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Snatch in a sentence | snatch example sentences

  1. It tried to snatch us.
  2. McLeod made a snatch at.
  3. I'll snatch the time somehow.
  4. Their snatch boat was upstream.
  5. Again the John Laws made a snatch.

  6. Burn off the snatch and bag missions.
  7. Of course he would snatch El Córdoba.
  8. In the end, I snatch my hand from him.
  9. And he kept trying to snatch the paper.
  10. You cannot snatch that right from others.
  11. Her trembling hand is quick to snatch his.
  12. I feel a harshness snatch my tender hand.
  13. Grimes just managed to snatch the hammer away.
  14. Snatch the living heart from out of the chest.
  15. He said he’d then planned to snatch Max away.

  16. For briers and thorns at their apparel snatch;.
  17. The figure could be out there ready to snatch her.
  18. He dived in and the snatch boat grazed his shoulder.
  19. I began to snatch cold and frozen items including but.
  20. No one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand.
  21. Either can snatch command if they detect any problem.
  22. And snatch it away, assaulted by horrific images again.
  23. He wanted me to scale the tree then snatch the chicken.
  24. If I dared snatch her food she wouldve chased after me.
  25. Then the neighbour witnessed a man snatch Amber off her.

  26. The instant I step into it I want you to snatch me back.
  27. At first the probes were quick to snatch up a small drink.
  28. The child flinched, but did not try to snatch her arm away.
  29. He shall snatch them away, and from you they shall be taken.
  30. Others fought the soldiers and signalled to the snatch boat.
  31. Zoe, I saw your mother snatch these two weapons from the.
  32. Hunter felt Dawkins snatch away from him and feared the worst.
  33. Only the Great Satan America can snatch that victory from us.
  34. He would snatch Hu Lyang - if he could get him on his own….
  35. Of course she did, and I went after, intending to snatch the.
  36. These unnecessary elements give nothing but snatch everything.
  37. Manuel was not the sort to snatch the wheel and leave witnesses.
  38. His real power was the fact that he could snatch people’s faces.
  39. The snatch boat would have to round it before shooting the rapids.
  40. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing.
