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    1. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    2. Still, he had to say something to let his boss know that he was hard at work trying to fulfill his wishes

    3. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    4. This happens when you are not brooding about past or planning about future or when you have no ambition to fulfill

    5. He had seen worse cases where traders had very specific orders to fulfill and would come back for more, either from a surviving victim, which was rare, or from their genetically comparable family, much more common, if they still needed more parts

    6. "It means they need tattoo artists to fulfill the orders

    7. Can you imagine an entire nation of Pauls going to and fro throughout the earth to proclaim the freedom that they have now experienced in Christ? It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that Israel will fulfill her ultimate purposes of being the priestly nation to the nations (Exodus 19:6)

    8. When Israel, the currently unbelieving, will come into that covenant, then they will begin to fulfill their ultimate purpose

    9. The mystery had not yet been revealed that there should be an age of the Church to fulfill a specific role and function

    10. In order to fulfill their purpose as the priestly nation to the nations, they will need that Spirit

    11. He told her that they had a different destiny to fulfill

    12. "Does she require more than you can fulfill?" he asked

    13. To invoke fascination fulfill another’s wishes which could not be granted

    14. 5 Conjure an army for me so that I may fulfill your wishes

    15. I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill, and a

    16. destroy, but to fulfill

    17. But it wasn't only for pleasure excursions that the boat was too fulfill its intended purpose

    18. I shall endeavor to fulfill my several obligations to you in just payment for your faith in me

    19. You will fulfill the desires of those

    20. will fulfill these promises

    21. But some also are not, because some of us are also career minded, they have something on their mind to do and fulfill just before they'll get married

    22. The desire to fulfill his mission and please

    23. How about your promised have you written yet to my cousins? Hoping that you'll fulfill your promised to get in touch with them

    24. But after so many years of silence from the Rift, families began joining the soldiers in their dwellings, and with a growing domestic base, more workers moved in to fulfill their needs

    25. Even if he thought the Council was a waste of time, he would fulfill his duty and attend

    26. Pray that God would fulfill the word

    27. releases the power of God to fulfill that call

    28. Time passed, and he continued to wait, wondering if this was perhaps the first round of his torture; to be trapped, surrounded by the full weight of his failure, knowing the only escape was death, but unable to fulfill it

    29. The moment you will understand that the Creator has made all this on purpose and with your long term best interests in mind, you will come to peace with similar situations and go for a new task to fulfill

    30. She had a mission to fulfill; the war was superfluous

    31. Quite frankly, that sounds like a pretty tall order to fulfill, but moving ahead in our lives with positive attitudes is important, so here we go with Morty’s story…

    32. To dream that you are in a department store suggests that you are trying to fulfill your needs and desires

    33. To quench your thirst in your dream indicates that you have the ability to succeed and fulfill your desires

    34. What are you yearning for in your dream? You need to fulfill this void

    35. he be? It was as if her heart plotted with her mind to keep her spirit in the dark, to fulfill some uncanny destiny of unchecked optimism

    36. That soon she would be able to fulfill her most sacred quest in the snowy province, her spirit satisfied

    37. more in order to fulfill their desire to have more of all

    38. ‘Please consider this notion,’ he said, ‘Gerrid believes he has a destiny to fulfill, which is to finish what he has begun

    39. Performance should properly fulfill its stated goals and objectives or otherwise final results will necessarily be called into question

    40. In this manner, the love an individual expresses for another individual is conditioned by self-interest and that the underlying motives behind every kindly and selfless act conceals an (inner) need or emotional requirement that an individual seeks to fulfill

    41. It does not require anything other than (itself) to complete what has already been completed or fulfill a potential that has already been recognized

    42. ‖ In this manner, a society ceases to evolve and begins to (gradually) retreat from its traditional boundaries until it is no longer able to effectively fulfill its intellectual and moral obligation(s)

    43. It does not seek to alter traditions that no longer seem relevant or consequential to conventional practices merely to fulfill neo-modernistic ―requirements‘

    44. The One, who is to come, shall fulfill and complete

    45. On the contrary, since you become one with your wife (Ephesians 5:31) you should be stronger and better able to fulfill your role as a father because you have a good wife who supports you

