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Deliver in a sentence

I may have to deliver early.
You will each deliver your.
And brother shall deliver up.
To survive, he would deliver.
And brother will deliver up.
Change - Deliver the solution.
The Lord deliver her and save!.

We’re here to deliver a list.
Jill hadn’t had to deliver it.
And in the end, deliver nothing.
Apophis would never deliver on.
Drew and His Traumatic Deliver y.
I should deliver in the spring.
God has been faithful to deliver.
The purpose is to deliver wisdom.
Deliver it the way Bob Hope would.
I have never failed to deliver a.
You deliver all of the information.
You want me to deliver food?
The Lord will deliver you in a day.
An hour and a half to deliver it.
I don’t want to deliver this news.
Gideon! You will deliver this nation.
Then shall they deliver you up unto.
It was his destiny to deliver pizzas.
The doctor says I should not deliver.
Now I have some prime pot to deliver.
Wait, that the rebels may deliver me.
She would be happy to deliver it in.
Winter's coming on, so deliver it now.
No actually, I came to deliver these.
Once we deliver what we have committed.
They can deliver photos back and forth.
We are asking you to deliver 10 courses.
He wondered what this day would deliver.
Do you want us to deliver at the harbor.
I have to be the one to deliver the disk.
The elbow can deliver a considerable blow.
And brother shall deliver up brother to.
She was delivering the mail.
But he was not delivering them here.
But I couldn’t – delivering this.
He said nothing when delivering our meal.
Ted has devoted his career to delivering.
The women in the provinces were delivering.
Delivering packages, that’s the life for me!.
God when he was delivering food to his brothers.
He is delivering a large shipment within the week.
She would have insisted on delivering the object.
This ends up delivering very high leverage at times.
Most of the time he spent out on the road delivering.
This says that you are delivering pricing information.
Bishop Rendellyn was delivering violent sermons again.
Lastly, it could simply be a new way of delivering an.
One of the many jobs I had after college was delivering.
Again, it’s clear that you are delivering pricing info.
In those days we started delivering the milk about 1am, I.
But I don’t know anything about delivering kittens.
The sky was a loon sky—promising much, delivering little.
Delivering compassionate service that is fast, fair, and easy.
Therefore I insisted in delivering the book in person as to.
Nation of Israel, delivering them during His earthly ministry.
This statement is likewise targeted at delivering the truth.
You still haven’t told me where I’m delivering this stuff.
It was the courier service in charge of delivering their thongs.
Apparently he was delivering some new gym equipment for Matthew.
He emulated his manner of delivering a song and made it his own.
I just keep delivering something I think will make a difference.
Edward’s job would be delivering the coke to a Contra commander.
I was delivering milk early one morning and I ran into this house.
Delivering beyond the expected creates an experience worth sharing.
Not long after we started delivering groceries for Coles they built.
He talks about his bummer of a part-time job delivering pizzas for.
He’s a real bad-ass who rights wrongs, delivering vigilante justice.
Not delivering as expected creates a bad experience that will be shared.
His aide-de-camp was kept busy in receiving and delivering his orders.
Thereby, the key to delivering this message was found in the ways of the.
Remember these key points while delivering the body of your presentation:.
Time management is an important aspect for delivering the projects on time.
He was delivered to you.
My child delivered the news.
Him being delivered by the.
You have delivered my soul.
As soon as he delivered his.
When will they be delivered?
You delivered the death blow.
A speech delivered by him in.
But the message was delivered.
An address was delivered by Mr.
The drinks were delivered first.
I delivered proof that —.
The Brens snarled and delivered.
This time, it delivered comfort.
It has only just been delivered.
Your car should be delivered by.
I delivered the message, my lady.
I’d like it delivered by FedEx.
The bowler delivered his final bowl.
The righteous is delivered out of.
The fierce speeches were delivered.
God his deliverer had delivered Job.
Unless it was delivered how?
They delivered more than we used.
The pills will be delivered tomorrow.
Your grandmother delivered me in a.
The note was delivered that same day.
Jean Valjean felt himself delivered.
The waitress delivered our breakfast.
He has delivered us from the domain.
They were delivered earlier today.
The Gorn delivered those gods to.
It was here, he delivered that speech.
It is not to be broken when delivered.
He delivered news to his three young.
A package was delivered to your house.
He delivered the news with an almost.
And the food, it was delivered?
The dark delivers a friend.
It never delivers a new truth.
These it delivers up to death.
Develop a piece that delivers a.
When a company delivers the goods.
The party that delivers on its promises.
He always delivers what he promises and.
Also, delivers the message that life is.
Life delivers what you expect it to produce.
The Illyrian who delivers wood to Thea is a.
It delivers a stabbing as well as a stunning blow.
It simply solves the problem and delivers the result.
He delivers to Hollywood actors, such as Tony Curtis.
Bailor is the party that delivers property to another.
Jet delivers a steady stream of photons into the now.
Where do the injured go? Who delivers the babies?
And it delivers what it promises in this temporal World.
She delivers a boy after moving up north to Pacific Grove.
And, at last, he delivers his final view of the matter: 46.
God saves you, delivers you, heals you, anoints you, calls.
The above verse delivers the truth about the focus of The.
God judges sin, but God saves and delivers the righteous.
No female conceives, or delivers, except with His knowledge.
As noted above, yoga also delivers an array of psychological.
This delivers the message that God is accessible through the.
But I believe Jesus delivers this rebuke with tongue in.
The governor delivers an address in which he demands submission.
Stallman delivers the story with all the polish and practice of.
Without unequivocal and verifiable relevance that delivers specific.
Chapter 12 that he soon delivers his loving devotees, who contemplate.
Delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing potency to.
Description too deserts me, and delivers over a task, above its strength.
The horses play a very important role in the root vegetables he delivers.
Fear delivers mental weakness which leads to ceaseless stress and strain.
A good company that delivers a high-quality opportunity that works will.
You know how to operate TOMIC to a level that delivers consistent returns.
Secret Affiliate Weapon delivers tons of useable information that's helped.
You need to find out if the company consistently delivers that performance.
The printer delivers to the distributor books that have been ordered by them.
She delivers a counter of her own, cutting a gash across Taxa’s midsection.

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