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Tail в предложении (на )

  1. The tail end of the.
  2. It was a beaver tail.
  3. The long tail is ideal.
  4. The dog wagged his tail.
  5. One didn't have a tail.

  6. He swished his pony tail.
  7. Most meat is in the tail.
  8. The cops were on my tail.
  9. It was the tail of a pig.
  10. The sting is in the tail.
  11. He pinched my tail then.
  12. One has horns and a tail.
  13. You said not to tail him.
  15. He was wagging his tail!.

  16. A white one, with a tail.
  17. The reason Otter Tail Corp.
  18. There was a flicker of tail.
  19. She started to chew her tail.
  20. He barked and wagged his tail.
  21. The cat lifts its tail erect.
  22. He panted and wagged his tail.
  23. The tail is longer than the.
  24. Draw knife from tail to head.
  25. Wordtracker and Long Tail Pro.

  26. He climbed over the tail gate.
  27. Have you put a tail on him?
  28. Then he notices it: the tail.
  29. This tail fin - it's really big.
  30. Instead he decided to tail her.
  31. Smelling the tail end of ports.
  32. And the tail? asked Spock.
  33. Oh some have been laid in tail.
  34. Smitty, get your tail over here.
  35. The two boys turned tail and ran.
  36. Her tail swished as they landed.
  37. I was on her tail the whole time.
  38. It tucked its tail behind itself.
  39. The tail is brown tinged with red.
  40. Oh yeah, and a lobster tail, too.
  41. I’m on your tail the whole way.
  42. His flowing tail flicked in the.
  43. The Baron asked for the tail of.
  44. My legs replaced with fin and tail.
  45. He gave me a wink and turned tail.
  46. Max responded by wagging his tail.
  47. The appendages and tail are farer.
  48. I continue back to the tail section.
  49. Its tail seemed to be anchored to.
  50. The ships continued to dog his tail.
  51. Upon its’ tail came the hoot of.
  52. And makes her wave her tufted tail.
  53. It looked tail and long green ears.
  54. Tail who? Brinkley? That's a waste.
  55. Then, seizing on the swinging tail.
  56. Jonah basically turned tail and ran.
  57. Watch her ears and her tail for any.
  58. Its unusually long tail is a major.
  59. Do it in the shake of a lamb's tail.
  60. On the upper tail fin there were a.
  61. Situated: At the tail of your spine.
  62. I never can make head or tail of it.
  63. No more with my tail between my legs.
  64. The tail is long in relative to the.
  65. Tiger�s tail was lodged in his beak.
  66. The tail gun was banging away behind.
  67. The horse neighs and flicks his tail.
  68. I can't make head or tail out of this.
  69. Gone were the horns and tail and fangs.
  70. But water on the tail is no match for.
  71. They definitely are hard on your tail.
  72. When the last bit of my tail is eaten.
  73. He wagged his tail, happy in the hunt.
  74. Lion, goat, tail of a snake or lizard.
  75. And the man who was on my tail?
  76. He slapped the pool with his tail and.
  77. It seemed there was no one on her tail.
  78. The tail was of total and reckless 72.
  79. Right now the tail was wagging the dog.
  80. A pair of ears, tail and some whiskers.
  81. Misrepresentation fancied its own tail.
  82. He fled with his tail between his legs.
  83. It has a bushy tail and a face similar.
  84. Flowers Fowl Tail Fists’ has been lost.
  85. A barbed tail uncoiled around his ankles.
  86. For a long time I was chasing your tail.
  87. The tail points in exactly the opposite.
  88. His fat tail was wrapped around his body.
  89. Is that right? That explains the tail.
  90. Max lazily looked up and wagged his tail.
  91. I picked it up and looked under the tail.
  92. He was always alert, with his tail held.
  93. Then the crash of a tail and then nothing.
  94. It was black with a white tip to its tail.
  95. Its tail switched angrily among the straw.
  96. His silly tail made delicate conversation.
  97. Either way, they would have lost the tail.
  98. He wagged his tail and took another drink.
  99. Once done he returned with his tail wagging.
  100. Clearly a tiger had been taken by the tail.
  1. I could see Alex’s car tailing mine.
  2. Ignoring the soldiers tailing her, she.
  3. A guy stepped out of the haze, tailing Shorty.
  4. Hedgers sometime refer to this risk as tailing.
  5. He claimed that there was a spacecraft tailing the comet.
  6. We walked in, with me tailing behind and thinking that this.
  7. The Boss knew that Shoop had spent the previous evening tailing one of.
  8. After that, tailing it was a leisurely affair and did not last very long.
  9. No, this is just the practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment.
  10. He hung back a bit, not wanting her to think he was tailing her or anything.
  11. Practice squad that’s tailing along at the moment, Liz said sarcastically.