    46. They fulfill the promises

    47. On New Year’s Day 1948, approximately six months after the establishment of Israel, and a month and a half after the death of Maks, Pola decided to fulfill the will of her dead husband Maks and go to Israel

    48. Although in some instances our government has failed to fulfill its stated promises or delayed its intended designs, the slavery issue quickly comes to mind, our Constitution has proven itself an instrument worthy of our considered opinion(s); a potential source of unrecognized events whose material and spiritual prospects, properly regarded, are possible

    49. Nevertheless, we are all (inevitably) summoned to fulfill our roles as citizens with a ―simplistic‖ belief in the Power of Ideas; shedding the vestiges of rancor and hate which has slowly consumed us as a nation

    50. Putting aside the fact that a war branded as “just” does not imply, in and of itself, a just peace, one should not forget that an attack on Iraq would amount only to a resumed conflict: the continuation of the war approved in 1990 and suspended in 1991 due to an accord which Saddam has failed to fulfill

    1. was not fulfilled in His lifetime

    2. God fulfilled this promise stipulated in that covenant

    3. fulfilled through you in whatsoever occupation you are

    4. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    5. fulfilled by the King

    6. By His resurrection from the dead, He fulfilled that age-old prophecy in Genesis 3: a son of Eve would crush the head of the serpent

    7. Now do you believe that he is the one for you? Your dreams have been fulfilled

    8. I promised myself I would not casually toss aside a guy who fulfilled my desires

    9. He was content and fulfilled in his new life

    10. He feared that he would loose you both before the prophecy could be fulfilled

    11. strengthen our connection with our source or 'soul' essence, enabling us to live more heart-centered and fulfilled lives

    12. When satisfactory fulfilled each of those six are replaced with another

    13. 14And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which says, by hearing ye shall hear,

    14. ” The young man slumped back into his seat, convinced that he was in fact not a candidate for anything that had to do with man's potential being fulfilled; not if it depended upon him

    15. He had few responsibilities, but those he had undertaken, he fulfilled admirably

    16. Jesus fulfilled the feasts of springtime by becoming the Passover Lamb and then sending the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost

    17. The feast of tabernacles has yet to be fulfilled

    18. fulfilled the first part of my plan without a hitch, but

    19. fulfilled in Jesus who was both high priest and king, but it will

    20. this prophecy fulfilled in our day as the Israelites are being

    21. This desire cannot be fulfilled and through failure he grows ever desperate, eventually falling prey to the most absurd forms of hope

    22. second, he had fulfilled the penance imposed upon him at

    23. If we were to become perfectly happy on Earth, we would have totally fulfilled our mission here

    24. time for his vengeance to be fulfilled

    25. Some will even claim that the society must be held fully accountable for not having fulfilled its obligation towards the accused, and will hold it financially and socially liable for all actions committed by their client

    26. Not unlike any other creation, when it will have fulfilled its mission it will simply and gradually evolve and be recycled into something different

    27. Recalling the fulfilled aspiration

    28. While Mary played the role of loving wife and caring mother and home manager, her mate fulfilled his duties as a responsible breadwinner and attentive husband and father

    29. Both had fulfilled their adolescent dreams of a stable and lasting marital union and had complied with the duties associated with that union

    30. To dream that your teeth is sparkling or gleaming signifies happiness and fulfilled wishes

    31. You are feeling emotionally satisfied and fulfilled

    32. The Winking Skeever was a touch bright for their tastes, but it fulfilled its present purposes

    33. That all his personal ends are fulfilled? [182]

    34. They were fulfilled, satisfied, by the strength of the youths who serviced their needs

    35. to have the thing idealized, it is to be happy and fulfilled

    36. you must feel fulfilled in that action because you know

    37. Sebastian never remembered feeling so fulfilled and energized in his life

    38. We should look out for prophecies, that were predicted and then fulfilled with 100% accuracy, by verifying events from history

    39. Then Jesus said, “Today, this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing

    40. What differentiates the Bible from other books that predict the future, is that the Bible is very clear and concise in its prediction of future events still to come and based on historic records that have been verified, we know that about two thirds of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled

    41. 24 If we only consider prophecies contained in the Bible that have already been fulfilled, it further confirms with absolute certainty that the Bible is unlike any other book

    42. Some of these predictions that are still to be fulfilled are extremely ominous and paint a dire picture of the world in its last seven years, before the Messiah returns to reign for a thousand years

    43. Taking into account the number of prophecies in the Bible and the odds of having all of them fulfilled 100% by pure chance, we have odds of smaller than that of 1 in 102000

    44. The fact that more than two thirds of all prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled on time with 100% accuracy, should convince us of the accuracy of prophecies still to be fulfilled

    45. There are also some prophecies about him that still need to be fulfilled

    46. Let us look at some of the prophecies that have been fulfilled and others that are yet to be

    47. One of us, I don"t know who, cut off a soldier"s ear, but Jesus told him that the scriptures had to be fulfilled, so He simply replaced the ear

    48. Returning to the prophecies about Jesus, we have only touched on three Messianic prophecies that have been fulfilled by Jesus with 100% accuracy

    49. There are in fact 365 prophecies in the surface text of the Old Testament alone regarding the Messiah, which have already been fulfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ

    50. Another question is, if Jesus is the Messiah who has already fulfilled more than 300 prophecies from the Old Testament, was He aware of the fact that he was the Messiah, or did this just happen by chance from his point of view? Also, can one assume that someone could plan to live their lives in such a way that they would fulfil prophecies intentionally? It may be possible if those prophecies did not include facts such as your genealogy, your birthplace, the nation into which you were born

    1. Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money

    2. With his lantern jaw, with his sparkling blue eyes and with his perfectly aquiline nose, Archibald followed in his father’s footsteps and became a matinee idol on the silver screen, fulfilling his long but dearly departed father's final wish

    3. Given that he has what appears to be a satisfactory and fulfilling life, I cannot come up with any sensible reason other than that he was bitten by the urge to help with the survival of his society and, although that would sit with the man and his general helpfulness, it’s a bit extreme as reasons go

    4. those who have gotten together for the sole purpose of fulfilling their lustful desires

    5. Only the most inventive and talented of her subjects would be able to engage with her grand-daughter on a mutually fulfilling and intellectual level

    6. became a matinee idol on the silver screen, fulfilling his long but

    7. fulfilling their sexual urges and men less so

    8. to engage with her grand-daughter on a mutually fulfilling and

    9. Johnson gave a deep sigh fulfilling both his need for oxygen and the frustration he

    10. “Alright, Harry is far further along the path to fulfilling man's potential than the people around him; hell, he's superman compared to me

    11. But it is also the most fulfilling line of a work a man can devote himself to

    12. circumstances he was going to have difficulty fulfilling his

    13. fulfilling his duty and had – as far as he had heard – done

    14. Abuse of alcohol or a substance leads to failure in fulfilling major obligations at

    15. Starting and running a membership site can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling, however you need to know what’s involved in setting one up, and then managing it effectively

    16. In this, you are fulfilling

    17. Taking into account the previous, could you go on as always, without feeling dumped on, angry, distressed, depressed, or whatever negative, violent, or other emotions that might pop up in your mind? Would this affect you just a little, somewhat, or perhaps a lot? In other words, how dependent are you on these things to have a rich and fulfilling life? More specifically, how dependent are you on external factors, as opposed to being internally centered and in tune with yourself and your loved ones to be able to feel whole, relaxed, and satisfied with your Earthly existence?