  41. But no one feels a need to interrupt us if they overhear a snatch.
  42. Our enemies snatch him for his brains, use what he knows against us.
  43. Near two o'clock in the morning, I went to snatch a few hours of sleep.
  44. They, the timid, barking simpletons pick and snatch at blades of grass.
  45. With a quick snatch, he put his hand on the club and pulled it toward him.
  46. I’d sat on a bench on my own, deciding to snatch a little me time.
  47. Give it here! said Mary, running to me and making as if to snatch it.
  48. I snatch the covers, pulling them over my chest, up to my chin and sit up.
  49. Just as it neared the ground, Lov awakened enough to snatch it from the air.
  50. No, she said, getting up to snatch the picture out of Conklin’s hand.
  51. Then we can snatch him out and rush him away the first time there's an alarm.
  52. I sucked the blood from the welling puncture before he could snatch it back.
  53. The steps were crowded with masks, who strove to snatch each other's torches.
  54. I snatch naps like a panther watching beside the trail for a deer to come by.
  55. As heat and drought snatch away the melted snow, so the grave snatches away.
  56. Then, out of every sect, We will snatch those most defiant to the Most Merciful.
  57. With invisibility on his side, he could surprise Finch and snatch the knife away.
  58. I want that … I take in a lungful of the scent and snatch my hand from Sean.
  59. As heat and drought snatch away the melted snow, so the grave snatches away those.
  60. Agatha would bird through during dinner, snatch crumbs from her plate and bird off.
  61. Fortunately there was a subject for conversation, and he made haste to snatch at it.
  62. She started to snatch her hand out of his grasp in sheer reflex, but she couldn’t.
  63. Sounds like a German patrol and it could be out to snatch one of us as a prisoner.
  64. I rushed at the mask and tried to snatch it away, so as to see the face of the voice.
  65. Olenin and Beletski were discussing how to snatch Ustenka and Maryanka out of the ring.
  66. She thought that if Max had been captured, she could somehow improvise and snatch him back.
  67. He kept glancing at it like he was contemplating making a quick snatch and then running away.
  68. The afternoon was far advanced before we were able to snatch a hasty luncheon at a restaurant.
  69. Den he try ter snatch de chile frum me, buck nekked as she wuz an’ Ah slap his wrist trouble.
  70. The Instinct tingled his arms when the thought crossed his mind that he could easily snatch it.
  71. Inevitably, Marilyn would snatch the paper from his hand and tell him to mind his own business.
  72. His thoughts now focused on Russia where he proceeded to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  73. Later on when the couriers had managed to snatch some time, Alf was now waiting in Mazerati’s.
  74. I leaned my hand against one of the windows, but the heat was so great, I had to snatch it back.
  75. With her old impulsiveness, she flung out her arm to snatch the betraying volume from his grasp.
  76. The force must have loosened his grip because Jacob was able to snatch the poker out of his hand.
  77. She nodded and grabbed the bag, grasping it to her chest as though he might snatch it back again.
  78. Good!—he had an inspiration! He would run and snatch the book, spring through the door and fly.
  79. In his anxiety, Nangong Ping tried to snatch the divine pills from him but he was no match for him.
  80. She will corrupt them! You are a saint! You are a child yourself—save them! Snatch them from that.
  81. She would let me get all the way to the apartment building door before rushing in to snatch me away.
  82. The first of the proposals looked like a snatch, so he sharpened up his concentration and ploughed in.
  83. His plans to snatch these two seemed to have gone out of the window as they lurched into the unknown.
  84. Malenkov laid his plans to snatch Anna when she left her father’s house; regardless of who else was with her.
  85. The bow once more leaps up just as Cass jumps up to snatch the remaining bar causing this watery prison.
  86. He committed the murder and couldn't take the money, and what he did manage to snatch up he hid under a stone.
  87. Levin noticed, indeed, that all that day the patient pulled at himself, as it were, trying to snatch something.
  88. He had not taken off his clothing nor used water, except to snatch a hasty drink greedily, for some forty hours.
  89. But when I snatch his rook right out from under his haughty nose ten minutes into the game, I have to crow about it.
  90. It was apparent their ultimate plan was to snatch away my source of happiness; they are out to destroy my marriage.
  91. He could feel himself losing control, but Thedes practically threw his upper body out the window to snatch his hand.
  92. Pain shoots upwards from his leg to his whole body, a jagged series of blows which snatch the breath from his throat.
  93. It seemed an even chance whether he would snatch his prey from the sea, or be trampled himself in its cruel pounding.
  94. Dunk could gladly have throttled him for that alone, but the man heard them coming and was quick to snatch up his bow.
  95. Miles scrambled to his feet and charged her way, almost overtaking her, but the door closed before he could snatch her.
  96. Yesterday I visited the lawyer who wanted to snatch a hundred rubles from a beggar-woman to decorate his own house with.
  97. Prince Andrew longed to snatch up, to squeeze, to hold to his heart, this helpless little creature, but dared not do so.
  98. A Broadcom GPS chipset planted inside the canister would allow one of his ships to track it and snatch it from the water.
  99. What the fuck? I moved to snatch the folder away from the officer, but he slammed his hand down atop mine and stood.
  100. He saw his club there in his weapons rack, and was about to snatch it and run, but then he noticed Brumvack’s big 221.
