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Garish in a sentence

It is garish and unrefined.
She looked garish as usual wearing a hennaed.
She thought it ugly, garish in a more-is-less way.
The blond smiled, her heavily painted face garish.
Selma stared at the garish gloves with the little rhinestones.
The boxes, he noticed, were getting more colorful, more garish.
Fred and Chloe were both eating lollipops, their lips a garish red.

It's appearance was even more garish and well-off than Thyana's had been.
There a rather large and garish barge called The Bucintoro was waiting for us.
The islands, sealed in blackness a moment before, were a blaze of garish light.
Most guys don’t want garish flowers adorning their bodies – it’s just a guy thing!.
The lights were harsh inside, a neon inferno reflecting the garish colours of the displays.
He was wearing headphones and had started a painting that was both garish and strangely familiar.
It was an era that suited her, crude, garish, showy, full of over-dressed women, over-furnished.
His bike was too small for him—made for a boy instead of a man—with garish flames painted along the sides.
The previous one was a nasty sheet of plastic with a print that hippies from the seventies would have found garish.
Here Sam Parkhill had flung up this riveted aluminum structure, garish with white light, trembling with jukebox melody.
Here Sam Parkhill had flung up this riveted aluminum structure, garish with white light, trembling with juke-box melody.
The show was family-owned like most others - a tent with garish pictures of Oriental harem scenes painted on the canvas.
What else do I remember? On each side of the room’s sunken center was a fish tank, tin-hued betas in garish teal water.
Suddenly shy, we shook hands and he gave me a shell necklace and a garish shirt – neither of which I'd be seen dead in.
Her black eye shadow—even thicker than Cali’s—was flecked with gold sparkles, and her lips were painted a bright, garish red.
Tough out here on your own, eh? We may be garish and gaudy, rude and crude, but we are one, and we still need our main attraction.
Carroll’s lieutenant was wearing a garish beach shirt beneath his overcoat, a devoté of summer who never embraced the winter season.
Instinctively, I pressed my back against the stairhead as sheets of blinding light followed by gigantic, garish networks of discharge hurled themselves across the sky.
We talked for a few minutes outside a department store with garish shop windows, in the hubbub of the downtown pavement and hooting cars, and she asked me about the family.
Sprinkled like detritus among the Art Deco excesses of this sumptuous apartment were several garish minimalist paintings, overwrought little sculptures, and hand woven panels in primitive frames.
Madini the Ring Master once told me that when the father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, first visited the United States, he rushed to Coney Island, to see a garish amusement park called Dreamland.
The factions are gone, but this part of the city has more Dauntless than any other, recognizable still by their pierced faces and tattooed skin, though no longer by the colors they wear, which are sometimes garish.
Great care would be necessary when deciding what parts were to be gilded because - whilst large masses of gilding are apt to look garish and in bad taste - a lot of fine gold lines are ineffective, especially on a flat surface, where they do not always catch the light.
James Thornton’s home, garish with gold and onyx, and fairly shrieking with bad tapestries and faulty paintings and ponderous furniture, seemed as promising and fair a haven as she could possibly find for the youngest and only remaining daughter of the house of Warren.
An up-hill and down-hill ride of twenty-odd miles through a garish mid-day atmosphere brought him in the afternoon to a detached knoll a mile or two west of Talbothays, whence he again looked into that green trough of sappiness and humidity, the valley of the Var or Froom.
Networks of neon signs, garish placards and unignorable billboards wipe out the lovely harmony of nature’s palette with loud hues that wound the eye and affront the soul of a few who long to see what’s hidden behind the screaming ugliness of all those ever-livid bruises.
A monsieur-madame, a fairy, dressed in a red and white polka-dot shirt, tight, white trousers accentuating the crotch and his saucy behind, a short red scarf around his neck with the knot on the side, red shoes, his mop a garish red-blond, a face made up to perfection, lipstick, eyeliner, shadows - the works, and body movements that would make a woman feel like a butch.
It was so unlike the pleasure streets of our town dotted with decent joints that I frequented; the crowded lanes of that red-light district, lined with girls in garish make-up and the dungeon of a brothel that I landed in were clear put-offs; so when the madam wanted to know about my kind of maal, I was all set to take to my heels, but as the girls trooped into the parade hall, as if on cue, I was tempted to opt for one.

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