    18. To dream that you are calm denotes a fulfilling life

    19. Tohm sighed, “A long time coming, but it is a New Age, and the One shall now have the greatest hope of fulfilling the destiny of life at last

    20. ChériAna explained, “These eight here had almost the same concerns when they were at last faced with the prospect of fulfilling their promise as who we are

    21. It is about fulfilling one’s life purpose, which normally encompasses learning lessons in values and wisdom

    22. have a fulfilling and rewarding life

    23. certain, it will provide the ways and means of fulfilling

    24. It also serves as authentication that the same Person, who inspired the writing of the Old Testament, was also responsible for inspiring the writing of the New Testament and fulfilling the words that were hidden in the Old Testament, 1500 years earlier

    25. We see firstly that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, fulfilling the prophecies of both Gabriel to Daniel in Daniel 9, as well as the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9

    26. 28 The odds of one person in history fulfilling so many prophecies by chance, without failing in at least one of them, are once again impossible according to our scientific standards

    27. In that sense he didn't have much responsibility for Frank's actions, he was simply fulfilling a

    28. for love! A fulfilling kind of love that she knew she could never have with Jeff

    29. Although we have not yet received glorified bodies, which Adam and Eve had before their transgression, we know that all people who have accepted his gift of salvation, will be given new glorified spiritual bodies at his second coming, when he will be fulfilling the second part of Isaiah’s prophecy, which he left out when he read it to the Jews in the temple

    30. Mexico, but was unsuccessful in fulfilling his plan to colonize

    31. and yes so fulfilling

    32. Simply a case of fulfilling his role, doing only what he was allowed

    33. He found that doing God’s work here, in this land that he could only describe as Pagan, was a fulfilling task that rejuvenated his mind and soul

    34. Only a privileged minority could have the realistic expectation of a secure and fulfilling job, it now seemed to him

    35. Over the years Monique had tried not to think of the others below ground, immersing herself in her diplomatic work; a role in which she still felt the need to prove her worth, rather than merely fulfilling the expectations of the cynics (those in the higher echelons of the chosen) who probably viewed her as the benefactor of a privileged background

    36. That it would employ its creative efforts in fulfilling its intended promise(s) by encouraging productive and self reliant attitudes rather than government dependency, such endeavors would go a long way in achieving a (morally) wholesome, more vibrant society

    37. In modern times, with the exception of importing cheap(er) labor from (Mexico) or migrating to friendlier working environments in (Right to Work States), a growing number of companies are fulfilling their labor requirements by (Outsourcing) abroad

    38. nothing in life more fulfilling than being on course with your life purpose, or your soul plan

    39. Whether or not a society has properly fulfilled its moral obligations, however, is questionable in the minds of individuals who believe that that ―society‖ has not gone far enough in fulfilling its intended promises

    40. A great fulfilling of My Spirit in them

    41. I promised him that I would be back to visit him once again soon; a promise I had every intention of fulfilling

    42. Granted, this was done with great fanfare the year before he ran for his first public office, but he felt he was fulfilling his destiny as Limon’s political savior, and soon had a loyal constituency to continually feed his ego

    43. insight bred of earnest living, of loyally fulfilling the

    44. of Education to assist our educators in fulfilling their duties

    45. This helps the clients’ mind to reprocess experiences by rewriting the initial faulty behaviors and bypassing all the mistakes of the original parenting, thereby fulfilling the period of codependency, clearing the obsolete instincts, and building a robust behavioral system

    46. But now, I’m doing it by fulfilling the condition needed to release codependency

    47. By doing this you are truly fulfilling your grand purpose in the grand scheme of evolution

    48. If we leave, he will be incapable of fulfilling two of the three demands Max had of him

    49. Why then are they doing this to us? They are merely fulfilling what is written scriptures and dishonest gain is only one of many reasons

    50. God wants all his creations (souls) to have their chance at fulfilling their destiny

    1. And the Lord, as the High Priest of our confession, fulfills every pro-

    2. It prefers the religious thing that brings no life, but fulfills all obligations

    3. Everyone is called to walk in these gifts, but not everyone fulfills that destiny

    4. But it never fulfills child

    5. An encased desire which fulfills wishes of the

    6. Home (desire, although self-fulfilled in the bottle, Only fulfills others when homeless)

    7. A society in moral and spiritual decline seldom fulfills its constructive designs although it often provokes cries in the wilderness among remarkable men and women not quite ready to surrender what remaining capital that society has squandered