  1. Snatching away the peace, it.
  2. Snatching his sword from the.
  3. He sat, snatching his hand away.
  4. Kirillov started, snatching up his cap.
  5. Aladdin, snatching the lamp, said boldly:.
  6. Thereafter, we resorted to low-key snatching.
  7. And with these words she began snatching up.
  8. Snatching away his entrapped hand he began to.
  9. They played games of snatching pieces off of him.
  10. Libby stopped mid-sentence, snatching the page in.
  11. There would be no chance of anyone snatching it now.
  12. He was the main supplier for the sex snatching ring.
  13. Wow! exclaimed Carla, snatching her hands away.
  14. Locke grabbed it, not quite snatching it off the table.
  15. Hilkea was suddenly there, snatching her little Ea away.
  16. Snatching the envelope off the table, he evaluated the U.
  17. But, the article that I enjoyed snatching the most was a.
  18. Snatching it from her he read the incantation and scoffed.
  19. Sure, she replied, snatching the bill out of my hand.
  20. Slow and steady, I said, playfully snatching it back.
  21. Gimme dem lines, said Sam, snatching the reins from her.
  22. The Proud Soul Snatching Cloud’ is only a slight poison.
  23. Let me see, demanded Jo, snatching one of the poles out.
  24. So then, that left these child snatching monsters to deal with.
  25. Hey, who’s the funny guy? said Guanella, snatching off.
  26. Your ‘The Proud Soul Snatching Cloud’ is useless against me.
  27. She fainted away, but Aladdin, snatching the lamp, said boldly:.
  28. Stokes reacted by snatching the weapon, Breckenridge and Jed were.
  29. He had a very strong willpower but this Soul Snatching Music and.
  30. I’ll take that! I said snatching the letter out of his hand.
  31. She is quick into the prize door, snatching out the toy with gusto.
  32. Suppose of a mother, a weak woman, sees a tiger snatching her child.
  33. Snatching them up, she ran into the hotel and slipped going upstairs.
  34. Dar stood and flailed about, snatching his soda, and tipping it back.
  35. He was up again and snatching the sword from the man's hand who held it.
  36. Snatching them up, she ran into the hotel and almost fell going upstairs.
  37. She narrowed her eyes at his face before quickly snatching her phone back.
  38. His eyes flashed and one hand shot out, snatching the broom from her hands.
  39. And, snatching Alyosha's hand, he drew him out of the room into the street.
  40. Oh, don’t, don’t! she exclaimed in alarm, snatching her hand away.
  41. What is in the bag you dumb? he asked and tried snatching it from me.
  42. When the terror attacks began they were snatching hundreds of victims at a time.
  43. Maybe, if I"d been starving to death snatching the cookie would"ve been an option.
  44. Their two days together snatching cargo containers out of the water passed quickly.
  45. In a flash, Chan appears and grabs me by the waist, snatching me away from Zachary.
  46. Give me that! he barked uncharacteristically, snatching the orders from my hand.
  47. But the general was faster, snatching his off his waist and firing off a round in Joey.
  48. The little ravening London savage was still snatching and devouring when she turned away.
  49. We’ve got you safe in the hospital away from the Sheriff and the child snatching gang.
  50. It’s only a scratch, snarled Ma, snatching the handkerchief from her son’s face.
  51. He swiveled his eyes, grasped the wheel with snatching, grappling fingers, and drove away.
  52. A Titan surged forward, snatching Tyrosh by her hair and lifting her a foot off the ground.
  53. Forgetting his intention of concealing his knowledge of French, Pierre, snatching away the.
  54. Snatching up the candle, he went to the door of the room where Kirillov had shut himself up.
  55. Fieldsie doesn't take that shite, laughed Jeb, snatching the scrap of paper from the boy.
  56. He was the wizard of soul snatching; a dark-skinned wizard with long, black leather-like hair.
  57. I remember the factionless man with the gray teeth, snatching the bag of apples from my hands.
  58. Snatching her purse in anger, she wrestled with her car keys and then followed him to the door.
  59. I reeled in pain as I crawled away, snatching back my passport which had fallen from my pocket.
  60. As he started for the door in silence, he gave her a quick glance before snatching the newspaper.
  61. But the merchant cut him short by snatching the coat from him and throwing it angrily to one side.
