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    1. Dad lets the bread roll from his fingers onto a pile of clothes

    2. Jerm threw up his hands and reached for his coat on the top of a clothes pile in the corner

    3. Not finding what it was he was looking for, Henry dumped the massive pile back onto his desk and started opening his desk drawers, banging his elbow on the cubicle wall behind him

    4. Realistically, the most Ackers would do was lecture his brain away into a melted pile of unrecognizable goo

    5. Bacterial action in a compost pile is the basis for proper composting

    6. Always provide plenty of oxygen (by stirring pile, aerate it) and plenty of natural nitrogen and trace minerals

    7. There are many different types of bacteria present in a compost heap depending on the time from the start of the pile

    8. When making bins or piles, the bigger the pile the more heat it will be capable of producing

    9. Too small a pile, and too much heat is lost

    10. Turn pile over, spraying with the liquid seaweed as you go, turning the pile: This is done by one of several methods

    1. But when they all piled into the kitchen, even Millie and Sparky together got scared they wouldn't make it out of the kitchen alive

    2. There were twenty bags piled on the floor of the cockpit

    3. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    4. Oh it was good to be out of all those fumes! The odour of cooked food quickly filled the room as Friede, the cook and general factotum of The Centre, brought in plates piled high with savoury pastries

    5. Despite the bright sunshine, there is an air of melancholy neglect … similar to the atmosphere you find in a junk yard, where unwanted relics have been piled up and forgotten, unwanted and unused

    6. The roadway is busy here at the entry to what must count as docks … wagons piled high with all sorts of goods trundle heavily along, drawn by much sturdier ggs than my elegant Sefir

    7. By the time the coffee’s made, Ben and Gary have got all the stuff in and piled it all up in the hall - and there it will just have to stay there until tomorrow, can’t be bothered to deal with it now

    8. I piled on more wood, trying to look busy

    9. Lord Tarak, Duncan, First Kai and Lady Rayne piled two of the hovercraft high with large trunks, and set out for the Queens Hold by mid morning

    10. Thick pads of straw woven into long mats had been placed about the fire pit and piled high off the ground

    1. He was hunched over his desk, shifting through piles of paperwork and tossing it around with abandon, creating a bigger mess than he had before

    2. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    3. He ran over and quickly opened his closet, revealing piles of clothes heaped on top of each other in the middle of the floor

    4. Dry-wood termites leave piles of sawdust like pellets

    5. That is to say they both live in wood, both have wings during mating seasons and they both leave signs (piles of wood dust, wings) which lets us know they are there

    6. When making bins or piles, the bigger the pile the more heat it will be capable of producing

    7. " Crates, boxes and piles were stacked at least eight feet high on top of the crate he pointed to

    8. by the outline of old boats and piles of ragged nets

    9. They looked like piles of huge leaves, but, looking almost like a vine among the leaves, was a tiny head which would occasionally take a small bite of soil

    10. area was surrounded by straw and piles of what appeared to be

    1. While Emma obtains our refreshments, I tidy up the cups and saucers on the table, piling them onto the tray left beside one of the chairs

    2. Him and the missus bought a big house back when the overtime was piling in

    3. Piling all the containers onto the table, I scrub down the shelves

    4. With nothing to do he sat and worried just how much evidence was piling up against him

    5. "Anything" He insisted, piling his mouth full of food

    6. Not only had they grown to cover the land below, but they continued to spill from the Black Door, piling over one another in their blood-thirsty rage to reach the wall

    7. We did actually try a car one later with my children and except for getting a wet bottom due to snow piling up in the tyre hole, it worked rather well

    8. Seeing them piling into the keep alongside children and cripples filled her with shame

    9. But more thugs were piling into the ditch behind them forcing them forward so that they fell onto more caltrops which punched into their exposed chests and faces

    10. Exactly where Nathaniel and the scholars had spent the afternoon piling up a six-foot high line of dry brush and covering it with diesel and gasoline

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    Synonyms for "pile"

    atomic pile atomic reactor chain reactor pile nap piling spile stilt galvanic pile voltaic pile down agglomerate cumulation cumulus heap mound big bucks big money bundle megabucks batch deal flock good deal great deal hatful lot mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck plenty pot quite a little raft sight slew spate stack tidy sum wad jam mob pack throng accumulation bank assemblage cock collection edifice structure pier post fur hair pelage wool accumulate hoard store assemble collect heap up

    "pile" definitions

    a collection of objects laid on top of each other

    (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

    a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)

    fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs)

    battery consisting of voltaic cells arranged in series; the earliest electric battery devised by Volta

    a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure

    the yarn (as in a rug or velvet or corduroy) that stands up from the weave

    a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fission to generate energy

    arrange in stacks

    press tightly together or cram

    place or lay as if in a pile