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Trashy in a sentence

That isn’t trashy.
This whole place is trashy.
She was heavily addicted to trashy romance.
They simply can’t get past your trashy car long.
Get off those steps, you trashy wench! she cried.
It was what distinguished me from all the other trashy rednecks.
You relieve everyone’s stress with your trashy, tasteless jokes.
They don't have to, but typically have a trashy area with trash stashed all around.
The dirty Scallawags, the lousy trashy poor whites, boasting they would live at Tara!.
Believe it or not, that trashy tree, the Osage Orange, is the tree Indians used to make.
Heim was unconscious, his nurse sitting in the armchair, reading a trashy gossip magazine.
But she would not, she told him firmly, have any trashy free issue niggers in her nursery.
I could see the trashy magazine filled with the latest news about her favorite celebrities.
Obviously in my enthusiasm to denounce I had forgotten about his trashy and inappropriate tattoo.
We checked out every corner of her room, inside every magazine and trashy celebrity book, and found nothing.
All I have is this burning desire that sends me out every weekend to dance clubs in the trashy part of town looking for a fix.
A factory lies at 1 end of the compound, a recreation yard at the other, a small library full of trashy novels and childish books.
I'm only 36 years old but that's enough to remember when they were universally considered to be anti-social, trashy, criminal looking stains on the skin.
She had not been expecting him to come to the room and was embarrassed by the state of it: the damp towels left on the floor, the television blaring trashy daytime programmes.
She couldn’t stand having Abigail walk around with her father’s surname when Nathan chose to spend his Christmas lying on a beach in Bali with a trashy little hairdresser.
Many loyal field hands also refused to avail themselves of the new freedom, but the hordes of trashy free issue niggers, who were causing most of the trouble, were drawn largely from the field-hand class.
I’ve heard that the Internet connection to porn may have begun when some person in Congress was on the world wide web and wanted some trashy magazine or something similar but didn’t want the porn purchase publicized.
As he listened to all this Don Quixote was in a state of breathless amazement, for immediately the countless adventures like this, with windows, gratings, gardens, serenades, lovemakings, and languishings, that he had read of in his trashy books of chivalry, came to his mind.

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