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Derriere in a sentence

Was that song about a London Derriere?.
out of the crack of her pretty little derriere,.
over her shoulders and on her arms, he saw her shapely derriere, and.
while he turned me around to give my back and derriere a good washing.
I admired his derriere again as I stuck my key into the truck’s ignition.
Toby Parker was mesmerized by the swing of her derriere as she ran from him.
which was the very popular bootylicious type derriere that men couldn’t help but ogle.

wasn’t a particularly attractive derriere, but it was big and that’s all that mattered.
His hands slid up her thigh and she gasped as he began to take pleasure in her enticing derriere.
She ran her hand through his hair and he held one hand under her derriere, another behind her head.
He gently slid his hands down her velvety soft back and lightly caressed her derriere with both hands.
This skirt was extremely short, only a few inches below her derriere, just like the American girls wore.
fast just looking at you and that thong bottom shows off the most perfect derriere I have ever seen and if that small piece of material in the front was any smaller, you could use it as a postage stamp! Every man around this pool is staring and I can’t blame them.

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