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Raft in a sentence

I paddled to the raft.
He swam for the raft.
Louie was on the raft.
The raft picked up speed.
The raft was steered by a.
He was with us on the raft.
He took a step toward the raft.

It wasn't really a raft, you.
A second raft was sliding away.
Keep yourself tied to your raft.
The raft crashing on the reefs.
Here is the raft, he said.
Later on, they used it as a raft.
The raft had carried them that far.
This is the quickest raft to build.
Then they can tie their raft to it.
Maybe they are out on a raft?
Why should I not build a raft and.
The thing is, I didn't see the raft.
There was not a sign of their raft.
One on the raft, one on the ledge.
Phil’s raft had been slashed in two.
And he didn’t want to lose his raft.
By this time Jim was gone for the raft.
There’s a whole raft of Okies there.
Louie dragged the animal onto the raft.
Why does she stay on that raft?
How had they traveled? By boat? Raft?
So we shoved out after dark on the raft.
The raft bumped against the opposite bank.
He was a body on a raft, dying of thirst.
In the next raft, Louie, too, fell asleep.
Raft provisions lasted a few days at most.
If necessary, he would take that raft out.
The one on the raft fills his bucket and.
The raft sat lower and lower in the water.
Emily stumbled out of the raft with Allen.
The phone was in the water, not on the raft.
He must have lost it when he left the raft.
It was almost dark when we got to the raft.
On Comparing the Market to Whitewater Rafting.
We climbed Dunns River Falls and went river rafting.
My knuckles stretch and turn white—Michael Rafting.
You can go white water rafting, camping, hunting, or travel.
The rollercoaster ride seemed too vivid and I could tell he wanted to do the rafting all over again.
The regular travellers on the train are composed of mountaineers, anglers, voluntary hermits and rafting enthusiasts.
If we knew that you guys were coming we might have cancelled our rafting trip this morning to help you set up He yanked it al in one breath.
We are here to discuss the Belvun Recovery Treatise, which Ambassador Rafting so diligently compiled and wrote over the course of these past two weeks.
It is very similar to the brain freeze that occurred during the river rafting incident discussed in the introduction and to Joe Trader in the TASR trading example.
Koza was content working his civil engineering job for the government and spending weekends in the central California countryside whitewater rafting and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.
White-water rafting down the rapids of the mighty Thukela, sailing on the Chelmsford Dam, and hunting in the designated hunting reserves - this region offers you all of these pursuits’.
Today this fast-running mountain river, with its many rapids, is considered perfect for difficult white-water rafting, but 100 years ago to those wanderers it was an uncrossable, wet hell.
Setting up tents, sleeping in sleeping bags, arousing before sun, climbing impossible rocks, rappeling, rafting, river crossing, fox flying in sky-scraping mountains are some of the things, which are zero fun and life threateningly dangerous that we do for our version of silent escape.
Clear old prime Nantucket water; which, when three years afloat, the Nantucketer, in the Pacific, prefers to drink before the brackish fluid, but yesterday rafted off in casks, from the Peruvian or Indian streams.
Survivors had to get to rafts immediately.
Are there any supplies on the rafts?
Once deployed, rafts inflated automatically.
I told them we would have to build rafts.
Darkness fell on the rafts for the second night.
The circle of color around the rafts faded away.
The wind and rain assaulted the small rafts and.
Rafts and snowshoes definitely have seasonal value.
Louie saw one of the life rafts bobbing on the water.
The continents are like rafts drifting in a sea of.
He could have boarded a number of native rafts by now.
Pockets in the rafts contained some survival provisions.
The four could see inflatable rafts landing on the sand.
A few remaining rafts tied to wooden posts flopped on the.
The place to buy canoes is off of rafts laying up at shore.
There was a brisk breeze blowing across the rafts and both.
Or that we might have gotten lucky with the explosion rafts.
It grew, darkened, billowed over the rafts, and lidded the sun.
Finally, the rafts had split up, and one had reached an island.
There was nothing anywhere near it: no debris, no rafts, no men.
The rafts slid on the current, their tethers snaking behind them.
With Phil relatively stable, Louie turned his attention to the rafts.
The rafts baked along with their occupants, emitting a bitter smell.
He fed the cords through grommets in the rafts and tied them together.
They will be invaluable in making shelters, rafts and other structures.
The dolphins rushed at the rafts and were soon muscling all around them.
Rafts, boats and dinghies are built to carry a limited number of survivors.
Just before the rafts reached the beach, two of the guards jumped out and.
I went up the creek first, where, as I hinted, I brought my rafts on shore.
In the distance, the bomber swung around and began flying at the rafts again.
When the rafts are not in use these side frames are folded down on the raft.
Gulping air, Steve looked around him, trying to locate one of the life rafts.
Two life rafts, holding the entire five-man B-25 crew, floated amid plane debris.
If they had had a net, they could have whisked it through the water and filled the rafts.
There was a deafening noise, and the rafts began hopping and shuddering under the castaways.
Louie took a last glance at them, then dropped into the water and swam back under the rafts.
The pilot had ditched the plane, and it had floated long enough for the men to get into rafts.
One of the rafts was by chance already approaching, the sailors in it rowing with their hands.
The men had drifted for weeks, surviving on stores in the rafts, rainwater, fish, and bird meat.
A neat, sharp form, flat and shining, cut the surface and began tracing circles around the rafts.

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