  62. A cold man, said Caesar, snatching back the bottle that Johnny had not yet taken advantage of.
  63. In a temper, I thumped the keypad, snatching my hand away as the clear plastic cover snapped closed.
  64. Belver clamped his jaws on the great beast's neck, snatching a piece of his throat within his jaws.
  65. I ran and jumped with all my might, plowing into the warriors and snatching the scarf out of the air.
  66. He gasped as the movement mercilessly assaulted his ribs, cruelly snatching the breath from him again.
  67. I slowly walked towards the edge of the wooded area in the direction of the previous nights snatching.
  68. Raskolnikov completely lost his head, snatching up her bundle, dropped it again and ran into the entry.
  69. Snatching the bag from Latrandura’s hands he strode over to the globe and swept it up inside the bag.
  70. The crowd parted as I came near, still snatching and clutching, taking little pieces of me as I passed.
  71. It would seem like the Germans weren’t impressed with us snatching prisoners from their wiring party.
  72. Of course I will speak to him, you stupid bitch! Casselli shouted, snatching the phone from her.
  73. Lov reached out, snatching it from the air before it could hurt his uncle, shoving it into the scabbard.
  74. But even as Grindel's paw touched the object, Brokin ran across the chamber, snatching it from his grasp.
  75. As the scarecrows went around snatching up children, Peter and his friends were right there to save them.
  76. Out of the bottomless profundities the gigantic tail seems spasmodically snatching at the highest heaven.
  77. All I need and want is your love but thank you very much, she says while snatching the keys from him.
  78. It was this that gave Decoud the sensation of the snatching pull, dragging the lighter away to destruction.
  79. I leaned forward and snatching the vibrator up I chucked it out into the jungle as hard as I could throw it.
  80. Alexey Alexandrovitch flew into a rage, and, snatching his hand from her, he went out of the room without a.
  81. Snatching her gown from the chair back where he had tossed it, she swept it imperiously around her shoulders.
  82. Your Interest in Geography is keen, I see, said Whitehead, snatching away the Map and rolling it tightly.
  83. Snatching her back against himself, he whispered Hang in there, I can't get away to take you home right now.
  84. She explained about the problems with drinking, shop lifting, glue sniffing, hand-bag snatching and prostitution.
  85. Yes, it is, Toni says while snatching her hand away and it’s a pity you missed his beautiful proposal.
  86. The boy and the scribe scrabble along as best they can, sometimes snatching at the rock face to maintain balance.
  87. He ambled over to me, setting his empty cup down and snatching another from a passing servant while en route to me.
  88. I charged towards my slice of pizza, leaping onto the counter, ignoring the two kitchen workers and then snatching it.
  89. Vile woman! shouted the princess, darting unexpectedly at Anna Mikháylovna and snatching the portfolio from her.
  90. Snatching the bill like a newly discovered treasure, the young man leaned in closer, "Whatcha want me to call you man?".
  91. Johnny reacted by snatching it away and breaking it over his leg and adding it to the heap despite Caesar's soft laughter.
  92. And what if he had? How a convulsive snatching at social salvation might have impelled her to answer him she could not say.
  93. Hastily snatching up the lighted candle, I hurried to the staircase; about midway a body was lying quite across the stairs.
  94. Snatching up her shoulder bag, she burst out into the sweet spring sunshine and headed towards the Starbucks just a block up.
  95. It cannoned into the bowmen and Hrun followed it joyously, felling one man with a blow and snatching the weapon from another.
  96. Lena moved like a bird, hopping in one direction and snatching up a cake of soap in another and then flitting over to Killian.
  97. He then stripped himself from the waist upwards, and snatching up the rope he began to lay on and Don Quixote to count the lashes.
  98. At this George jumped to his feet, snatching up the pages and, in two long strides, was leaning on the counter calling the bar man.
  99. He found another vent for his rage by snatching up Rosamond's words again, as if they were reptiles to be throttled and flung off.
  100. This door was open; a light shone out of the room within: I heard thence a snarling, snatching sound, almost like a dog quarrelling.