  12. Two detectives began tailing Shizuka and often came into her home to question her.
  13. As I rode in the cabbie toward the city, I knew that somehow they were tailing me.
  14. Barney, Mark and Rex were tailing Joey right when he went into the construction site.
  15. He sprinted as fast as he could down the street, his squad of dogs tailing after him.
  16. With luck, I’d be able to put a GPS tracker on his car, save me tailing him in the future.
  17. How did she figure it out, and why the fuck Jonathan wasn’t tailing her, instead he's outside.
  18. You know after tailing your weak ass for this long, I would have never taken you for this shit.
  19. According to the two who were tailing Max, the statuette must still be on board the Ocean Raider.
  20. The seeds I've sown will play into his own assumptions about your high tailing it out of this city.
  21. Just suppose – only suppose for a minute - that the Russians had been tailing Jarvis for some time.
  22. Esjekshb stepped out of the car, but had no intention of tailing Mischia; she had her own agenda to attend to.
  23. She left in a big hurry and I'm tailing her now, but this area is pretty deserted so I can't get too close to her.
  24. Klowa told him about Tuggot's tailing of the basinites and the fact that they never ate, drank or used the bathroom.
  25. Within a few seconds Tanya was tailing the enemy aircraft and she shot one out if the sky and gave chase to the other.
  26. If those guys were tailing us, how come they waited until we were on the way back before they started shooting?
  27. Uniformed police, he had thought for years after watching numerous television programmes, were the worst in the world for tailing anybody.
  28. At the edges of the pontoon blanket, the temperature will be the same as under it, the temperature tailing off, the further out from it you go.
  29. Minutes later, he found himself tailing the cashier's black, Japanese sports car, to University Park on the campus of Florida International University.
  30. Tailing them six blocks to a brick-faced town house with steep stairs that climbed off a sidewalk shadowed by old oak trees, Sunday timed his approach almost perfectly.
  31. After coal mining equipment is produced, adding to pollution and resource exploitation, the earth is laid back, exposing huge open sores that leach toxins from tailing piles.
  32. Kenny's murder had shaken her and necessitated the team increase their counter surveillance, which included following each other discreetly to see if anyone else was tailing them.
  33. As the others gave their reports, the workload did indeed seem to be tailing off, and Lester knew from his personal involvement this week that the Problem Desk was quieter than usual.
  34. Of course the two cops then headed my way again while I tried to keep a straight face while in my head I was debating the pros and cons of just high tailing out of there but I stood firm.
  35. Some tonsorial mishap had befallen the hair there; was it green? Before Richard could decide, though, hair, shoes, and coveralls were tailing Billy Three-Sticks around a corner onto Eighth Ave.
  36. Not expecting her tailing job to be a dangerous one, Sarah paid little attention to the sedan and its three occupants, simply taking more distance in order not to attract Laplante’s attention.
  37. Bobby said that he and his brother Jack felt the same way about Hoover—and they should have because he had agents tailing their every move as well!—but there was nothing they could do about it yet.
  38. He and Darren had caught up with the wagon and followed it by shadow out of town; they'd stayed hidden after its three riders had alighted at the bottom of the hill, tailing them all the way to the top without once being seen.
  39. Their tailing work was actually a short one, as the gray Fiat turned after only a few minutes inside the parking lot of the Puertobahia Hotel, near the wide sandy beach immediately east of the port area and actually quite close from the restaurant Dean and Erik had used earlier on.
  40. The most lay silent, but some muttered to themselves, and others talked together in a strange, low, monotonous voice, their conversation coming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, each mumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words of his neighbour.
  41. Dean didn’t have to worry about his headlights automatically coming on when he started his engine, a standard feature installed at the factory on all modern commercial vehicles which could be very annoying to people like him when doing things like tailing another car or approaching a suspect’s location.
  42. The lake looked as though it had been placed especially for the benefit of the inhabitants, curling round in a comma like shape, tailing off to what appeared to be a fairly broad river, around which many red or yellow painted,.
