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    1. I think we can safely say that this act was brave

    2. were an act on talent show “The X Factor”

    3. God will never move until you act on the

    4. Act on adverse situations as much as you can

    5. "When I was with Ava, I didn't understand how wealthy she is because she doesn't act it

    6. 'Too good to be true' was the cliche wasn't it? An easy enough part to act out when you have an audience as gullible as he was

    7. expectations in relation to how you think other people should act, behave, and react

    8. adulterous woman who was caught in the act of adultery

    9. Some they will act important, sophisticated and want to

    10. Consultation is the central act of medical practice

    11. Millie dragged her feet in a last act of defiance, crying as she went

    12. The very act of giving something away that supposedly belongs to you causes you to experience happiness

    13. We can also act as watchdogs even within our own social circles and families

    14. The aim here is not to censor but create a lobby of senior respected citizens who can prevail upon those in control to act when the boundary of decency is crossed

    15. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    16. Johnny froze in the act of pouring the milk onto his cereal

    17. I mean, why ever should she act now when she's moved on … built a new life for herself

    18. He simply enjoyed the act of killing

    19. The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act entitles all dependents (parents, minor children, unmarried daughters) to maintenance even if they are disinherited

    20. It involves also its orientation at will to the world of the soul, and its capacity to act as an intermediary between the soul and the physical brain

    21. Meditation is an interior act, and can only be performed successfully when the body is relaxed, rightly poised and then forgotten

    22. Every event, including the ones we call wrong, is an Act of God

    23. I daresay I could find more tenants, but if Dan is going to act like that, they are not likely to stay either … damn! He’s screwed me up again! The bastard!

    24. mutually arousing foreplay, and then into the act of penetration

    25. " Those girls had tried to act like Yakhanian sophisticates way out there in the ranch lands on the fringe of habitation

    26. Only having received a revelation we can act by faith in spite of what

    27. The Holy Spirit is ready to act today

    28. was one heroic act of faith

    29. "Do dolphins?" she asked, being drunk enough now to get into the act

    30. God, and we live and act by this word

    31. our shields as one, we will become stronger and will act

    32. strong faith, then act wisely – call the elders of the church who believe

    33. Her act caught the attention of a driver of a delivery van passing by, who pulled over to the curb beside her

    34. Closer investigation later revealed that Bugle Boy’s last worldly act was a failed effort to lift a Boston Cream donut to his mouth

    35. Full of contempt - Even though this was initially directed toward God it led him to act contemptuously toward all others

    36. Act 2 starts with Jim and Molly in a clinch which, Andy informs me in a whispered aside, he is looking forward to rehearsing

    37. Finally grandma disappears but I am still afraid and act as if she were still present

    38. He walks home with me after most rehearsals after this, and, as we work on Act 1 of the play, I begin to look forward to seeing him

    39. Because he doesn’t appear in the first Act of the play, Nick’s not needed at the rehearsals yet, so I don’t see him at the village hall when I turn out on Wednesdays and Fridays

    40. Only being in Act 2 would be a little disorientating for him without that

    41. It occurred to me that even if I could summon the strength to stand then the act of urinating in complete darkness would probably be a mistake

    42. congregations don't want their preacher to act like a "pastor" but they are more than willing to give him all the responsibilities of such

    43. "We have to strip off the Chief’s artificial limbs, access her neural interface processors and splice her into Tipperary so she can act as the CDCS to control the discharge

    44. It all looked very professional, though I did think that Andy Scott made rather a meal of the opening of Act 2

    45. This act will probably be the most difficult; by getting the rank and file of the

    46. I’ve discovered that he lives in a house up by the quarry on the western boundaries of the village – I’ve not seen it but he says there are fantastic views over the village from his bedroom window … I contemplate what it would be like to find out … then read myself the riot act for being so … so … optimistic

    47. I don't like this conclusion, but I act the fool so as to achieve my goal

    48. "I think that's an act," Enrico said

    49. Eventually he comes back and sits down with his breakfast, continuing his questions, "So what did he want?" And I try to act nonchalant with my answer, "He just wanted to ask me the time of the ceremony

    50. Bathing and dressing took a little longer than usual; the simple act of drawing a comb through her long dark hair more troublesome and the plaiting more fiddly

    1. word, waited on God, acted on your faith, but things still

    2. spot when you realize you acted against God’s will and

    3. He acted like he would have stayed in the studio during the zombie attack if it weren’t for the fact that the building next door was on fire

    4. " she acted out

    5. I felt very embarrassed but I acted the fool

    6. I said, "Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted

    7. Hadn't she been telling him, as politely as she could (up until now), that she would not be stifled in a monogamous relationship with him? He hadn't acted on that

    8. CINDY: John McEnroe acted that way all the time!

    9. She professed belief, but seldom acted on it and almost never talked of religion, often rolled her eyes when he did

    10. Ava, however, has system logs that will show what he actually did, and it was for those logs, as well as his belief in the church, that he acted the way he did

    11. She acted like it anyway

    12. Time had taught him that Serena would have found out about the Scathers attack anyway; she would have acted on her own quickly before informing him or anyone

    13. "The way that personification acted, it had to be driven by a male

    14. The blowtorches in the rioters' hands acted as the ignition

    15. “It is not the point Sera,” Kai was livid, “they acted on their thoughts and desires; they touched you!” Kai hissed, his eyes flashing angrily

    16. time thinking when I should have acted

    17. She got on it, somewhat more steady than she was the night before, and acted out throwing up on him again

    18. In Practice: Something which is acted upon once is indicative of

    19. reverted, eliminated, given dissociation or otherwise acted against in a way

    20. Cause the method to be acted upon when found and when acted

    21. acted upon without censorship for the time necessary to “get it out of the

    22. “I think Alan was driving her, I still say a woman couldn’t have acted like that

    23. I felt and acted smug

    24. “Oh?” Venna acted very interested in that

    25. He was still amazed by how much Venna acted and talked like Tdeshi

    26. The flap of canvas that acted as a door was

    27. He had always acted like he fully supported the Kassikan, and since the landing it wasn’t just an act

    28. Yet the structure implicitly indicated by it may be acted upon with confidence and thus yield understanding

    29. His suspicions were on edge by this time, especially since she acted like she didn’t even know what it was an hour and a half ago

    30. 'He just feels insulted that I acted without his

    31. Allcock's words acted as a 'shot,' and Harry's mind raced forward

    32. He remembered the curse still, ‘she went to you as a gesture of compromise,’ Leand had yelled, ‘and you acted more like a parent than I did’

    33. ‘He just acted strangely when I was talking about

    34. What would he know of social interaction with any woman other than his mother? Who knows how his mother had acted with him? She didn’t want to think about that route

    35. He didn't have her completely convinced that’s what he meant, but she acted as if he had

    36. If he was planning to carry a grudge around with him, twenty-four hour a day, why had he even bothered to come down? It was almost as if he’d had no choose in the matter, he acted as if someone was holding something over his head

    37. Whoever she filmed, pretty much acted out what they wanted, the only place Kaha’s script entered was when she edited it

    38. There was no way he could’ve known how she acted, if he hadn't

    39. were in their shoes, we would have acted different,” but would

    40. They acted more like snoops than you do

    41. Look at how the bonobo's acted when they were still around

    42. I don’t know why I acted so strongly

    43. There is no excuse for the way I acted earlier

    44. the subsidies, until US intervened and acted

    45. He acted perfectly

    46. Zarko recognised the man as the one who had acted as spokesman for the ‘seven wise owls’

    47. Tragus never would have acted as he did if she hadn’t regained her beauty

    48. Hesper had acted in time to

    49. When the government, or those who acted under them, contracted with a merchant for a remittance to some foreign country, he would naturally endeavour to pay his foreign correspondent, upon whom he granted a bill, by sending abroad rather commodities than gold and silver

    50. Most of the time, Lunarey didn’t find any interest in those things, yet she acted intrigued every time to avoid offending Kelia

    1. Dad’s starting to make me nervous, the way he’s acting

    2. But when you practice being true to your commitments and acting with integrity more and more in your life, then your life will get easier

    3. Nancy looked away, trying to appear casual, before acting surprised that the question was directed at her

    4. Part of him must have been acting subconsciously, trying to provoke them into responding

    5. He'd been acting weird since he'd been bitten by that dog the other week

    6. A very hot and bothered young lady, obviously acting as waitress for the day, bustles over to collect it

    7. It was bad enough when we heard about the … the shooting … and then they found the gun in our hedge, but we could handle that … it’s him … he’s acting so strangely now … it’s scary

    8. She refuses to accept that someone hates her enough to be acting against her

    9. across the drive, acting as a second line of defence, a reserve trench, behind which he

    10. acting in different ways

    11. Nobody can escape their destiny by acting on the physical plain

    12. This afternoon she couldn't contain herself and burst out before everybody, complaining that Lisa and Nina are always giggling and acting the giddy goat, annoying the rest of the pupils

    13. That was certainly a clear insinuation about me too; and I, as usual, kept on acting the fool lest I should lose that great friend

    14. He's torn between whom to believe, the friends who are pretending to be his enemies, or the enemies acting as his friends

    15. Maybe she even knew about it and was wondering if it was on? Maybe they were all acting out a whole charade for all he really knew

    16. Was he really going to let a naked savage goad him into acting like this? Was this the only way he could get her to understand they knew better? What was he trying to prove now, that we are humans just looking for our offspring? Just like you but with a different vehicle? Here in the android he felt less biological than he did in his own space

    17. ‘I am not acting for any political end

    18. she was acting in good honour” said Joe to the court

    19. This word falls under ample warning because no matter how bad a person is acting it can't fall in a category worse than psychotic

    20. She had taught him a lot about cooking, and he wasn’t up for acting with cherubs this evening

    21. The young man who sold you the phone was acting outside of his sphere of authority

    22. Something that you should try is to be interesting by acting interested

    23. Thom was acting overly hostile today, but no doubt Thom now knew who Ava had been with last week

    24. She had been quick to point out that she was doing all the asking and he was acting like he was servicing her

    25. He was not seeing that in the current readings, the bit was acting like an electronic bit that was copied

    26. I’ve been offered a part in an ‘Adult’ movie by Jean Paul Robespierre, you know, one of them blokes we met in Hollywood and I’ve always wanted to do some serious acting, so thanks for the advice but

    27. Kelvin was well aware of that, her career had been an acting job

    28. are being true or false – whether we are acting with

    29. There is no such thing as acting on selflessness

    30. Indulge in the past! Glory the future by acting upon it! Act on

    31. The vat of water in the Women’s Brigade quarters has been tainted with a slow acting poison

    32. sold you the phone was acting outside of his sphere of authority

    33. Acting upon impulse is usually not a good thing

    34. angry, resentful expressions, acting out their pain and

    35. He would merely be acting as the transmitter of the

    36. acting as proxy for

    37. She is officially on our staff, acting as receptionist to all of us, and also doing a bit of photocopying and coffee making for any visitors, her services being included in the rent for the offices as far as the other businesses are concerned

    38. It’s just too much of a coincidence that the name of someone Bunty knew years ago and kept in touch with by letter, should turn out to be the same name as the solicitor acting for the Foundation

    39. Looking very much like his uncle acting the innocent, the boy is all eyes and has an expression that suggests that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth; he just stands looking at her, shrugging his shoulders

    40. If that was the case, she would have come to the body with an existing identity, that was really the way she was acting

    41. “Who’s that?” he enquired of Fred, who was once again acting as

    42. watches at the crossing, Fred – once again acting as his mentor – took

    43. ‘Ozzie was acting strangely

    44. acting, as it seemed he often did, as adjutant to the Major

    45. Soon the business training in his family's Mercantile would be tested and augmented by acting as lieutenant during Mr

    46. and knew that he had been acting as the Major’s adjutant for some

    47. He was acting quite confident and didn’t seem at all nervous to be questioned by someone from I

    48. Blair was acting psychotic

    49. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy

    50. was merely acting on a hunch, but the effect of his words

    1. supernatural acts of God in your life that goes beyond

    2. those who believe that times of supernatural acts of God

    3. Acts: 3:25: Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto

    4. That was the acts of worship and adoration

    5. Men are exposed to more acts of random physical violence

    6. have lost our faith in supernatural acts of God

    7. require believing in supernatural acts of God, that means

    8. Keep believing and expecting the supernatural acts of

    9. I know not of Good or Evil, but you have taught me what acts are considered Evil

    10. Synopsis of relevant acts are given as and when they are approved

    11. SuperSeaweed also acts as a wetting agent

    12. The acts of holy apostles were described by Luke

    13. acts open the way for God

    14. The word we release, always acts and accomplishes

    15. The same power acts within us now

    16. described in the book of Acts:

    17. The same power acts within you to-

    18. received the use of his legs in the Book of Acts 14:8-10

    19. (acts 19:11), so let my hands (which are now being used to write the truth

    20. He sees whether the doctrine is true or false (Ephesians 4:11-14; Acts 15:22-31; 16:4-5)

    21. Haunted by the acts of his insane subconscious was now

    22. two ways: (1) he watches (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:29-31), and (2) he guards (John 10:27-30)

    23. Therefore referring to a person advanced in life (Acts 2:17)

    24. He must know the truth (Acts 20:28), and he must be able to, by sound doctrine, teaching, both exhort and convict the gainsayers (Titus 1:9)

    25. shows the importance of this passage in Acts 7:25 - “For he supposed his brethren

    26. Notice Acts 7:22 - “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and

    27. Indeed, in any party there is always one person who acts as a leader, although nobody can actually explain the reason why: in general, these persons are egocentric, frivolous and capricious

    28. Probably, the absorption of energy acts as an anesthetic too: on one hand it weakens the victims, on the other hand exhaustion is often screened by the sweet delight of “offering”

    29. We also have a biblical example of how best to choose men to serve in (Acts

    30. The word "appoint" as found in (Acts 6:3) means to designate

    31. It is translated "made him governor" (Acts 7:10) and "ordain elders" (Titus 1:s)

    32. The word "ordained" in (Acts 14:23) means to appoint without a vote whereas in (II Corinthians 8:19) it (chosen) means

    33. In the first century they had the apostles to rely on but even then when there were men to be selected for certain task in Jerusalem (Acts 6) they

    34. In (Acts 6) when a need arose concerning some needy widows the apostles had the

    35. I was the star in the unseen acts of a brief life beneath the crust of the world

    36. On the other hand, large areas of the planet's surface are more than five miles below sea level where the air acts a whole lot different than it does where it's as thin as on Earth

    37. in Acts 14:23; "And when they had ordained them elders in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord on whom they believed

    38. A few hours later Josef, my nephew, holds two similar sticks and acts as if he were fighting with them

    39. miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of an apostle's hands (See Acts

    40. Even though some women had the gift of prophecy (Acts

    41. God has designated elders to have the rule over local congregations (Acts 11:30:

    42. In the book of Acts 16:14, 15 we read about the conversion of Lydia

    43. with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they believed” (Acts 14:23)

    44. missionary journey began in Acts 13

    45. In Acts 14:20-23 we are told that Paul and Barnabas

    46. In Acts 17:11 we are told of the people of Berea , “These were more

    47. That was his greatest fear of all wasn't it? Nothing but pain or the threat of pain could cause his most abject acts of cowardice

    48. “And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which they possessed was his own; but they had all things common” (Acts 4:32)

    49. In being taught, they have preconceived notions of how God is going to perform His acts and what the Messiah will be like

    50. Remember that the most effortless acts of deliberate

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