling as though I had spent the night with my head next to a camel’s rump.
  79. And as the shocked, worried members of his family watched he seized the cotton tail from one of the little kites, tied it to his belt near his rump, grabbed the twine ball and held one end between his teeth, gave the other end to his children, and up, up into the air he flew, away into the March wind!.
  80. But try to tell ’em, as I have, that a Woman is made of Sweets and Bitters, that she is both Reason and Rump, both Wit and Wantonness—and you will butt your Head against a stone Wall! They’ll have it one Way or the other! Be clever, if you must, and forfeit Reputation for Beauty and Sensuality, as well as all Pleasures of the Flesh.
  81. In the stages of exhaustion, its back legs trailing behind its flattened rump as though paralyzed: a rabbit that stared, white-eyed, from one side to the other, seeing nothing, yet finding no respite from its fear, and then fell to licking wretchedly at one ripped and bloody ear that drooped across its face: a rabbit that suddenly cried and wailed as though entreating the Thousand to come from every quarter to rid it of a misery too terrible to be borne.
  82. And How The Monkey Lost His Rump, And Mr Toad, and bless my soul,.
  83. And there was a group of maybe twenty who were clearly Rump Rangers, and I said,.

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