  1. Johnson tailed us for a few miles.
  2. Louise tailed off, shut up and left.
  3. His voice tailed off as she walked away.
  4. I also began to feel that I was being tailed.
  5. He high tailed it as soon as we approached.
  6. Each of them wore identical tailed tuxedoes with.
  7. He didnt check once to see if he was being tailed.
  8. We tailed the mark, found his bolt holes, took out.
  9. Sam’s voice tailed away as the air went out of him.
  10. Everyone who visited them was tailed and investigated.
  11. All of this was suspicious to Darek, so he tailed them.
  12. A white tailed deer ran across the parking lot and into.
  13. As he tailed the fleeing van, his concentration set on his.
  14. Hey, Corey, how’s it going, said a young pony tailed.
  15. Top hats with tailed tuxedoes are mixed with lamb skin work.
  16. If you were followed, whoever tailed you probably left by now.
  17. I then kept on seeing the red tailed hawk, almost every time I took a.
  18. His voice tailed away as he saw the crowd turn to their chief seated in.
  19. For all to see a dangerous current is here below tailed serpents massive beacon.
  20. Of course, I discreetly tailed him and observed his movements during the two hour trip.
  21. Perhaps one that Travis and his associates had designed, sensing they were being tailed.
  22. The startled waitress‘s words tailed off as she watched the two men sprint from the cafe.
  23. He must be the smart one in the family because when I told him to take a hike he high tailed it.
  24. I started humming the Addams Family theme song while the white Mercedes tailed me up the driveway.
  25. The profits of the MLMCCO have tailed off, while my variants have remained profitable in the 2000s.
  26. Maiorescu had slowed his yacht, and it started to roll slightly in the swell as the speed tailed off.
  27. He tailed off, as if deep in thought for a second, but then shook the image out of his head and carried on.
  28. They laugh at long-togs so, Flask; but seems to me, a Long tailed coat ought always to be worn in all storms afloat.
  29. Nadhir constantly tailed his queen, assisting her with her Shumese, which she seemed to be learning remarkably fast.
  30. We immediately tailed the van, it went down P Street and under an overpass and by the time we caught up, it was gone.
  31. Mike had spotted a man lurking nearby who had evidently tailed me from the restaurant where Jasmine had been arrested.
  32. Several times during the week, they are tailed by the auditor with stops recorded for comparison with subsequent reports.
  33. He began speeding along the hard shoulder to the left of the tailed back traffic, oblivious to the angry stares of other motorists.
  34. Gupta signaled to three other Pakistani males nearby, that there was a problem, so they all looked on as Max and Carla tailed Maureen.
  35. He made Charlie switch seats and ordered him to wait until the car was a block away before they tailed it onto a highway by the river.
  36. Tailed almost everywhere she went, her mail searched, her friends and family interrogated, Shizuka endured intense scrutiny for two years.
  37. I loosely tailed both Gerard Lipinski and Harry Dubs around town---going to-and-fro, hither and yon and betwixt and between for our cause.
  38. But to his dismay, the Bird tailed the officials and stood by, listening intently, as POWs answered the officials’ questions about life in camp.
  39. As her breath tailed off, she pulled her face away and buried it against his neck, embracing him in a surrealistic halo as her hair floated freely around him.
  40. Deasy’s elation was tailed by a sinking sense of guilt: In their painstaking search of the ocean, they had missed seeing the lost men, but the enemy had not.
  41. We had Twilly in custody for the attempt on Yuki’s life, but the reason we’d tailed him was because of what he’d hinted to Yuki this morning: that he’d killed Michael Campion.
  42. Will had expected to be tailed and surveilled, but his brothers in blue hadn’t seen him do anything and had nothing on him; if they had, they wouldn’t have been sitting outside in their car.
  43. Considering that it was because of Miller’s alleged ties with Communists that Marilyn would be forever tailed by the FBI, maybe it was appropriate that even the Russian media got into the act.
  44. I believe that he stopped the limo cold, turned around briskly and shot the President and then high tailed it out of there, while everyone was looking up to the knoll for the smoky shot they heard and saw.
  45. I could not make up mind, so I just crashed through the wooden barricades, high tailed it to general parking, and met Nick at his reserved parking space right up against the stadium wall outside our seats.
  46. When the president sobered up, he looked at the hanged man, and realised, suddenly, that he knew him and thought: ‘Oh… how terrible… he is…’ and his thoughts tailed off as he realised what he had done in his drunken state.
  47. And nevertheless in that same black darkness they see black things as devils, that ever maul them and afflict and harass them with all kinds of tortures; and tailed drakes, horrible as devils, that devour them whole and spew them out afterwards before and behind.
