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Tacky in a sentence

Dress was seldom tacky or dirty.
The place was ironic, not tacky.
A sterile and tacky cafeteria room.
Tacky and tasteless are the themes here.
Streaks of tacky blood matted the grass.
The tacky red shutters looked out of kilter.
He was staying at the Sequoia Inn, the town's one tacky.

The tacky red and gold floral pressed against his cheek.
It was tacky but he held baptisms in it for his TV show.
Too thick, the ink would become tacky and stick to the die.
Here is a vintage view of a tacky infomercial from the 80's ;).
Oh, spare me your remarks about her poverty and her tacky clothes.
When he said things like that, she heard, You’re cheap and tacky.
It was tacky, stupid and annoying, but to most people completely harmless.
The display in the window screamed New Age, in a way that was tacky and overblown.
There were two people at the counter in tacky green uniforms with odd little ties.
It would be tacky to get an electronic message while she was in the middle of a session.
She was a tacky little voyeur poking about the Internet, digging up photos of Ziggy’s father.
These were not tacky images for the manipulation of peasants, but reflections of intrinsic beauty.
There behind the counter was Diamond in a tacky mustard yellow dress and hat, handing out hot dogs.
Its hair, filthy with the rotting, tacky entrails of previous meals, was crawling with cockroaches.
It was not tacky but very eye catching, and Roger informed her the friezes glowed deliciously under the disco lights.
The carpet in the hallway was stained and tacky, like someone might have bled his or her way home after a knife fight.
Sam and JY had been on Joe Billie‘s trail two hours and the big man‘s clothes were sweat-soaked, clinging to him like tacky tape.
The Magic Balti restaurant was one of those typical tacky Indian restaurants that had sprung up all over England in the past twenty years.
Damn! That’s one tacky statue! And misdelivered! It’s meant for my surly and insubordinate subordinate Wemb! There’s only one thing to do, my friend!.
The bars and clubs although tacky by North European standards, had created over night millionaires for the entrepreneurs who tapped into this growing tourist phenomenon.
That’s a fire exit but also used to bring in supplies and staff so nothing goes through the reception rooms during an event---such activity would be tacky and unseemly.
When I got to that large intersection surrounded by wonderfully tacky roadside Americana, I did not see the light change and this poor lady with a car full of kids ran right into me.
Our first stop was a pawnshop on Polk called Gold ’n’ Things, a shop piled high with outdated electronics and musical instruments, and a half-dozen glass cases filled with tacky bling.
The trucks rumble on through the suburban outskirts of Abu Jeba, heading toward the faraway city with it’s plethora of irrigated date palms, ostentatious skyline, it’s tacky, marble festooned buildings.
On the row next to him was a rotating display of tacky kids’ toys, a cheap ploy to try and get the parents who couldn’t stand another minute of their kids whining to buy some piece of crap to try and shut them up.
Every secret fear that Madeline had ever had about her own flaws (she was obviously too quick to anger, often too quick to judge, overly interested in clothes, spent far too much money on shoes, thought she was cute and funny when perhaps she was just annoying and tacky) was now at the forefront of her mind.

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