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Backside in a sentence

Patting her backside.
He slapped her backside.
Then the backside again.
’ etched on the backside.
Get that nice backside home.
Tentatively, I rub my backside.
is the backside of the aquarium.

close, sniffing at her backside.
On the backside of the parking.
‘Smooth as a baby’s backside.
closeness of my backside to Aaron.
It was replaced by its backside in.
backside was his considered opinion.
the backside, sealed within seven seals.
only the backside of a man is in view,.
My backside feels as if it’s on fire.
He stood up and rubbed his backside.
Her backside really hurt because of him.
Johnny put his hand on Heather’s backside.
One for Lisa's throat, one for my backside.
He then flipped the box over to its backside.
He gyrated his groin against her backside.
Anyway, he was too busy scanning her backside.
mesh fence attached to the backside of the barn.
An instant later Johnny’s backside was ablaze.
then eased around to the backside of the cesspool.
up the backside when he finally caught up with us.
He hesitated for a moment; a kick on the backside.
Rubbing her backside, she considered his invitation.
kitchen that took up the whole backside of the house.
My strength pushed the knife fully into his backside.

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