  1. The penny landed on tails.
  2. We have the FBI on our tails.
  3. He wears white tie and tails.
  4. I backed tails and it rained.
  5. Heads you lose, tails you lose.
  6. We’ve worked our tails off.
  7. Old World Monkeys’ tails are.
  8. He noticed their tails flicking.
  9. Should have called tails, Bree.
  10. Their tails hung down haphazardly.
  11. What do the candle tails tell us?
  12. But now tails were present behind.
  13. The real kind, with wings and tails.
  14. They bit their tails on the way out.
  15. Most kangaroo tails are longer candles.
  16. Also, scorpions and horses have tails.
  17. Yes, you do cheat them with your tails.
  18. She had twin pony tails and buck teeth.
  19. Sebastian and his damned lobster tails.
  20. Wicks are also known as shadows or tails.
  21. Heads and tails are two sides of a coin.
  22. Kangaroo tails with much room to the left.
  23. Heads and tails high, the deer, alarmed.
  24. Which they use to bite their own tails.
  25. He simply shot off the tip of their tails.
  26. Place shrimp, in pairs, tails touching, to.
  27. But they did not lose their tails as we did.
  28. Their horses were small, and had long tails.
  29. But angels don't wear berets and pony tails.
  30. I do think she loosed a few rat tails, sadly.
  31. Kangaroo tails preceded by giant candlesticks.
  32. The two dogs waved their tails and ran ahead.
  33. He’s probably still a thousand tails away.
  34. And like a Rottweiler, they also have no tails.
  35. That’s what gives the bell curve its fat tails.
  36. It is betting on a heads or tails coin flip game.
  37. Kangaroo tails should be near the previous candle.
  38. With one flick of our tails we came to life again.
  39. IBM has very little in the way of tails or shadows.
  40. He just asked me for a couple of his lobster tails.
  41. Tails whipped and wings flapped, all in slow motion.
  42. By the edge of the pond were tall cat tails and some.
  43. There were ones with ruffles and other’s with tails.
  44. Alex was dressed in a tuxedo, with tails and a top hat.
  45. Caught a glimpse of their shirt tails as they ran away.
  46. Longer kangaroo tails have a tiny body and a long tail.
  47. Like a dog with two tails once the first women moved in.
  48. Heads and tails are both potential values of a coin toss.
  49. Geniuses flash forth there, the red tails prosper there.
  50. We would carry the turtles home by the tails in each hand.
  51. Melanie didn't get the whole deal with the lobster tails.
  52. Shorter tails confirm and support the message of the body.
  53. Their tails come off and morph into one larger silver tail.
  54. We examine the coin and verify that one side is marked tails.
  55. There were still a couple of vacuum-packed lobster tails left.
  56. As they entered the warehouse district, their tails dropped off.
  57. I glanced up and saw a pair of kites, red with long blue tails.
  58. She was so beautiful, on the tails of that thought came another.
  59. Tail risk refers to extreme events in the tails of a distribution.
  60. As the buffalos grazed, their tails and ears wagged and twitched.
  61. He lost his hat; the tails of his open gaberdine flew behind him.
  62. I still can’t make heads or tails of this crazy plan of yours.
  63. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in.
  64. Kangaroo tails do not only print during extremely surprising news.
  65. Lope snorted like a bull does but a bull with pig tails instead of.
  66. They would have to move a hundred tails in ten heartbeats to escape.
  67. She saw an item that was white and was floating next to the cat tails.
  68. Kangaroo tails with a greater range than the previous 10 candlesticks.
  69. The Ringmaster wore the traditional red jacket with tails, with white.
  70. This forces the peak of the distribution upward and the tails outward.
  71. You can touch the very tops of them, but watch out for their tails.
  72. So he could blow up some trashcans? Tie rockets to the tails of cats?
  73. The best kangaroo tails will have very long tails and very short bodies.
  74. And their tails, which John described as snakes with heads, are in fact.
  75. Even as a child, he began creating his own, with torn-up rags for tails.
  76. As they got closer they could see faded tails stretching to the horizon.
  77. Siamese cats twitching their tails, with their eerie gazes leveled upon.
  78. Place shrimp, in pairs, tails touching, to make hearts, on top of cheese.
  79. Fix a couple of those lobster tails for me and bring them to the cockpit.
  80. The tails tapering down that way, serve to carry off the water, d'ye see.
  81. Bullish kangaroo tails print on the daily charts for the following pairs:.
  82. He looked for tails, his eyes quickly cycling through the car’s mirrors.
  83. With the ski tips longer than the tails, it is easier to face up the hill.
  84. Andalusians can be grey, white or bay with thick luxuriant manes and tails.
  85. Her long and thick grey hair was tied in multiple tails with jeweled bands.
  86. Then he stopped short; his tail expanded until it was as big as three tails.
  87. I slipped copper rings around their tails and tossed them back into the sea.
  88. Mainly because of being so attached to the Butte’s shirt tails for so long.
  89. In the dark they added flowing robes or jackets with dangly sleeves or tails.
  90. He couldn’t make heads or tails of what Robinson had meant, so he moved on.
  91. He tried to ponder over the heads or tails of this mystery but was unable to.
  92. Distinguish snakes from eels by their scales and their broad flattened tails.
  93. Kangaroo tails that do not print on a zone; these are not valid kangaroo tails.
  94. Bearish kangaroo tails with a closing price that is lower than the opening price.
  95. The feathers on the backs of their tails and arms evolved to escape being caught.
  96. If over 30 years you toss 15 heads and 15 tails, you earn a compounded rate of 8.
  97. I chuckled, again, as I came up the steps and gave some wagging tails some loving.
  98. Citi-group (C) tends to have long tails or shadows and show much more volatility.
  99. After the pyrotechnic display, children take turns riding on the hunter’s tails.
  100. It was of an older man in a magician’s outfit, complete with top hat and tails.

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