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Buns in a sentence

Buns are a penny each.
Serve on buns or rolls.
And a pan of cinnamon buns.
Let the buns rest for a few.
Plastic wrapped honey buns and.
Cut off the top of six buns as a lid.
Is there a special voice for buns?

Bring on the coffee and buns!.
Almost 425,000 hotdogs and buns, 160,000.
The hungry dog will borrow buns from a.
If it weren’t for the smoked buns I'd tell.
Fill the scooped out buns with the paste, cover.
Venna’s hands left his buns and went to her mouth.
He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also.
They offered all different kinds of hot dogs and buns.
He lays the split buns on the plate to toast and heat.
They buy a couple hundred bucks worth of buns, a couple.
Persian buns smothered in white and strawberry icing, who would.
However much Avi liked cinnamon buns, her mother liked them more.
Some steaks, five pounds of hamburger, fresh buns and all the.
He boiled the hot dogs, cut the buns, sliced the onions in a frenzy.
The woman was just going to put some more hot buns into the window.
In short order the scent of cinnamon buns wafted through the cabin.
And I love you for more than your ability to toast my hamburger buns.
And a pan of cinnamon buns, by God! And just lie there and let the old sun hit you.
Trolat wondered about it as she came out of the Scotch bakery with a bag of sweet buns.
I’d stopped on the way at Nestor’s bakery and picked up some freshly baked cinnamon buns.
Her grandmother had not eaten for a couple of days, and cinnamon buns were her favorite snack.
There’s a guy, probably a white male, who pinches the hot dog buns, and the hamburger buns.
Originally, the stuffed buns were boiled in milk before serving on the Tuesday preceding the Lent.
If that young un hasn't given her buns to a beggar child! It wasn't because she didn't want them, either.
Archibald turned to offer her his profile while she fingered the buns to find the one with the thickest icing.
Sara opened the paper bag and took out one of the hot buns, which had already warmed her own cold hands a little.
Then what is it Jonathan? Is it her tight buns that you are attracted to, huh? Is it her tight buns Jonathan?
When Sara entered the shop the woman turned and looked at her, and, leaving the buns, came and stood behind the counter.
Would you mind moving that way a little, 'cos your nose is casting such a big shadow on the table I can't see the buns.
And because Ford was an open prison, she was allowed to bring him home made cakes and buns and things, when she remembered.
And then Sara, leaning on the counter, made her little proposal concerning the dreadful days and the hungry waifs and the buns.
Joan and Isobel were preparing a fine Breakfast of white and wheaten Bread, sugar’d Buns, Lisbon Oranges, and hot Asses’ Milk.
Maybe it wasn’t fear that made her quiver, I thought, appreciating his firm buns when he bent down to pick something up off the floor.

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