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Tatty in a sentence

1. And I bet he wears a tatty black suit?
2. It was cosy and tatty compared to his own home.
3. I felt tatty in what I had been wearing all day.
4. She throws on a tatty pair of jeans and an old shirt.
5. Kind of comical though, wearing that tatty old coat and cloth cap of his.
6. A nice pair of shiny brogues? Tick! A horrible old tatty pair? Black mark!.
7. She is followed in by a tarty looking British woman with tatty bleach blond hair.

8. I offer you these bright and shiny new shin pads in exchange for your tatty old ones.
9. She looked about fifteen, with pretty grey eyes and red hair bound up in a tatty cloth.
10. It was a fantastic thing to do! So much better than flying over Fairbanks in some tatty old balloon.
11. Weebil slapped a handful of tatty notes and a selection of toy town coins on the counter in exchange.
12. Daniel looked at the tatty parchment on the table and tried to visualise what it looked like when it was new.
13. The building itself replaced the tatty iron and metal buildings that once had arcades now became a beautiful white porch.
14. Dressed in my soiled and tatty towel and shirt, I guessed that I must look like a comic book version of a shipwrecked mariner.
15. D with demands and instructions from an unfocused faced Mohammed had been placed into a bag full of tatty 2nd hand purchased clothes.
16. The décor in the living room is pretty dire and tatty too, but once the wallpaper is removed, I’ll be able to paint the walls and then it won’t look too bad.
17. Barrad had immediately put it on, although he doubted its powers as the tatty necklace appeared to be crafted from what looked like a bunch of crocodiles’ teeth.
18. I sighed, waited a few minutes, then carefully removed her tatty pumps, and the contents of her pocket (cigarettes, mobile phone, a crumpled fiver), which I took into my room.
19. When he turned, he noticed his old furniture, the sofa, which was covered with the tatty, stained blanket, and the chairs with holes in the seats and also covered with old cushions.
20. Pon, Spock and Stu got on the tatty tour bus; they looked at their new passports, which they thought had been good copies considering the time that the Cambodians had to process them.
21. My tatty canvas duffel bag probably wouldn’t have been any sensible thief’s target, but to be on the safe side I left it in a locker at the station, taking only a towel and a bit of cash.
22. Tatty, the English would say; pudgy, snouty-nosed, not enough make-up, wrinkled stockings, spider’s-nest hair, and immensely quiet; she was content to walk along, it seemed, just holding Quillan’s hand.
23. The last thing they needed was hordes of ‘religious tourists’ swarming all over the island either looking for something that did not exist or buying tons of tatty ‘souvenirs’ from the unscrupulous traders that would inevitably follow.
24. So that’s how I’d arrived at this tatty little so-called college on the second floor of a seedy building in mid-Johannesburg next to a balding man who looked at me in disbelief when I’d summarised in about five sentences the state of affairs now.

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