  1. He snatched up his hat.
  2. Al snatched up the phone.
  3. Then it was snatched away.
  4. He snatched her back, an.
  5. He snatched his hand back.
  6. But we have snatched it.
  7. And she snatched up her cape.
  8. The old man snatched up Anne.
  9. I snatched it from his hands.
  10. She snatched up the receiver.
  11. I snatched it out of his hand.
  12. She snatched her hand from his.
  13. He snatched the paper from Dar.
  14. And the nectar is snatched away.
  15. She snatched it out of my reach.
  16. The food that I'd snatched was.
  17. Mona snatched it out of his hand.
  18. Jordan snatched away the invoice.
  19. The food they had snatched from.
  20. I snatched it up and examined it.
  21. He jumped up and snatched the card.
  22. In one of the homes, he snatched.
  23. She snatched it up without looking.
  24. Rich snatched a paper from the desk.
  25. He snatched the disk from her hand.
  26. He snatched his shoes out of the air.
  27. She bent quickly and snatched it up.
  28. He snatched the phone from Caroline.
  29. A bare hand snatched the blade out.
  30. One was snatched out before my eyes.
  31. The pincer snatched and began to tug.
  32. I snatched the object out of the air.
  33. Paul quickly snatched the heavy ruler.
  34. Rimmon snatched at an arm as it had.
  35. The owner and his henchmen snatched.
  36. He snatched up like a Fury, talons out.
  37. It was snatched up and hid under the.
  38. He snatched his hand away as if burned.
  39. Louie snatched the bag, and they split.
  40. Lov snatched his weapon from the ground.
  41. The screen snatched surveillance feeds.
  42. I had snatched a pic from her apartment.
  43. Moses immediately snatched his hand back.
  44. She turned to Whimly and snatched his hand.
  45. She snatched the knife from under his hand.
  46. It was a foreclosure and I snatched it up.
  47. He snatched his hand from her and murmured.
  48. He snatched it out of the air and went on.
  49. Manda snatched up the phone and said hello.
  50. Alexa snatched one of the cartons from my.
  51. Abruptly she snatched the fan from his hand.
  52. She snatched gulps of air through her mouth.
  53. She snatched her hand away without answering.
  54. MOTHER'S CROSS! He snatched it from her and.
  55. Quickly she crept to the sink and snatched a.
  56. A receiver in Lisbon, Portugal, snatched the.
  57. Had Credit's Indian friend snatched her once.
  58. It was the kind of van that snatched stray or.
  59. The lady rushed over and snatched the lighter.
  60. She snatched the paper from him and unfolded it.
  61. She read the caption and snatched up the paper.
  62. And ran and snatched it, and with battle-shout.
  63. She snatched the scarf off her sister’s head.
  64. They both snatched it and began to wolf it down.
  65. The man snatched the bag and disappeared outside.
  66. Arkady seized his hand and snatched away the pen.
  67. I snatched it away, however, and seized his arm.
  68. Raoul snatched his letters from the man's hands.
  69. The fruits were waiting to be snatched and eaten.
  70. He’s been snatched, the Prince said dryly.
  71. Jamaal snatched the ligature out of Wiggles' hand.
  72. I snatched the letter with indescribable emotion.
  73. Janet snatched up the pen and dashed back outside.
  74. He snatched the cup, and the door opened for him.
  75. From a visible ice chest, Chance snatched a beer.
  76. This time Will caught a snatched glimpse of the.
  77. It had been snatched down from a rack on the wall.
  78. She snatched them, before he could close his hand.
  79. I waited until you were alone and snatched you up.
  80. Richard snatched the paper from Moncharmin's hands.
  81. Mori had snatched the bird and the powder from him.
  82. All of the snatched dogs were sent back to Queen.
  83. Haynie snatched a key off a hook behind his console.
  84. Children can be snatched from the streets or even.
  85. Pale, with quivering lips, Pierre snatched the copy.
  86. With ill-concealed anger, he snatched them from us.
  87. He snatched it off the couch and headed for the TV.
  88. Poncho snatched her up just above the elbow of her.
  89. Favourite snatched the paper from the waiter's hand.
  90. Phillip then snatched a remote to turn on the stereo.
  91. Levin snatched up the rugs and ran towards the copse.
  92. He marched over to the broken vase and snatched the.
  93. With all his remaining strength, Bo snatched the hilt.
  94. He spat in Conan's face and snatched at his own sword.
  95. Saldon snatched up his crossbow and loaded a quarrel.
  96. Christine almost snatched the package out of his hand.
  97. Troy felt a jolt of panic and snatched his hand away.
