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Peck in a sentence

Peck in The Big Country.
I will peck his eyes out.
It was just a peck, really.
And not a peck on the cheek.
I gave him a peck on the cheek.
The Peck Mountain strip mine.
Lucy gave him a peck on the cheek.

They kissed very briefly, a peck of.
That little peck he couldn’t hold inside.
He gave me a peck on the cheek and bounced.
Kinsley a peck on the cheek as she floated past.
Eva Peck has created several websites with spi-.
We then gave each other a quick peck on the lips.
Morgan danced over and gave him a peck on the cheek.
I got about the same, a pick-up hug and a peck on.
Kami, hearing this, gave a peck to Yania’s forehead.
One peck of green tomatoes, put through a food chopper.
I gave Sue a little peck of a kiss on the tip of her.
Then we gave each other a peck on the lips and chewed.
In seeing her pain; he gave her a peck on her forehead.
Oooohhh, a peck on the lips! I think I just got an orgasm.
Sue and I gave each other a quick peck on the lips and I.
D'you remember how he cursed at us and tried to peck us?
To him, a peck on the cheek was sex, to me, it was much more.
And she quickly, shyly, delivered a peck on his bristly cheek.
Right now he seemed to be Gregory Peck in Twelve O'Clock High.
She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before standing upright.
Maurice took his hand full of corn and let the hen peck from it.
I tried to call you, he said giving her a peck on the cheek.
They peck at his mind like wild birds and he cannot shake them away.
She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and disappeared into the house.
He invited me in and as I walked past him, he tried to give me a peck on.
One of Ebright’s later oarsmen and devoted disciples was Gregory Peck.
Maud had few friends, but she had a confidante in her assistant, Samantha Peck.
Charlie slung his arm around Mal’s shoulders and gave him a peck on the cheek.
Kirk of Star Trek; Charlton Heston as Moses and Judah Ben-Hur; Gregory Peck as.
There will always be those who will peck at us trying to chip away at our resolve.
You are nothing less than a vision my love, and gave her a peck on the cheek.
The bird eyed it with her hard, bright eye, and suddenly made a peck into his hand.
After giving the girl a playful little peck on the cheek, George slid out of the bed.
It's the Pecking Order thing.
Pecking Order: Law of the Coop.
Where in the pecking order does the.
That same old silly Pecking Order again.
It had a sign reading PECKING GRAPPLER-BIRDS.
Blake started off by pecking her on the cheek.
He started pecking at the inside of the sack.
Silas examined one, pecking it with his beak.
He was quick, clawing and pecking at my shins.
I was awakened by a gentle pecking on the nose.
Bowing and pecking are not signs of human love.
Now, a single card would decide the pecking or-.
The pigeon was pecking at crumbs on the little table.
Chickens in the wild live according to a pecking order.
Maybe plants don't like you pecking away at them either.
Pecking at the earth they hate for untold millions of years.
Hunting and pecking at things: is what birds do instinctively.
Animals have a pecking order, but only a basic, instinctive ego.
Don’t you know there is a pecking order on this farm?
That's much better, he said, pecking her on the cheek and.
Men have a pecking order as well, but I have not seen the catty.
They were contemporaries, competitors in the military pecking order.
I was too afraid of those pecking hens and the pain of their sharp beaks.
As for safety procedures, those are well down the financial pecking order.
An apothecary was a mere merchant, well below a prior in the pecking order.
It was still scratching and pecking the floor when he was within its reach.
A swarm of seagulls swooped in and started pecking at the stray pizza slice.
Loofah tried again, pecking out the letters on the snapping teeth: 'FIGURES'.
And then a flurry of other words and thoughts chopping, pecking at his blood.
He sat and stared at a tiny wren sitting in his garden and pecking at the grass.
It’s just that I— Terminus fluttered over him, pecking Andrew on the head.
Yeah, but I just got the picture of you with a roadrunner in your hair pecking at.
With the reassignment, other changes had taken place in the pecking order of command.
There were some gold and some white fowls pecking under the apple trees of an orchard.
The geese complained as he pushed through, honking and pecking as they surrounded him.
Pecking Grappler-Birds swarmed out, quickly filling up the space of Subterranean Layer 53.
