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Rump in a sentence

He did Cupid up the rump.
Her rump reappeared as her lower body broke the.
Emily touched the cattle prod quickly to his rump.
And then a soldier slapped the rump of his horse to.
The cleric nudged her rump back around closer to the.
Rhone slapped either side of his mares rump with his.
Scarlett laid the whip across the weary rump of the horse.

The Ischial callosity (rump pad) on both sexes is either.
Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
One, he had been fed a massive feed of raw prime rump steak.
They slammed into a chest, an arm, the rump of one of the horses.
Our butts? Chuck shouted, grabbing a hold of his rump cheeks.
The only volunteers who responded were elements of the Rump Rangers.
What’s yer name, anyways? He pressed his hands behind his rump.
I eyed up the barmaid as she shook her cocktail shaker and rump in.
All they could see now was her rump bobbing as she dipped for seeds.
BELLO: (His heavy cheekchops sagging) Adorer of the adulterous rump!.
Emily reached out and slapped the buckskin mare on the rump and sent.
Manfred cut loose the horses and gave each of them a smack on the rump.
Slapping the hostess across her rump, like she was a common prostitute.
The tribe of the Rump Rangers has been stigmatized by society for too long.
He saw blood on its rump, and deduced that one of the dogs had got a bite.
I was left with the culprits, the vet guards, and twenty other Rump Rangers.
Just missing the rider, it bounced lazily off the rump of the struggling steed.
That bastard got me! Does he only think my rump is sexy? What about my boobs?
He paused, and put his elegant rump upon the chair behind the neat, dustless desk.
She stepped back, tripping over the fountain and landing on her rump in the water.
He walked her to the side entrance near the stables, and slapped Patton on his rump.
Fillegal untangled the leads, whispered into her ear, and walloped her on the rump.
It was his way of saying nicely, „kiss my bald rump, Alan, and stop your whining'.
Caesar's stomach spasmed against the horses rump, but there was nothing more to heave.
Nimblefax returned Beauties look with a nod and rammed his horns into the showman's rump.
Slung upon the rump of a horse, Caesar emptied his guts down its flank for a second time.
Tense moments pass and Galluk wonders what it possibly could have been that struck his rump.
He walked to the sideboard, grabbed the red rump of a hind, and swung it into Luka’s chest.
He got me on the table in a flash, pummelling me like he was tenderising a tough old rump steak.
Now they were there – Bess pulled her hind legs far under her rump and gave a tremendous shove.
She fell back into the closet, landed on her rump, and knocked the back of her head against a shelf.
They all gathered around the female Borg and watched as Keln placed his hands on her rump and gave.
Sam walked the mare back to the stables, took her bridle and saddle off and gave her rump a firm slap.

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