  98. He snatched the reins from her hand and turned to Ed.
  99. He snatched the phone from Thompson and switched it on.
  100. Kain reached out and snatched Remu by his massive claw.
  1. The tug snatches it and parks it.
  2. I just caught snatches here and there.
  3. Gladiator snatches the weapon out its hand.
  4. And only by snatches there is heard again:.
  5. The wolf snatches the sheep and scatters them.
  6. Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes;.
  7. She heard snatches of his conversation, which.
  8. A drunk snatches all the flowers and before he.
  9. He snatches at the fox! I gave him one with the fox.
  10. As he drifted off to sleep he hummed snatches of music.
  12. Uriah snatches at the flames, too quickly to be burned.
  13. Just as he’s about to take a bite, Miles snatches it.
  14. Bush snatches up the cue ball, holds it up for John to see.
  15. She hears and dismisses snatches of conversation as she passes.
  16. It’s right after the shooter snatches the driver’s money bag.
  17. He snatches me by the neck and holds me to the pole with one hand.
  18. He passes the pub and snatches a glance through one of the windows.
  19. It’s at that moment that someone snatches the glass from my hand.
  20. He murmured old childish tunes out of the Shire, and snatches of Mr.
  21. But she jumps at the mouth of the tiger and snatches her child away.
  22. I could not refrain certain snatches of my eyes, lured by the dazzling.
  23. Their conversation was broken into snatches by the captain's movements.
  24. There was so much information that Simon could only grasp snatches of it.
  25. In snatches of conversation try to advance the fledgling’s basic skills.
  26. By the side of the hand which gives there is the claw which snatches back.
  27. There he snatches her finger into his mouth and sucks it while she giggles.
  28. A faint wind wafted to her ears distant shouts and snatches of ribald song.
  29. From the living room she can half hear snatches of an animated conversation.
  30. He had heard snatches of a voice, but could not make out what had been said.
  31. Snatches of the nightmare had returned—especially when John and Mary died.
  32. As heat and drought snatch away the melted snow, so the grave snatches away.
  33. Daniel, not daring to get too close, only caught snatches of the conversation.
  34. As best as I can tell it, snatches I heard from himself or overheard and bits.
  35. Bolt snatches it away, retreats into a corner of the bus, face twitching wildly.
  36. As heat and drought snatch away the melted snow, so the grave snatches away those.
  37. I was in a profound state of shock for a long time, but I remember little snatches of it.
  38. Shrieks of laughter and snatches of singing could be heard coming through the closed door.
  39. As the aircraft comes back for the pick-up, it snatches the cable and the ‘snatchee’.
  40. A number of elves came laughing and talking into the cellars and singing snatches of song.
  41. He would get snatches of his life, but they never stayed with him for long, they disappeared.
  42. The mind-executioner grabs him with one hand, rolls over and snatches up his cane with the other.
  43. Probably it was pitifully small; cupidity usually snatches the instant the bait tickles its nose.
  44. Wisty pushes her off, but another nurse snatches her other arm, and now they’ve got her pinned.
  45. For several minutes we listened to snatches of the usual vapid chatter that dancing seems to induce.
  46. The sights he had seen there, with brief snatches of food and sleep by intervals, shall remain untold.
  47. It was only a few steps ahead of me by then and I could see little snatches of color through the leaves.
  48. It was her favourite song, her absolute favourite, and she joyously sang the snatches she could remember.
  49. Whack comes the thimble, and the child snatches her claws out of the sugar-bowl without fooling around any.
  50. John snatches up the weapon, puts the soldier in a headlock simultaneously and points the gun at his head.
  51. At intervals through the day he would pop out of the chart-room and offer me short snatches of conversation.
  52. It was the afterimage of that red Porsche and it called up snatches of the disturbing scenes I’d had with Agnew.
  53. She was trying to communicate something: She barked out unrelated words, numbers, ratios, little snatches of music.
  54. He lets one win the singles and collahs it as soon as one doubles it; gives the singles and snatches the doubles!.
  55. He snatches up her hand, pulls her against his chest, and locks a hand over the small of her back, effectively ending her song.
