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Arse в предложении (на )

  1. What a pain in the arse.
  2. But he is a massive arse.
  3. I took my arse shorts off.
  4. Stick it up your arse and.
  5. I take it that my arse.
  6. Hold my arse, she moaned.
  7. You can stick it up your arse.
  8. My God, it’s a pain in the arse.
  9. Patience, what a pain in the arse.
  10. Not with an arse like that to.
  11. I think Jane’s covering her arse.
  12. My arse is nice? she enquired.
  13. THE VIRAGO: Signs on you, hairy arse.
  14. James, you are a pain in the arse.
  15. She did have a very large arse indeed.
  16. Religious types were a pain in the arse.
  17. Your arse is mine, Ragnar told her.
  18. Abermôr’s in the arse end of nowhere.
  19. THE NAMELESS ONE: (Snarls) Arse over tip.
  20. And the beef as salt as Lot's wife's arse.
  21. No-one’s ever wanted to give my arse.
  22. What are you, Herist’s arse fuck?
  23. Then strokes it, Oh, I love that silky arse.
  24. Kaz had a flat arse but he could out-run Jonah.
  25. Every time I made a strike he called me an arse.
  26. You don't have to be an arse about it, you know.
  27. This lack of technology is a pain in the arse.
  28. When he can tell his arse from his elbow that is.
  29. Ill have to write and tell him to shave his arse.
  30. My sweet arse they are, they are our conquerors.
  31. Herist couldn’t find his arse with both hands.
  32. Here’s to Tits, Arse and the Queens Head!.
  33. Well he’s not a Policeman’s arse if you ask me.
  34. Good advice, you arse, he said and tried again.
  35. In the pause that followed, Johnny's arse hit his heels.
  36. Jonah claimed that a rounded arse was best for running.
  37. An old stupid dumb arse cliché I know, but it was true.
  39. Sayeed, why they used a camera instead of a toe up my arse.
  40. I'm Murphy, and I've had my arse up here along with the.
  41. Yea well, she tends to rub off like moss on a bear's arse.
  42. Ivan Douglas rolled over and squeezed the young girl’s arse.
  43. If you try anything I’ll put the first bullet up your arse.
  44. There is nothing wrong with her arse! Halfshaft bridled.
  45. Mind the door doesn’t hit you up the arse on the way out.
  46. Like, I watched it happen, sat on my arse and watched it happen.
  47. Health and safety costs are ripping the arse out of his profits.
  48. Moses, Moses, king of the jews, Wiped his arse in the Daily News.
  49. I would fall to my knees and worship that arse as if it were a.
  50. I couldn't give a rat's furry little arse about the magistrate.
  51. You can’t clear the swamp if you’re up to your arse in croco-.
  52. So, this is your last night in the arse hole of the universe?’.
  53. What is it now? Arthur sighed, and fidgeted on his arse again.
  54. Either way, she was a real pain in the arse since she had swapped.
  55. You said that my arse was better than Takina’s, she shouted.
  56. At one point Ben toppled a chair and fel on his arse causing another.
  57. Will that be after you ride his arse or before? said his brother.
  58. Boy, Daifen yelled, I’ll tan you red as a lobster’s arse.
  59. Sorry to have bothered you, seems Gino was talking through his arse.
  60. I always took him for an arse without realizing that he had issues too.
  61. You can’t clear the swamp when you’re up to your arse in alligators.
  62. How he’d filled me, how he’d slapped my proud arse, how he growled.
  63. That you had to fuck up the arse otherwise you aren‘t really gay?‘.
  64. A very old man with an arse hole the size of a bus, said the other.
  65. And within seconds, he would be suffocating beneath that huge hairy arse.
  66. Okay smart arse, where the fuck have you been? Jones snarled at him.
  67. Tell me again how much better my arse is than that Amazon’s of yours.
  68. That little sprinkle last night was a bit of a royal pain in the arse.
  69. But he continued to do his exercises being particularly proud of his arse.
  70. And I, of course, replied, Annie thanks you, Annie’s arse thanks you.
  71. Holy shit Batman, I'd been levitating and I even had a pain in my arse to.
  72. Reporting directly to old Smyth; kissing the old goat’s arse all the time.
  73. Crap! Now who’s playing in the schoolyard? Glandular my arse! It’s a.
  74. Bit of a pain in the arse, grunted Jeb between hauls, this anchorage.
  75. But he had then started grinding his arse into the poor girl’s scalp, and.
  76. I felt a lot cooler now, but I still sweated loads where I wore my arse shorts.
  77. I went in there last week and slipped arse over tit on something on the floor.
  78. He’s been told by Morton to get his arse in here for the SOCO show later on.
  79. But I suppose that we had better help him get his head out of that cows arse.
  80. I had forgotten about that stupid dog, all she will get is my foot up her arse.
  81. He kicked me up the bum with his huge boot and it felt like my arse was breaking.
  82. Let’s get the hell out of this busted arse country ASAP and into Turkey!.
  83. Now get your arse out of our trench and don’t let me see you round here again.
  84. And I've still got the bruises on my arse where that bastard Miguel kept pinching me.
  85. During the second round Charles came inside Sharon arse and she won the prize money.
  86. She was told in no uncertain terms to get her finger from up her arse and get a grip.
  87. You’re a real pain in the arse but you’re one of the best I’ve ever worked with.
  88. In short, he and the bull of Ireland were soon as fast friends as an arse and a shirt.
  89. And where are you going to put what will end up as a total abstract of my arse?
  90. In short, Stripehead had taken residence up his own arse and Danny preferred him there.
  91. That would make me laugh and I’d run away shouting ‘alloaw’ and slapping my arse.
  92. She looked down on him, frowned and told him in no uncertain terms to stop being an arse.
  93. In no uncertain terms Stripehead suggested Danny should get off his arse and sort it out.
  94. His left leg complained with every step but he just laughed and told it not to be an arse.
  95. Daryl grasped the steering wheel firmly with his hands and fidgeted awkwardly with his arse.
  96. And somewhere, someplace not far off, I - or my ghost - shall be laughing my damned arse off.
  97. It’s about time you moved your arse out of the way, declared a high voice behind Liam.
  98. I thought you were joking about the priests in there, but two of them threw me out on my arse.
  99. With a Sloop in a Storm, ye might as well kiss yer Arse Goodbye—beggin’ yer Pardon, Ladies.
  100. It cocked its head curiously, stared at me with big, innocent eyes and promptly licked its arse.

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