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Hindquarters in a sentence

Furthermore, only hindquarters are.
Hindquarters shredded into wavering.
The horse looked at me over her hindquarters.
Harpooning flitches and hindquarters out of it.
Its hindquarters were in fact still in the water.
He smacks the pig’s hindquarters and smiles.
back, hindquarters actually, but there was a tail.

gathering hindquarters and thrusting out over the water.
holding her firmly by her hindquarters, I walked her over to the.
strove mightily to stay ahead of the whip that now lashed its hindquarters.
It strove mightily to stay ahead of the whip that now lashed its hindquarters.
He was in the office on his crusty corpulent hindquarters surfing the Internet.
This will be over soon, she purred, trying to land a paw on his hindquarters.
They were sliding, spinning, and then the stallion’s hindquarters slapped down hard.
Then, Ferdy heard the smack of yet another softball hitting the hindquarters of his mount.
The thing’s hindquarters gave out for a second, then it bucked up, started to trot drunkenly.
The horse had torn its hindquarters from the metal and was bleeding a meaty red oil onto the ground.
Air pollution and disease linked, he told her hindquarters as she worked in a half-aware manner.
There were reports of an unidentifiable fish—a glowing, green fish—near the wyrm’s hindquarters.
He secured me in place with a rope, and before I could protest, pricked the horse’s skewbald hindquarters with his cutlass.
Her hindquarters were a little drooping, and in her fore-legs, and still more in her hind-legs, there was a noticeable curvature.
Squirrel Girl was no sooner settled than she felt a sharp nip at her hindquarters, followed by a loud "SQUAWK!" and her own "CHAWK" of pain.
Why do you think all hyenas have receding hindquarters? So they cannot be caught by another predator grabbing their rear end when then run away.
In another moment Rostov’s horse dashed its breast against the hindquarters of the officer’s horse, almost knocking it over, and at the same instant Rostov, without knowing why, raised his saber and struck the Frenchman with it.
But the Captain, Horatio continu’d, was swiftly punish’d for his Desertion of his Men—for the greatest Shark I’ve e’er seen (in Pictures or at Sea) fairly seiz’d him from the Boat and snapp’d him in two! ’Twas verily as if the Devil himself had come in the Guise of a Fish and in an Instant he ate his Hindquarters, then his Torso and his Arms, but left his Head bobbing like an Orange upon the Sea.

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