  56. I can never quite remember the tune she used to sing, but occasionally, every now and again, I think I can hear snatches of it.
  57. As soon as her husband throws off his shirt and tie upon returning home, she snatches the strips of clothing and begins to iron.
  58. I could still hear; it almost sounded like a foreign language, snatches of conversations that sometimes made sense and others not.
  59. He snatches up one of the hands at his back and swallows thickly, just cogent enough to remind himself to go easy, not to scare her.
  60. I thought of all this by snatches probably between my attacks of delirium—for an hour and a half or so before Colia’s departure.
  61. The Unseelie Princess sifts in, snatches the princes’ heads, and sifts out before my brain manages to process what my eyes just saw.
  62. She gives me a patronizing look, the way people sometimes look at children when they act too adult, and snatches the flag from the branch.
  63. Nekhludoff read much, but only in snatches, and putting down his failure to this superficial way of reading, hoped to find the answer later on.
  64. Despite everything, we slept in snatches till first light, when it took a fair bit of stretching, bending and arm slapping to restore circulation.
  65. Thereby the weapon is instantly at hand to its hurler, who snatches it up as readily from its rest as a backwoodsman swings his rifle from the wall.
  66. They had beds in the office, and most meals, if you could call them that were delivered from the canteen and eaten in snatches, having mostly gone cold.
  67. Focusing on his breathing which was difficult with the bulk upon him, he gasped for snatches of air and avoided the wave of grey that was descending upon him.
  68. And everybody runs to see, and she snatches off my hat, and out comes the bread and what was left of the butter, and she grabbed me, and hugged me, and says:.
  69. For those short snatches of time when you’re focused on the rise and fall of the abdomen or the cool air entering and exiting the nostrils, the ego is muzzled.
  70. Based on some snatches of information he had stumbled into, he strongly believed he had a spy reporting to a group of pirates, and he suspected who the spy might be.
  71. The breeze that stirred the tapestries on the wall brought faint noises from the streets of Peshkhauri—occasional snatches of wailing song, or the thrum of a cithern.
  72. My coat is unbuttoned, how is it no one snatches it off, where are the thieves ? They say there are thieves in the Haymarket; let them come, I might give them my fur coat.
  73. Kuroda was walking close to him now, and as they approached, Ito caught snatches of their conversation, half whipped away by the passing traffic that never quite hit them.
  74. During the hours of silence he heard a barely audible murmuring from the large man in the passenger seat, snatches of what sounded like Hebrew, in the singsong of Jewish prayers.
  75. The neighbour came up to see what the vigorous hammer-strokes and snatches of _Siegfried_ could mean, and when he saw it was I immediately called out, 'You have been eating meat!'.
  76. Just when I think he is about to be murdered he pulls a sheet of paper from his pocket and holds it out Major Danby snatches it and reads it then his head sags and he hands it to the C.
  77. He knew that I would suffer all my waking hours, and all my snatches of sleep be haunted by terrible dreams o' been trapping in that fish's belly once more, though this time for eternity.
  78. Some began to sing snatches of old songs concerning the return of the King under the Mountain; that it was Thror's grandson not Thror himself that had come back did not bother them at all.
  79. Therefore hear the parable of the sower: When anyone hears the word of the Kingdom, and does not understand it, then the wicked one comes and snatches it away what was sown in his heart.
  80. As darkness sweeps over the executioner once more, the bird snatches up the cane in its beak and bears it upwards, upwards, through the open roof of the Library and into the freedom of air.
  81. Through the snatches of information Ben gained as he chatted to Francesca he learnt a little bit more about her every second, from her favourite colour, to her preferred holiday destination.
