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Tawdry in a sentence

Carter stood on the porch of Lawrence Hertz's tawdry.
It was a dream, a fantastic vision—without a bodice, without puffs or frills or tawdry trimmings of any sort.
A riot of clothes in a tawdry kaleidoscope of colours littered the room as if in defiance of the order in the rest of the house.
And I was wondering again that I, so short a time before, had been crude enough to be fascinated and fooled by those tawdry posings and pretenses.
He was sure that he could do something better than his friend had ever done, or could ever do, something higher than mere tawdry journalism if he only got the chance.
Seriously, I was trying not to look because I was feeling like a tawdry voyeur at an adult book store or something, but it was like a train wreck, everyone seemed to watch.
In the last Print of all, she lyes in her sad Coffin whilst the Whores and Clergymen around her are yet more interested in their own tawdry Pleasures than in the grave Lesson of her Death.

So, how does Slick Willie Clinton get Democrats and Republicans alike to not care about all the tawdry stuff all of us really "know" he's been pulling all along? Piece o' cake! I'll tell you how.
This isn’t a good movie, she wrote, but it’s compellingly tawdry and nasty… the only movie that explores the mean, unsavory potential of Marilyn Monroe’s cuddly, infantile perversity.
Scattered about at the various tables were perhaps half a dozen white women, tawdry imitations of the faster set at the Futurist which we had just left, the leftovers of a previous generation in the Tenderloin.
Potter’s play was by no means lacking in interest, but we are exceedingly tired of the ubiquitous heroine of tawdry romance who does unsubtle things, in an unsubtle way, to help out certain unsubtle complications.
Frank Booker had told her about his tawdry affair in London and how he was being blackmailed by Holland into going on to the next stage of production, and even though Holland knew what the results on the soldiers taking it would be, the man was determined to push forward with the project.
Clinging to the sides of the dreamlike waterways was the litter of our times, the motels, the hot-dog stands, the merchants of the cheap and mediocre and tawdry so loved by summer tourists, but these incrustations were closed and boarded against the winter and, even open, I doubt that they could dispel the enchantment of the Wisconsin Dells.
When this took place, although there was a slight sprinkling of individuals dressed in tawdry costumes as cavaliers of the time of Charles I, and a few more as highwaymen or footpads, the majority of the processionists were boys in women's clothes, or wearing sacks with holes cut in them for their heads and arms, and with their faces smeared with soot.
Of course, by not shepherding you through the entire life spans of these made-up gentlemen I risk you focusing on some of the more tawdry elements that crept into the Beatle story in their later years, but I trust you'll keep the innocent, idyllic elements of the tale intact and will stay pretty much in the matching-slacks portion of the band's career out of respect for the field of entomology.
It’s not form lack of belief in the realities awaiting realization, but my laziness – A pilgrim may ardently long to reach the golden city and yet loiter on the way, making unnecessary night stops, because he is tired of plodding thru clinging mud or lingering at village fairs because, although their tawdry attractions fall far short of the jeweled splendors awaiting him, they are to be had now, whereas the golden city lies scores of leagues away.
Have you never noticed that it is often the most whimsically inconsequent, the most utterly ordinary, the most intrinsically prosaic of inanimate things that, with a sudden and overwhelming rush, will call into being memories the tenderest, the deepest, the saddest? It may be a worthless little book, a withered flower ghastly in its brown grave clothes, a cheap, tawdry trinket; it may be something as intangible as a few bars of a hackneyed song ground out on a wheezy, asthmatic hand organ.

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