The ducks and geese weren’t at all shy, pecking and quacking at their visitors for bread.
Women still have the nesting instinct, and men and children still have the pecking order.
He was a friendly sort of fellow, grinning at me and then gently pecking me between the ears.
With her eyes wide from my quick offensive, she tried to counter attack, pecking at me wildly.
He pecked me on the lips.
Aidan smiled and pecked my lips.
He pecked her cheek and vanished.
Who pecked out his eyes as they grew.
I winked at Bree and pecked her cheek.
Marie pecked him lightly on the temple.
I know, Levi stated as he pecked my nose.
Pon held her again and pecked her on the cheek.
He pecked at the keys with one extended figure.
I pecked her lips twice before I ended our kiss.
Sure, she said and pecked him on the cheek.
He pecked her on the cheek and said, I’m off.
The bird pecked frantically, slashing his knuckles.
And pecked at his head, which killed him quite dead.
She passed him his keys and pecked him on the cheek.
She approached, quacked and pecked at the boots of.
Bullets of rain pecked vigorously at the windshield.
The fowl pecked at the rabbit, and the next day was.
I then pecked at the ground and began to gather twigs.
Rhone melted as her moist lips pecked at the side of his.
Returned birds pecked at seed on the floor of the aviary.
I pecked her lips once, not wanting Nathan to see our PDA.
And the Greeks could paint fruit so that birds pecked at it.
She pecked her father on the cheek and promised to call later.
I could have kissed the chickens that pecked on the common;.
She practically pecked his father to death, until they separated.
The words just came to him and he pecked them out onto the paper.
Loose sand grains, that had taken flight in the breeze, pecked at.
They stood and looked in my eye or pecked at my shoe significantly.
Lily pecked my lips and leaned away before I could deepen the kiss.
With a few graceful steps, she moved near him and pecked his cheek.
Daddy, dignified in his summer-weight wool, pecked her on the cheek.
He pecked at the cardboard, trying to break in, get to the egg timer.
He pecked her on the cheek and headed for the door, Tyrone behind him.
The seagull then pecked at Daniels foot and gave a huge yawn at Slinks.
She hugged Samantha, pecked her ex properly on the cheek, and sat down.
Moving down he pecked and kissed her savouring every essence of her body.
He raised his body and then pecked my lips before pulling himself off me.
He grinned and then pecked my lips, our first PDA in front of his colleagues.
Saffyre threw up her hands to protect her face as they pecked viciously at her.
He pecks you hesitantly on your.
She wondered if these little pecks would ever stop thrilling her.
Risking a few pecks on her mouth just for the smile I would receive.
Mohammed comes around to John’s side of the limo, pecks on the window.
And while I'm dumbfounded with shock, he leans forward and pecks me on the lips.
The Pecks live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where they continue to write.
Howard? I laughed playing with the little bit of chest hair that was on his hard as rock pecks and abs.
More than thirty gulls descended on the small group of little monsters, giving them strong pecks with their beaks.
They started with small pecks at first and before long they were rapidly probing each others mouths with their tongues.
Mistaking the Nautilus for the corpse of a whale, some of them alighted on it and prodded its resonant sheet iron with pecks of their beaks.
Soren would steal pecks from Ailia, but she knew he was holding back, not wanting to embarrass her or the others with their display of affection.
I'm tired to death and I don't believe the rooms will look much better than before we started-- though I shook out pecks of dust in the graveyard.
In the sycamores there was an uproar of linnets, sparrows triumphed, woodpeckers climbed along the chestnut trees, administering little pecks on the bark.
But fourteen-pence was in those times the price of a bushel and near two pecks of wheat; which in the present times, at three and sixpence the bushel, would cost five shillings and threepence.
Two shillings, therefore, was the price of two bushels and near two pecks of wheat, which in the present times, at three shillings and sixpence the bushel, would be worth eight shillings and ninepence.
There have been the Leylands, Polly Pecks and the like over the years, but that is still pretty unusual, and massive collapses such as the 2008 folding of Lehman Brothers, one of Wall Street’s largest banks, are thankfully rarer still.

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