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Buns в предложении (на )

  1. Buns are a penny each.
  2. Serve on buns or rolls.
  3. And a pan of cinnamon buns.
  4. Let the buns rest for a few.
  5. Plastic wrapped honey buns and.

  6. Bring on the coffee and buns!.
  7. Is there a special voice for buns?
  8. Cut off the top of six buns as a lid.
  9. Almost 425,000 hotdogs and buns, 160,000.
  10. The hungry dog will borrow buns from a.
  11. If it weren’t for the smoked buns I'd tell.
  12. Fill the scooped out buns with the paste, cover.
  13. Venna’s hands left his buns and went to her mouth.
  14. He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also.
  15. They offered all different kinds of hot dogs and buns.

  16. He lays the split buns on the plate to toast and heat.
  17. They buy a couple hundred bucks worth of buns, a couple.
  18. Persian buns smothered in white and strawberry icing, who would.
  19. However much Avi liked cinnamon buns, her mother liked them more.
  20. Some steaks, five pounds of hamburger, fresh buns and all the.
  21. The woman was just going to put some more hot buns into the window.
  22. In short order the scent of cinnamon buns wafted through the cabin.
  23. He boiled the hot dogs, cut the buns, sliced the onions in a frenzy.
  24. And I love you for more than your ability to toast my hamburger buns.
  25. And a pan of cinnamon buns, by God! And just lie there and let the old sun hit you.

