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Plenty in a sentence

I had plenty of cash.
He got plenty of it.
I had plenty of trust.
She had Plenty of Work.
I have plenty of room.
Plenty of Room on Top.
I have plenty of cash.

We have plenty of time.
It had plenty of space.
We have plenty of help.
I have plenty of money.
Plenty of red wine too.
He had plenty of money.
I have plenty of dough.
She had plenty to give.
I have plenty of those.
We have plenty of fuel.
I have plenty to say.
There is plenty of room.
There was plenty for all.
There was plenty of time.
There is plenty for all.
Okay, it had plenty of.
Oh, yes, plenty of them.
And it rains plenty here.
I have plenty of clothes.
I have plenty of minutes.
There was plenty of room.
But it still hurt plenty.
Give them plenty of room.
My God is a God of PLENTY.
I seen plenty in my time.
But there are plenty of.
He hissed out plenty of.
So drink plenty of water.
Plenty of Fish in the Sea.
There are plenty of hoops.
But I met plenty like him.
I already know plenty on.
But there were plenty of.

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