    8. For it fulfills My will, even now, and will continue to do so until the Consummation

    9. In his eyes they are one and the same, for in his heart the former fulfills the latter

    10. System fulfills the social obligation of to insert the

    11. as God fulfills His role as the Author and Finisher of

    12. Located in the Bay of Plenty, that pleasant city fulfills well the name of its location

    13. This fulfills God's wish

    14. The blessing of the Spirit fulfills God’s great promise to

    15. This fulfills the blessing promised to Abraham, that

    16. The blessing of the Spirit fulfills God’s promise of blessing to

    17. who fulfills his lust

    18. She nourishes the seeds and fulfills every need

    19. effectively it fulfills the action plan

    20. God turns again to His beloved Israel and fulfills His long-promised covenants

    21. He obviously wrote about how things progressed, with all the disappointments as well as successes, so this is a book that fulfills the mission it set out to do

    22. This little story reminds us that God is a spirit and if we adopt such a spirit it fulfills our

    23. He fulfills the animal its right by pronouncing the Name of Al’lah over it and relaxing his slaughtered animal

    24. love fulfills and sustains all of us

    25. and discovered that only the Mahdi fulfills all the characteristics &

    26. – move on from a relationship that no longer fulfills and nourishes and find a new path in

    27. God sends the signal and man fulfills in His own way

    28. It also includes a regular pouring in accordance with the seasons, an alternating pouring at times appropriate for irrigating the plants, a sufficient pouring that fulfills the need of the earth, and a wide pouring which is unlimited to a small spot of the earth yet it is all-inclusive of each of the areas and intensive rain showing Our care to help you for your good health and amusement

    29. Yet, since we are usually ignorant of – unlearned in how to see – the world, save that which proves our intentions and fulfills our desires, we are blind to that which could shatter our sense of it

    30. For example, the sun is like a ruler of the water; that is, it fulfills the function with which it was charged by the Almighty Al’lah, according to which He directed it; thereby water vaporizes

    31. Why the imperative in giving without receiving any benefit of pleasure? If one lives their life completely for the betterment of others because that fulfills their sense of meaning and purpose, does that make their self-sharing act not altruistic?

    32. But one morning the commander rang him, and as soon as our officer picked up the receiver he heard an angry voice quivering with fury, saying, without the formality of a greeting, ‘I have been told that there is an unoccupied house in your district that fulfills my requirements and it is for rent

    33. Think of this Hand which fulfills all your requirements and keeps rearing you, showering you with its blessing, overwhelming you with its favor and keeps supplying you with provision a moment after moment without any cessation

    34.  Researches and fulfills requests from customers in the

    35. use in this mine and it fulfills all the conditions stipulated in the blasting

    36. fulfills the requirement that no bones of the sacrificial lamb

    37. This use of the burial place of Joseph of Aramithea fulfills

    38. 1Peter 4:8 However, no amount of the aforementioned fulfills the requirements of the Law unless man enters unto Repentance

    39. Matthew 5:17-18 First, when the blood of The Lamb fulfills the Day of Atonement

    40. This step fulfills the Feast of Weeks, also known as the Day of Pentecost

    41. John 13:34, 2John 1:5-6 The Baptism of The Spirit fulfills the phase of Righteousness as it begins the phase of holiness and therefore, the perfect transition between the two

    42. The millennium to come fulfills the Feast of Tabernacles long awaited by the physical children of Israel

    43. Jeremiah 17:10, Revelations 20:12 This is how God fulfills His Word concerning a fair Judgment, where the law they received unto themselves will defend many and convict many during the same Judgment Day

    44. he fulfills in the hands of others

    45. For a woman to be complete she only needs two things a husband and children because by having these things she fulfills her need to nurture by looking after her husband and their children

    46. Having a collective approach to the above means for achieving an excellent career fulfills our

    47. I do not expect that she will be another Lea but she will be doing something she loves and fulfills her

    48. I managed to espouse a profession that fulfills me and for which I have developed a passion

    49. through you and fulfills its purpose for this life

    50. � However, domination never truly fulfills our human needs

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    conform to fill fit fulfil fulfill meet satisfy accomplish action carry out carry through execute live up to discharge implement do obey observe achieve complete consummate effect perfect realize answer comply with conclude end finish terminate

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    put in effect

    meet the requirements or expectations of

    fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction