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Rump in a sentence

He did Cupid up the rump.
direction as he smacked its rump.
muscles of his rump and upper legs.
rump, which sent her into a gallop.
towards the rump as if you will use it.
down somewhere close to the dust under his rump.
they nicknamed the Rump Convention – would do.

Emily touched the cattle prod quickly to his rump.
Her rump reappeared as her lower body broke the.
And then a soldier slapped the rump of his horse to.
The cleric nudged her rump back around closer to the.
it’s radius toppling the evil conquer on to his rump.
Rhone slapped either side of his mares rump with his.
The Ischial callosity (rump pad) on both sexes is either.
Scarlett laid the whip across the weary rump of the horse.
Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
One, he had been fed a massive feed of raw prime rump steak.
injected another in the rump, causing him to pass out immediately.
He reached down and pressed against the left side of his rump.
They slammed into a chest, an arm, the rump of one of the horses.
Our butts? Chuck shouted, grabbing a hold of his rump cheeks.
And How The Monkey Lost His Rump, And Mr Toad, and bless my soul,.
The only volunteers who responded were elements of the Rump Rangers.
What’s yer name, anyways? He pressed his hands behind his rump.
All they could see now was her rump bobbing as she dipped for seeds.
I eyed up the barmaid as she shook her cocktail shaker and rump in.
Emily reached out and slapped the buckskin mare on the rump and sent.
BELLO: (His heavy cheekchops sagging) Adorer of the adulterous rump!.
Manfred cut loose the horses and gave each of them a smack on the rump.

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