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Buns in a sentence

Serve on the buns.
Serve on buns or rolls.
table I can't see the buns.
buns that hovered above her.
And a pan of cinnamon buns.
plates of sandwiches and buns.
Let the buns rest for a few.

your buns while I only used one.
"Tough buns," snapped Rincewind.
Plastic wrapped honey buns and.
fourteen buns and a Viennese Whirl.
Is there a special voice for buns?.
Bring on the coffee and buns!.
Cut off the top of six buns as a lid.
shandies and a plate full of iced buns.
the grip of clips and buns and scarves.
Almost 425,000 hotdogs and buns, 160,000.
The hungry dog will borrow buns from a.
buns to find the one with the thickest icing.
holding out the plate of iced buns towards him.
If it weren’t for the smoked buns I'd tell.
"Cut the cackle and move the buns," said Samuel.
Fill the scooped out buns with the paste, cover.
round buns, kneed them a little and leave them for.
Venna’s hands left his buns and went to her mouth.
~ dorado ring-shaped bread, in sections, or as buns.
He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also.
escaping from the buns and sticking to his fat cheeks.
she had two sticky buns stuck to the back of her head.
They offered all different kinds of hot dogs and buns.
He lays the split buns on the plate to toast and heat.

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