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Deliver in a sentence

for me to deliver.
I deliver it only.
So I will deliver.
been able to deliver.
But you can deliver.
She didn’t deliver.
shall deliver his soul.

I deliver papers here.
Deliver the poor and.
after you deliver, too.
to deliver and by when.
Deliver up your savior.
deliver on that promise.
and deliver us from evil.
they won't deliver fully.
deliver what you profess.
To deliver this message.
whom you would deliver us.
I couldn’t deliver them.
are to deliver the letter.
to deliver a true solution.
I may have to deliver early.
what he seems to deliver by.
You will each deliver your.
required to deliver his coup.
deliver us from condemnation.
midwife will deliver the baby.
Women deliver forth monsters.
beseech thee, deliver my soul.
She was delivering the mail.
Think about delivering real.
But he was not delivering them here.
But I couldn’t – delivering this.
more on delivering quality rather than.
He said nothing when delivering our meal.
’ Ishbel said as if delivering an insult.
Ted has devoted his career to delivering.
The women in the provinces were delivering.
the delivering of products to end-users, inc.
delivering the antibiotic directly to her brain.
that it represent without delivering a product.
Delivering packages, that’s the life for me!.
God when he was delivering food to his brothers.
She would have insisted on delivering the object.
He is delivering a large shipment within the week.
‘’My men should be delivering them by now, miss.
This ends up delivering very high leverage at times.
Most of the time he spent out on the road delivering.
Bishop Rendellyn was delivering violent sermons again.
This says that you are delivering pricing information.
delivering his message directly to the two dignitaries.
Lastly, it could simply be a new way of delivering an.
delivering vastly different messages about the same is-.
while delivering a lecture on the program at Bell Labs,.
‘Rikki was late delivering the gun,’ said DS Burrows.
delivering the speech she had been practicing—the one.
One of the many jobs I had after college was delivering.
delivering the expectation that was the buzz at the time.
bowed respectfully, before delivering the invitation as.
He delivered a.
I delivered proof.
not delivered in A.
They delivered it.
Delivered unto rest.
I had delivered the.
he shall be delivered.
how you were delivered.
If we have delivered.
Annapurna delivered a.
noon food was delivered.
were delivered in sacks.
it's not home delivered.
always delivered on time.
I have delivered proof.
He was delivered to you.
and delivered our houses.
They over delivered and.
Vader has delivered as.
and delivered to humanity.
been delivered to that age.
products delivered on time.
delivered from the Creator.
sold or services delivered.
He delivers a taste.
The dark delivers a friend.
This linkage delivers two.
It never delivers a new truth.
These it delivers up to death.
delivers healthy prepared meals.
delivers girdles to the merchant.
Develop a piece that delivers a.
righteousness delivers from death.
around and delivers on its promises.
When a company delivers the goods.
The party that delivers on its promises.
architects and engineers, CIB delivers a.
Also, delivers the message that life is.
He always delivers what he promises and.
 A product that delivers rapid results.
area consumers as a company that delivers.
Life delivers what you expect it to produce.
delivers a tray of roasted meats, potatoes.
The Illyrian who delivers wood to Thea is a.
It delivers a stabbing as well as a stunning blow.
Jet delivers a steady stream of photons into the now.
Bailor is the party that delivers property to another.
It simply solves the problem and delivers the result.
He delivers to Hollywood actors, such as Tony Curtis.
trading system that delivers winning trades every time.
delivers the same speech he usually does when he leaves.
Where do the injured go? Who delivers the babies?.
hires and/or flex trainers and delivers training content.

Synonyms for deliver

deliver present render rescue deport extradite return redeem save cede surrender pitch bear birth have