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Backside in a sentence | backside example sentences

  1. Get that nice backside home.
  2. Tentatively, I rub my backside.
  3. On the backside of the parking.
  4. It was replaced by its backside in.
  5. My backside feels as if it’s on fire.
  6. Her backside really hurt because of him.
  7. One for Lisa's throat, one for my backside.
  8. Johnny put his hand on Heather’s backside.
  9. He then flipped the box over to its backside.
  10. Anyway, he was too busy scanning her backside.
  11. An instant later Johnny’s backside was ablaze.
  12. Rubbing her backside, she considered his invitation.
  13. He hesitated for a moment; a kick on the backside.
  14. My strength pushed the knife fully into his backside.
  15. Fairies are real though, and a pain in the backside.
  16. She then grabs her backside and holds herself in pain.
  17. Give me a minute to shove this stick up my backside.
  18. Thanks, I said to her retreating swinging backside.
  19. Jack stopped and pointed toward the backside of the barn.
  20. Fuerte, up where it’s level on the backside of the hill.
  21. He shoved her so she plopped to her backside on the beach.
  22. Her face was as pale as her backside, and just as smooth.
  23. Look, said an agitated Pon pointing at his backside.
  24. My head is bloody but unbowed, my backside is… whatever.
  25. She shivered, her backside was cold and her face hot from.
  26. David's backside as he entered the hallway beneath the seats.
  27. Indochina? It's a sweaty pimple on the backside of China.
  28. More than once I took a tumble at the expense of my backside.
  29. Ferrell knelt behind me with his head resting on my backside.
  30. He turned the box and looked at the backside and saw that the.
  31. Tracey sat up pulling the covers up over Richards bare backside.
  32. Dahms came to a halt so fast that Sam nearly ran up her backside.
  33. Her clothes were soaking wet and her backside was numb with cold.
  34. I want to find us a nice spot inside to rest by backside!.
  35. Sweetheart, you’re soaked and your backside is covered in mud.
  36. I follow Cherrie around the backside of the timber cabin and step.
  37. She stood in front of him and pressed her backside into his groin.
  38. Bernice held the door open with her backside and grinned at Johnny.
  39. A beautiful backside and front side and was breathtaking in between.
  40. He had made a poor entry by falling flat on his backside in front of.
  41. Wonder what big Lon had his fingers in besides Gypsy Jack‘s backside?
  42. And when she came at the window in the backside of her room, I felt elated.
  43. I could see the masts of several just beyond the backside of the buildings.
  44. Bill: Pulled a miracle out of my backside and obtained Michael's law books.
  45. Worked me backside off them first few years, I did, an’ I never hit her.
  46. Alan jammed the stump of the club into it's mouth just ahead of her backside.
  47. Before he could straighten up she put one foot on his backside and pushed hard.
  48. Why so confident for one on a beast’s backside? He heard men snickering.
  49. I'm in a little cubbyhole up in East HarborWall, backside above a walltop court.
  50. At this point I felt a strange, cool, breeze on the back of my legs and backside.
  51. The woman circled around to the backside of the table and whispered in Billy’s ear.
  52. He had been covered from the back of his freshly shaven head to his backside in mud.
  53. Sam raised her head, stifled a scream, and shuffled away on her backside to the wall.
  54. But Stephi wasn’t listening, as Camilla was being nudged towards the backside of a.
  55. The tears welled up in her eyes and she rubbed her face with the backside of her hand.
  56. The cat will stand inside the litter box, but their backside might hang over the edge.
  57. He managed to move, but the motion was uncoordinated and he fell flat on his backside.
  58. There are cables driven into the backside of the mountain, a modified path for hikers.
  59. Mitch smiled from the lingering embarrassment of having seen the old woman’s backside.
  60. Let’s try around the other side, I said, pointing to the backside of the building.
  61. He flipped the leather cover over, and under plastic on the backside was a photo of Horn-.
  62. Backside: Past; something that is behind you; something that is over with; going backwards.
  63. First thing in the morning, it’s as cold as hell, then you get to sweat your backside off.
  64. She put a block between her backside and me while I gathered breath to yell: "Stop, thief!".
  65. At least it’s a better place than where I stamped her, he said, patting his backside.
  66. I caught one with a kick in the backside as he was leaving, sending him forward more quickly.
  67. Jane nearly lost her footing a couple of times and narrowly missed falling onto her backside.
  68. These guys are going to… Victor used both hands to simulate an explosion from his backside.
  69. The problem is, the next verse says: and God showed Moses his backside! Well, if Gods hand is big.
  70. The water running from her hair drew his eyes to her backside, which was beautifully proportioned.
  71. He had never been so relieved to see the backside of a troll as he was to see Schmatzenbladder’s.
  72. Now Hell has been moved to some dark place on the backside of some far away no one knows where place.
  73. I pulled up the collar and there on the backside was a mashed silver lump that was clearly a bullet.
  74. I slipped off the pavement and landed on my backside with my ankle at an odd angle at the curb edge.
  75. She squealed and lurched backwards, tripping over her bag, and landing with a thud on her large backside.
  76. His backside and legs passed through stages of increasing agony, then mercifully, became completely numb.
  77. With forty years of glances and glares, it's a wonder the ice has not flaked from that mirror's backside.
  78. And in that case it was men who were the victims while Good Queen Maeve sat safe and serene on her backside.
  79. According to Texans, a backside shot - if taken with the right caliber bullet - causes death instantaneously.
  80. The backside of the receiving area is a birdcage, vaulted ceiling lined with reinforcing bars and spotlights.
  81. Jersey didn’t have much of a sense of humor when it came to protecting his professional image and backside.
  82. There was Mousehole in Cornwall, Shitterton in Dorset, and Boghead, Backside and Brokenwind in other counties.
  83. He collided with a woman, toppling her over Pat’s fat backside as the big man bent to retrieve his suitcase.
  84. Now, why should you, a carnival stranger, lie to me here on a street in some town on the backside of nowhere?'.
  85. On the backside of my eyelids the darkness became celestial space and the white sparkles became glistening stars.
  86. Cara stepped in closer, turned and bent over grabbing her ankles giving the judge a long close look at her backside.
  87. Jack wiggled his butt in the air, as an invitation for the imps to come and kick his backside while he was vulnerable.
  88. Stunned by the purser’s rudeness, Kathy could only stare at his retreating backside, as he disappeared out of sight.
  89. If the stock market takes an Acapulco high dive, he will have no bond income to cover his downside—or his backside.
  90. She was feeling a huge pain in her backside, not to mention the one in her legs, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.
  91. Bent over, her naked backside white, nearly transparent in the lamplight, she finally stopped rumMaging through the room.
  92. Bleeding and confused, the zombie vampire backed up, sliding on its backside trying to get away from Cyprian and his knife.
  93. Chinese were grouped and fastened together at mine fields having a distinct long twisted strand of hair down to his backside.
  94. With a shy grin and a sigh he described his defence of bullied kids at school with a weapon he’d secreted up his backside.
  95. Discreetly scanning him telepathically, she was surprised to see that the boy was actually admiring secretly Peter’s backside.
  96. He turned at bay, shield and sword raised, his backside precariously nestled between the head of one ox and the rump of another.
  97. The invitation left her backside fully exposed, and Scott could not resist reaching between them to touch the other, smaller hole.
  98. And I saw within the right hand of She that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed within seven seals.
  99. Tracey moved her hands down to Richard's backside, her fingers squeezing the firm buttocks he was hiding in his baggy grey trousers.
  100. For a man in his mid-fifties, he’d survived the asphalt break-dance with only a scraped backside, a concussion, and a broken leg.

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