  82. He ran out and ran in, smoked incessantly, played snatches on his violin, sank into reveries, devoured sandwiches at irregular hours, and hardly answered the casual questions which I put to him.
  83. All he required was the relevant parts of the dispatches, but since the raw transcripts were peppered with overhead and snatches of shorthand code between operators, he couldn’t read it himself.
  84. After the plunging water turned and spat him out of the base of the waterfall into the river, he was teased and tormented with snatches of air as he was forced to the surface, and plunged under it again.
  85. Hurried snatches of overheard conversation while directing the multitude toward places to lay down weary heads had revealed to Moshe the circumstances that had brought many to this common patch of ground.
  86. In my head I tried to sing snatches of songs from my childhood, but the stifling emptiness of this demonic and industrial womb-space drove the shapes and sounds of words and melodies into a frantic jumble of static.
  87. There was an intellectual keenness and brightness in it, a fire of imagery and (in the best sense) wit, the like of which had not been known, or known only in snatches, in our literature since the best days of the later Elizabethans.
  88. From time to time, as the pianist was moved, he played snatches of the same music as that which we had heard at the Futurist, and between us and Harris and Ike the Dropper several couples were one-stepping, each in their own sweet way.
  89. Hookhand lets out a sarcastic, "Aww," as Eugene snatches up a pair of pants and changes as quickly as possible, stuffing the teabag into his pocket, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, and throwing on a vest without bothering to button it.
  90. Now and then Harlow's voice rang through the house as he sang snatches of music-hall songs or a verse of a Moody and Sankey hymn, and occasionally some of the others joined in the chorus or interrupted the singer with squeals and catcalls.
  91. At six o'clock, Raffles, having had only fitful perturbed snatches of sleep, from which he waked with fresh restlessness and perpetual cries that he was sinking away, Bulstrode began to administer the opium according to Lydgate's directions.
  92. Now, you tell me, would a lunatic be so fast, so efficient? And, when I caught snatches of her singing swiftly—so swiftly (for I had to filter other noises)—I heard her singing an alapana—the introductory improvisation part—unfettered but flimsy.
  93. As an epicure snatches a taste of every dish which is successively brought to table, he not having allowed himself time to enjoy the one before, so have I gone from one subject to another without having discovered what I sought at first, the nature of justice.
  94. This was addressed to Angel Clare at the only place they had ever heard him to be connected with, Emminster Vicarage; after which they continued in a mood of emotional exaltation at their own generosity, which made them sing in hysterical snatches and weep at the same.
  95. Then, the prohibition of wine and strong drink snatches the people from what threatens to be the vortex of their ruin—intemperance; while Christian nations are now, to their shame and infamy, swelling the floods and increasing the velocity of that vortex by larger importations of intoxicating liquors.
  96. A few snatches of conversation overheard by a schoolboy spying in the cricket shed? The kids might have been making up stories to impress each other, and it only needs the suggestion that Robert was in there smoking pot and set himself on fire, to have his story thrown out and counter charges laid by the school.
  97. The man, who now introduced himself as Ezra, answered, What little we were able to glean from them before we left, snatches of conversations and the like, was that a very large amount of water had swept through the lowest part of the desert somewhere north of here, moving sand and leaving debris to show where it had gone.
  98. It was one of Caleb's quaintnesses, that in his difficulty of finding speech for his thought, he caught, as it were, snatches of diction which he associated with various points of view or states of mind; and whenever he had a feeling of awe, he was haunted by a sense of Biblical phraseology, though he could hardly have given a strict quotation.
  99. I am the good shepherd; and the good shepherd gives himself for his sheep; But the hireling who is not a shepherd and whose the sheep are not when he sees the wolf as it comes leaves the sheep and flees and the wolf comes and snatches away the sheep and scatters them and the hireling flees because he is an hireling and has no care for the sheep.
  100. If there are something like musical commencements, these commencements are so short, so encumbered with complications of harmony and orchestration and with effects of contrast, are so obscure and unfinished, and what is happening on the stage meanwhile is so abominably false, that it is difficult even to perceive these musical snatches, let alone to be infected by them.

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