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Ass в предложении (на )

  1. A pain in the ass.
  2. I sweat my ass off.
  3. I had to haul ass!.
  4. A nice ass, that is.
  5. And it is a nice ass.

  6. You are an ass, Will.
  7. I like it up the ass.
  8. This could save my ass.
  9. Because Ken is an ass.
  10. It was a big ass Caddy.
  11. Get your ass over here.
  12. He was shot in the ass.
  13. Day in court, my ass.
  14. I got knocked on my ass.
  15. It knocks him to his ass.

  16. Webster can kiss my ass.
  17. That stuff kicked my ass.
  18. He was mounted on an ass.
  19. Gina hit him in the ass.
  20. You were pretty bad ass.
  21. I say, ‘Watch your ass.
  22. Her hands cupped his ass.
  23. He got up rubbing his ass.
  24. I had to watch my own ass.
  25. Going to wear his ass out.

  26. He was such an ass kisser.
  27. It was a pain in the ass.
  28. Then he slaps my ass hard.
  29. Pain in the ass investing.
  30. Get your ass out of here.
  31. Or up his ass, if you like.
  32. They like his crazy ass.
  33. It means we kicked the ass.
  34. It has just sat on its ass.
  35. God, I was such an ass slut.
  36. Up the ass, said Tailpipe.
  37. What an ass I am, he thought.
  38. He loved his ass too much.
  39. All that, plus kissing ass.
  40. One, is a sweaty, stank ass.
  41. I say, save the Union, my ass.
  42. His ass was already sweating.
  43. I said beat his ass Johnny.
  44. Had his ass all in a twitter.
  45. That one bit me in the ass.
  46. Put that thing down crazy ass.
  47. B tampered with his ass while.
  48. She dead ass serious, Gina.
  49. My husband was an abusive ass.
  50. As long as you saved your ass.
  51. I know them bitch ass niggas.
  52. Melanie, get your ass in gear.
  53. He could possibly save my ass.
  54. I think he lied to your ass.
  55. Her brother had saved her ass.
  56. He never could kiss ass well.
  57. His thin ass warmed from the.
  58. That's my girlfriend, you ass.
  59. Tax, my ass, he interjected.
  60. Get your ass down here, Phil.
  61. She slapped him hard on the ass.
  62. That was a real pain in the ass.
  63. He could not ass bet in a dice.
  64. How could a zephyr ride an ass?
  65. That really knocked me on my ass.
  66. Murdered his ass with a spade.
  67. Not as cute as your ass though.
  68. I was concerned about your ass.
  69. Jennings, my ass, said Brian.
  70. Depends on the caliber, nosey ass.
  71. Tragic turn of events my ass.
  72. You got lead in your ass?
  73. She had ass and breasts to spare.
  74. Kicking your ass, she said.
  75. She's a pain in the ass, alright.
  76. A pain in the ass is who it was.
  77. The girl was a pain in the ass.
  78. I was gonna offer to beat his ass.
  79. She had a beautiful beautiful ass.
  80. Im such an ass, he muttered.
  81. You should try Montana’s ass.
  82. Elijah scratched his ass and said.
  83. Maybe I should beat your honky ass.
  84. Get that sexy ass of yours moving.
  85. You know I could kick your ass.
  86. On the prowl, looking to kick ass.
  87. I thought you worshiped my ass.
  88. It means he is covering his ass.
  89. The owner responds, Genius, my ass.
  90. She does have a fat ass, doesn’t.
  91. Her skirt was tight around her ass.
  92. What an ass to ignore her at times.
  93. I think she could kick your ass.
  94. I’ll haul ass upstairs and free.
  95. They could leave my nigger ass in.
  96. Head in sand, ass up in the clouds.
  97. Her cute ass bounced as her knees.
  98. We'll show you what bad ass is, son.
  99. But he could get his ass in a sling.
  100. But Balaam's ass had suddenly spoken.

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