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Gaudy in a sentence

1. They were gaudy but they.
2. Gaudy colour warns you off.
3. Over calmer water, gaudy sails a-trimming.
4. Dressed in the gaudy flower-print shirts so.
5. This gaudy relationship did him little good at.
6. It was loose and shimmering and gaudy and glorious.
7. And too gaudy to blend in with buildings and streets.

8. Each of the seven was wearing a big gaudy paper tag with.
9. It had lost its true color long ago, fading to a gaudy lime.
10. The gaudy sun was high overhead, the air was still and heavy.
11. We passed another cinema that was so covered in gaudy posters.
12. He finally disappeared behind the gaudy red door of the Sinbad Star.
13. It was the most gaudy sight either man had ever encountered in life.
14. His eyes unhungrily saw shelves of tins: sardines, gaudy lobsters' claws.
15. Pick out a gaudy egg of your dreams from his colorful basket and don’t worry.
16. Oh no, probably a gaudy corsage of stiff chrysanthemums that will ruin this soft dress.
17. Gaudy green armchairs with gilded wooden armrests shaped into lions’ paws line the walls.
18. A freak storm came up and he was struck by lightning; right near that horrible, gaudy iron crib.
19. It was still fashionable, but she felt gaudy in it, and aware that it looked strange with her short hair.
20. The severed finger, gaudy rings in situ, lying on the table next to the small recorder evoked no response.
21. He himself held the gaudy bit of pasteboard as if its very touch was defiling, and then tossed it on the ground.
22. The lettering on their sides read Maxwell and Sundberg’s Flying Circus, in gaudy, but badly faded colors.
23. This is our history, and I won’t sell it to that shark, so he can build another gaudy monument to himself!.
24. But, as the female crowd approached them, the gaudy colors of a shawl attracted the eyes of a wild and untutored Huron.
25. To-day he would appear in one gay dress, to-morrow in another; but all flimsy and gaudy, of little substance and less worth.
26. Petra stared at the fortuneteller’s tent – silky curtains, beaded strings, the faint aroma of vanilla, a gaudy riot of color.
27. Slowly, the two creatures of the night descended, landing before the gates of a huge, gaudy amusement park called, Coney Island.
28. A pair of gaudy suspenders strained under the load and seemed ready to pop, with consequences that would be too gross to consider.
29. Tough out here on your own, eh? We may be garish and gaudy, rude and crude, but we are one, and we still need our main attraction.
30. The gaudy bandstand, kind of a circular stage in various levels, was in the exact epicenter of the room, where all eyes could see it.
31. In that situation, the expense, even of a sovereign, cannot be directed by that vanity which delights in the gaudy finery of a court.
32. She looked good but not gaudy today, in a white peasant blouse and big colorful skirt, both of a gauzy material, both without underwear.
33. There's a gaudy big grindstone down at the mill, and we'll smouch it, and carve the things on it, and file out the pens and the saw on it, too.
34. We watched them trot by, a company of the Emperor’s Hussars in their sharp, gaudy uniforms of blue wool, red accoutrements and silver buttons.
35. Suddenly he recognised her, crushed and ashamed in her humiliation and gaudy finery, meekly awaiting her turn to say good‐ bye to her dying father.
36. From what he could gather, mourning customs, at least among the upper crust, involved a conspicuous display of gaudy colours and extroverted emotions.
37. Again and again the line of rainbow jackets drew taut across the course, only to break and tangle, and at last dissolve into its original gaudy units.
38. I reckoned the poor king was in for a gaudy time of it with the audience, but nothing of the sort; pretty soon he crawls out from under the wigwam, and.
39. She let herself fall backwards with her arms stretched out in gaudy playfulness, only to find herself still standing as if she had turned all the way around.
40. He was once the most worldly of priests, notorious for his gaudy clothes and feasting, but he seems to have interpreted the disaster as a personal message from God.

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