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Posterior in a sentence

her posterior with the same right hand.
Poses activate meridians of the posterior.
The boy staggered backwards only to find his posterior fixed.
that his ounce of authority had went strait up his posterior and.
Of course, in asanas not only anterior and posterior middle chan-.
Place the electrodes over the muscle belly of the posterior deltoids.
goes up the channel located between the anterior and posterior chan-.

of the anterior and posterior parts of the body, on the sides from the.
anterior part of the hips, and women — in the posterior part, causing.
the Yang — of the posterior, but doing all asanas with no regard to the.
114-1: posterior a su Apocalipsis: after the Apocalypse (the endof the world).
2006 on left foot there is a 1 long friction mark on the posterior aspect of.
related activation of posterior cortical regions and was associated with disruption.
consists of the posterior putamen (caudal to the anterior commissure), which mostly.
To stretch or maintain length of the posterior deltoids, rhomboids and shoulder capsule.
There were two broken ribs and deep cigarette burns on her posterior and on the soles of her feet.
Love - is anterior to Life - Posterior - to Death - Initial of Creation, and The Exponent of Earth.
She then put him down on the deck with enough force to make his knees buckle, sending him on his posterior.
Strangely the stinging burn I was feeling on the posterior end and the resentful anger that it had inspired went away.
It has been posterior likewise to the national debt ; but the national debt has most assuredly not been the cause of it.
The authors hypothesise that these images of the left posterior superior parietal lobe may provide a ‘photograph of God.
Shanandar smiled and crouched down the way only a Koorivar could, his posterior resting on the floor and his legs bent under him.
I slid to safety on my posterior; my host floated in after me a few moments later, clearly wanting to stay on the edge for the rest of the day.
It should be added, that the foundation of the Society of the Rights of Man seems to have been posterior to the date when this paper was found.
In the modern history of Europe, their extension and improvement have generally been posterior to those which were the offspring of foreign commerce.
Extraverts have more blood flow in the anterior cingulate gyrus, temporal lobes, and posterior thalamus, which are involved in sensory and emotional experience (1999).
The ivory-like tusks protruding from his upper jaw cleared the lip by a good four inches, their posterior edge honed razor sharp by years of competition with the lower pair.
Hubert remembered the imminent danger, and consigned the thought of Pussy’s posterior to his mental recycle bin, ready to be restored whenever he was in need of cheering up.
As the man moved obediently, the Canadian intelligence chief took the already loaded hypodermic syringe, pressured the cap to clear the needle, then calmly put it in the unsuspecting man's posterior.

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