  26. Trolat wondered about it as she came out of the Scotch bakery with a bag of sweet buns.
  27. I’d stopped on the way at Nestor’s bakery and picked up some freshly baked cinnamon buns.
  28. Her grandmother had not eaten for a couple of days, and cinnamon buns were her favorite snack.
  29. There’s a guy, probably a white male, who pinches the hot dog buns, and the hamburger buns.
  30. Originally, the stuffed buns were boiled in milk before serving on the Tuesday preceding the Lent.
  31. If that young un hasn't given her buns to a beggar child! It wasn't because she didn't want them, either.
  32. Archibald turned to offer her his profile while she fingered the buns to find the one with the thickest icing.
  33. Sara opened the paper bag and took out one of the hot buns, which had already warmed her own cold hands a little.
  34. Then what is it Jonathan? Is it her tight buns that you are attracted to, huh? Is it her tight buns Jonathan?
  35. When Sara entered the shop the woman turned and looked at her, and, leaving the buns, came and stood behind the counter.
  36. Would you mind moving that way a little, 'cos your nose is casting such a big shadow on the table I can't see the buns.
  37. And because Ford was an open prison, she was allowed to bring him home made cakes and buns and things, when she remembered.
  38. And then Sara, leaning on the counter, made her little proposal concerning the dreadful days and the hungry waifs and the buns.
  39. Joan and Isobel were preparing a fine Breakfast of white and wheaten Bread, sugar’d Buns, Lisbon Oranges, and hot Asses’ Milk.
  40. Maybe it wasn’t fear that made her quiver, I thought, appreciating his firm buns when he bent down to pick something up off the floor.
  41. The small building grew foggy tea and sticky buns, and a man called Jack undipped a rather battered accordion and started with tobacco smoke.
  42. The doorbell tinkled and she headed back into the café, serving the young couple who had entered with cups of cappuccino and some sticky buns.
  43. Oh come now, Mrs Houston, I am a medical man, you can't expect me to believe that Henderson has gone off with this old floozy for tea and buns.
  44. Master Rhodri, the magistrate there, loaded us with cakes and buns made by his brilliant daughter, who cooks better than all of you women put together.
  45. There are people with close-cropped hair and tightly twisted buns who must belong to Abnegation, and a few rows of people in glasses who must be Erudite.
  46. We slept together of course and I smile to remember the eggs and bacon, toasts and buns with champagne instead of tea that that mad boy ordered for breakfast.
  47. An hour later, the plates were empty, the buns or cakes gone, and without thank yous, there was Agatha sliding down the banister, a mustache of crumbs on her lip.
  48. Coxtart soon return’d, full of Chear and Bustle, placed a Tray before me set with Dishes of Tea and all Manner of Muffins, Buns, warm Breads, Butter, and Cheese.
  49. In the sunny patches one might easily have cooked on a stone a batch of those buns with Corinth fruit in them that Periplipomenes sells in his booth near the bridge.
  50. The Marines, who had been surviving on half rations of canned food and cooked rice for a month, happily grabbed the still warm bread buns and devoured them in mere seconds.
  51. The National Guards, however, had gone up to the first floor of the town hall with buns spitted on their bayonets, and the drummer of the battalion carried a basket with bottles.
  52. There were the shops, with the things in the windows unchanged since she left nine days ago, the same ancient novelties nobody ever bought, the same flies creeping over the same buns.
  53. The Indian gentleman smiled involuntarily at this, and Sara smiled a little, too, remembering what she had said to herself when she put the buns down on the ravenous child's ragged lap.
  54. Fat Betty Baxter, baker of special buns for every town festivity, shrewd questioner at parish guild meetings, was dead, her business awkwardly shared out between four squabbling daughters.
  55. A little later the carriage drew up before the door of the baker's shop, and its occupants got out, oddly enough, just as the bun-woman was putting a tray of smoking-hot buns into the window.
  56. There was no menu except a laminated card showing four dishes of similar-looking steamed buns, each with a small, raised red, blue, or silver square in the center, like stamps of faded sealing wax.
  57. After hot cross buns at the table overlooking the sea, I told him about the morning’s events, starting with the bird song, through the misunderstanding during rehearsal, then my friend’s kind words.
  58. And it was a baker's shop, and a cheerful, stout, motherly woman with rosy cheeks was putting into the window a tray of delicious newly baked hot buns, fresh from the oven—large, plump, shiny buns, with currants in them.
  59. She had a bag of bagels and sticky buns in her arms which she placed them down on the counter, and then she pulled up one of the small benches the community members sit on while eating and leaned her forearms against the refectory table.
  60. He kept her there as long as he could, long after the tea was cold, and tried, so deeply upset was he becoming by the delays her curious immaturity was causing in the normal development of running away, actually in that place of buns to make love to her.
  61. Druscilla, I recall, devour’d ev’ry last Cake and Sugar Bun, whereupon Evelina, who, all the while, had pouted at her Sister in Annoyance (perhaps she wisht to polish off the Buns herself), now proceeded to eat the remaining Sugar with her Teaspoon—as if in spite.
  62. She did not seem like a Lady of Quality with all her boastful Talk, and i’faith her Daughters titter’d behind their Fans in a most disrespectful Fashion, and said nothing but “If you please” and “Thank you,” as they pass’d the Dishes of Bohea Tea, the Sugar Bowl, the Cakes, Buns, and Sugar Plums.
  63. She was so little equal to Rebecca's puddings and Rebecca's hashes, brought to table, as they all were, with such accompaniments of half-cleaned plates, and not half-cleaned knives and forks, that she was very often constrained to defer her heartiest meal till she could send her brothers in the evening for biscuits and buns.
  64. She was so little equal to Rebecca’s puddings and Rebecca’s hashes, brought to table, as they all were, with such accompaniments of half-cleaned plates, and not half-cleaned knives and forks, that she was very often constrained to defer her heartiest meal till she could send her brothers in the evening for biscuits and buns.
  65. Five cases of beer, fourteen bags of chips, three pounds of ground beef, three packs of hot dogs, buns, ribs, corn on the cob, chairs… On he went, counting off rations that would make standing armies jealous, then he and his friends started the long process of loading their RV with the supplies until the last bag of ice went into the cooler.
  66. What fascinating inebriation impregnates the soul and the hearts in the closeness of a celebration! It seems that the problems flee, frightened, terrified, by the deafening noise of the scandalous music and the brazen laughter of those who have been invited to with flamboyance, devouring bottles and bottles of champagne and succulent mussels on toasted buns.
  67. At Ruby Tuesday’s, for example, you won’t find a single burger with less than 1,200 calories—almost as much as you’ll eat in a whole day of feasting on ZERO BELLY foods! And of course, from gluten-filled buns to corn-fed beef packed with saturated fat, most restaurant burgers should be limited to cheat meals only—and even then, consider the cheat to be of Madoffian proportions.
  68. Jody, we can have steak, fries, salad, buns and margarine,.

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